Eastern Region Trekking

Eastern Nepal homes many popular mountains of the country like Makalu and Kanchangunja. Even route to Mt. Everest is in Eastern part of the country. Diversified cultures and traditions, flora and fauna, mix culture make the region rich in itself. 

The route to this area is very easy as you can fly or get through the bus. Makalu Barun National park, Kanchangunja trekking and Koshi Tappu Wild Life Reserve are the major attractions of eastern Nepal.

Among all these tourist destinations, Kanchajunga trekking is quite popular as it comprises of seven main summits although it literally means ‘Five Great Treasuries of the Snow’. It is world’s third highest peak that has height of 8,585m from sea level. It is said that this mountain is a residence of god who gives affluence and kindness to the residents of this area.

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