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Climate in Nepal will explain you the best trekking season in Nepal

One of the fascinating things about climate in Nepal is that in the space of a hundred miles you can go from the coldest and most bitter conditions on Earth to the sweltering heat of the North Indian Plain. Nepal has everything from the brutal wind-swept Himalayan peaks to humid tropical jungles. Most people are surprised to find that Nepal is actually the same latitude as Florida or Egypt, the extremes in temperature and climate are all due to altitude variations. Generally speaking though, in the north summers are cool and winters severe, while in south summers are sub tropical and winters mild.

Nepal experiences 4 seasons : Spring (Mar - May), Summer (Jun - Aug), Autumn (Sep - Nov) and Winter (Dec - Feb).
The climate in Nepal is varied ranging from the sub-tropical Terai to the cool dry temperate and alpine climate in the northern Himalayan ranges. In the Terai, the hottest part of the country, summer temperatures may rise as high as 40°C. The climate is hot and humid. In the midmountain region, the summer climate is mild with temperatures around 25°C - 27°C.

The winter temperatures range from 7°C to 23°C in the Terai and subzero to 12°C in the mountain regions and valleys. The northern Himalayan region has an alpine climate. The valley of Kathmandu has a pleasant equable climate with average summer and winter temperatures of 19°C - 27°C and 2°C - 12°C respectively.

The monsoon hits the most poular trekking area of Annapurna from June to September, but during this time the upper Manang region is generally clear.