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Bardia National Park Tour

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Good to Know
  • Duration 6 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Trip Destination Bardia National Park
  • Starts at Kathmandu
  • Ends at Kathmandu
  • Max. Altitude 1441m
  • Trip Type Nature Tour
  • Transport Private Vehicle/Flight
  • Accommodation Hotel


  • Easy online booking system
  • The best-guaranteed service and price 
  • A professional guide with fluent english 
  • Daily Guaranteed Departure 
  • Observe tradition, culture and history of Nepal
  • Watch more than 500 years old wonderful architecture of the country
  • Observe different species of mammals, reptiles and birds

Bardiya National Park Tour introduces travelers to the enchanting wilderness of Bardia National Park, a gem nestled in the western lowlands of Nepal.  Bardiya National Park, also spelled Bardia, is a protected area in Nepal that was established in 1988 as Royal Bardia National Park.

The park is renowned for its thriving wildlife, including the elusive Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, Asian elephant, and a myriad of bird species. As a testament to its ecological significance, Bardia National Park is recognized as a conservation success story, with successful efforts to protect and preserve its rich biodiversity.

We offer this Bardia National Park Tour to provide an immersive and unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts, wildlife lovers, and adventure seekers. This carefully crafted package offers a harmonious blend of thrilling wildlife safaris, cultural encounters with the local Tharu community, and exhilarating river rafting adventures along the Karnali River.

Apart from the stunning scenery and interesting wildlife, tourists will also be able to learn about the Tharu people's lively traditions by watching their traditional dances and learning about their rich cultural history. Bardia National Park Tour offers a chance to get away into wild nature and also to help protect the park's ecosystem.


  • Encounter Bengal tigers, rhinoceroses, and elephants in Bardia's natural habitat.
  • Explore a birdwatcher's paradise with over 450 bird species.
  • Discover World War II remnants, adding historical depth to your tour.
  • Enjoy river activities along the Karnali River, from boat safaris to fishing.
  • Immerse yourself in Tharu culture with traditional dance and village visits.
  • Experience the remote wilderness, away from crowded tourist destinations.
  • Enjoy thrilling jeep safaris for a chance to spot elusive wildlife.
  • Take guided nature walks and treks to intimately connect with the park's landscapes.

About Bardia National  Park

Bardia National Park is situated in the western lowland region of Nepal, sharing its border with the Karnali River to the west. Located in the Bardiya District, the park covers an expansive area of approximately 968 square kilometers (374 square miles). Its strategic location in the Terai region, adjacent to the Himalayan foothills, makes it a prime destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers seeking an authentic wilderness experience.

Accessible by road and air, with the nearest airport being Nepalgunj, Bardia National Park offers a remote and pristine setting for those looking to explore the natural wonders of Nepal.

Bardia National Park stands as the largest and least disturbed wilderness area in the Terai, contributing significantly to the conservation of the region's diverse flora and fauna. Established in 1988, the park was initially created to protect the ecosystems and habitats essential for the survival of endangered species.

The vastness of Bardia allows for the preservation of a wide range of ecosystems, from riverine forests to grasslands, providing a critical refuge for numerous species that face threats elsewhere. Its size and relative isolation contribute to its significance as a stronghold for the conservation of biodiversity in Nepal.

Bardia National Park boasts an extraordinary diversity of wildlife, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts. The park is home to a thriving population of Bengal tigers, one-horned rhinoceroses, Asian elephants, and a variety of deer species. Avian enthusiasts will find joy in the park's rich birdlife, with over 400 species recorded, including the endangered Bengal florican.

The Karnali River, flowing through the park, adds to its unique charm, offering opportunities for riverine biodiversity. With its mosaic of ecosystems, Bardia National Park stands out as an unparalleled destination for those seeking an immersive experience in the natural wonders of Nepal.


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    Upon your arrival at Kathmandu Airport, a representative from our company will be there to greet you and transfer you to your designated hotel. Once you've checked in, you have the option to either relax for the day or explore the nearby areas. In the evening, our company representative will provide a pre-tour briefing, giving you essential information about the upcoming adventure. Following the meeting, you can enjoy dinner and take the opportunity to rest for the day, gearing up for the exciting experiences awaiting you in the coming days.

      Your adventure begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, offering you a bird's-eye view of Nepal's landscapes. Upon landing in Nepalgunj, our representative will pick you up from the airport. The journey takes a scenic turn as you embark on a picturesque drive to Bardia National Park. The landscape unfolds in diverse hues, providing a tantalizing preview of the natural beauty that awaits. Upon reaching Bardia National Park, you'll settle into your accommodation and, in the afternoon, transition seamlessly into the cultural tapestry of the region. Arriving at the lodge, you'll delve into the vibrant Tharu life and culture with a guided walk through neighboring villages and farmland. This immersive introduction sets the stage for the exciting days that lie ahead, blending the thrill of wildlife encounters with the richness of local traditions.

        Today, you will immerse yourself in a full day of exploration of Bardia National Park. A full-day safari adventure awaits, offering you the chance to witness the rich biodiversity of the park. You will go on a jungle walk, immersing yourself in the natural habitat of various wildlife species. The park is renowned for its diverse flora and fauna, including the elusive Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, elephants, and numerous bird species. The jungle walk provides an up-close and personal experience with nature, allowing you to appreciate the unique ecosystem.

          On the third day, your exploration of Bardia National Park continues with an exciting jeep safari. The day will unfold with a unique perspective on the park's wildlife and landscapes as you embark on this thrilling adventure. As you navigate through the park in the jeep, you will have the opportunity to spot wildlife and capture memorable photographs of the diverse fauna. This immersive experience promises to create lasting memories of encounters with the park's inhabitants. Amidst the serene environment, you can also indulge in the joy of bird watching, as Bardia is renowned as a haven for bird enthusiasts. The day is set to be a delightful blend of discovery and appreciation of the natural wonders that Bardia National Park has to offer.

            Today, your morning will start with an early breakfast before heading for an enchanting bird-watching walk outside the park. As you explore the tranquil surroundings, you'll have the opportunity to marvel at the diverse avian species that inhabit this natural haven. Following this serene activity, you'll have leisure time in the morning to either relax or explore the nearby village, savoring the final moments of your Bardia experience. In the afternoon, bid a fond farewell to the park's natural beauty as you prepare to depart. You will fly back to Kathmandu from Nepalgunj.

              On the last day of the tour, start your morning with an early breakfast. Afterward, organize your belongings and prepare to head back to your home country. Our company representative will be there to pick you up from the hotel and ensure your safe transfer to the airport for your departure.

              Our team guides, porters and accompanying staff are locals with a broad knowledge about each and every location that we travel through.

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              What's Included

              Airport Pickup and Drop-off Services

              • International Arrival Pickup
              • Domestic Airport Drop off Before Tour (Kathmandu and Nepalgung)
              • Domestic Airport Pick up After the Tour (Kathmandu and Nepalgung)
              • International Dropoff on your Final Departure Day
              • 2 Nights in Kathmandu on BB Plan (Twin Sharing Basis)
              • 3 Nights in Bardiya Lodge


              • Heritage Sites and National Park Entrance Fees


              • Private Vehicle During the Tour in Bardia National Park (Minimum 2 Pax)


              • 4 Breakfast: Local and Continental Choices from Lodge Menu
              • 4 Lunch: Simple, Light, and Traditional Lunch according to Lodges 
              • 4 Dinner: Veg and Non-Veg Meals of your Choice Domestic and Continental Foods from the Lodge Menu
              • Farewell Dinner in Kathmandu at Best Restaurant with NTA Team 
              • Breakfast at the Kathmandu Hotel

              Includes Guide Services and Other Liabilities

              • English Speaking Government Licensed Tour Guide With Years’ of Experience
              • All Meals for Guide
              • Insurances for Guide
              • Activities like Jeep Safari, Bird watching, and Jungle Walk

              What's Excluded

              • International flight tickets to Nepal and return
              • Nepal entry visa fees
              • Food and extra nights at Hotel in Kathmandu or Bardiya
              • Any kinds of drinks (tea, coffee, hot water, etc) and alcoholic beverages during  your extra stay 
              • Extra facilities during extra days
              • Tips and gratitude to the guides, drivers, etc.
              • Travel Insurance and Medical Services 
              • All the other expenses not mentioned in the cost include a list.

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              Best Season

              The best times to visit Bardia National Park are during the dry season, spanning from October to March. This period offers optimal conditions for wildlife viewing as the vegetation thins out and animals congregate around water sources, making them easier to spot during safaris. The moderate temperatures, ranging from warm to cool, create comfortable conditions for exploring the park's diverse ecosystems. Additionally, the months of October and November showcase the post-monsoon lushness, adding a vibrant green backdrop to the landscape. Travelers should be mindful of the warmer temperatures during April and May, the pre-monsoon months. Conversely, while the monsoon season, typically from June to September, brings lush greenery, it may also limit accessibility and wildlife sightings due to dense vegetation and increased water levels. Therefore, planning a visit between October and March ensures an ideal balance between favorable weather conditions and the opportunity to witness Bardia National Park's incredible biodiversity.


              During your Bardia National Park Tour, we offer a variety of comfortable places to stay. Whether you like being close to nature or prefer modern amenities, our chosen lodgings within or near the park cater to different preferences. These accommodations have well-equipped rooms or cottages that blend well with the natural surroundings. You can expect a mix of convenience and tranquility to relax after a day of exploring. From cozy lodges with great views to eco-friendly resorts, our accommodation options aim to make your nights as memorable as your days in the heart of Bardia National Park.


              During your Bardia National Park Tour, you will savor delicious meals that include both local and international flavors. From traditional Tharu dishes to familiar favorites, our menu caters to various tastes. While on the exciting jungle walk and jeep safari, we've got you covered with quick and healthy packed lunches, ensuring you save time without compromising on nutrition. These meals are designed to keep you energized and satisfied as you enjoy the natural wonders of Bardia National Park. With tasty bites and snacks, our food offerings add a flavorful touch to your adventure in this pristine wilderness.

              Packing List and Essentials

              • Comfortable clothing suitable for wildlife safaris (long sleeves and pants)
              • Sturdy walking shoes
              • Hats and sunglasses for sun protection
              • Sunscreen and insect repellent
              • Binoculars for wildlife spotting
              • Camera for capturing the park's beauty
              • Personal medications and a basic first aid kit
              • Reusable water bottle
              • Daypack for carrying essentials during excursions
              • Light rain jacket (if traveling during the monsoon season)
              • Power bank for electronic devices
              • Valid identification and travel documents
              • Local currency for small purchases
              • Any necessary travel adapters or chargers

              General Tips and Guidelines

              • Wear neutral-colored clothing for wildlife safaris to blend in with the natural surroundings.
              • Pack sturdy walking shoes, a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent for outdoor excursions.
              • Bring binoculars and a camera to capture the diverse wildlife and landscapes.
              • Visit during the dry season (October to March) for optimal wildlife sightings.
              • Be respectful of local customs and traditions, especially during Tharu cultural experiences.
              • Follow safety guidelines during river rafting adventures and wildlife encounters.
              • Stay on designated paths and trails to minimize environmental impact.
              • Check weather conditions before the trip and pack accordingly.
              • Stay hydrated and carry water during activities, especially in warmer months.
              • Consider optional add-ons or extensions to customize your Bardia National Park experience.

              Frequently Asked Questions

              • Q1. What is the best time to visit Bardiya National Park?

                The best time to visit is during the dry season, from October to March, for optimal wildlife sightings and comfortable weather.

              • You can reach Bardiya by domestic flights to Nepalgunj followed by a road journey, or by road from major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara.

              • Yes, there are lodges and resorts within and near the park that offer comfortable stays amidst nature. Our company will reserve lodges before your tour.

              • Yes, visitors can engage in Tharu cultural experiences, including traditional dances and interactions with the local community.

              • Yes, guided safaris led by experienced naturalists are available and highly recommended for a safe and informative experience.

              • Yes, the itinerary is flexible, allowing you to extend your stay and customize your experience with additional activities. However, additional cost is applied.

              • Pack comfortable clothing, sturdy shoes, a hat, sunscreen, insect repellent, binoculars, and a camera, among other essentials.

              • You can directly book through online or by contacting our reservation desk via email or phone. Details are available on our website, and our team is ready to assist you with the booking process.

              What Our Clients Say
              • P
                Pedro SantosBrazil,April 01, 2024

                Peacefulness of Jungle in Bardia National Park

                Bardia National Park made a big impact on me. The calm and peacefulness of the jungle, along with the excitement of seeing wild animals up close, made it an unforgettable experience. My love and I went on this adventure and were completely fascinated by the incredible beauty of the National Park.

                I want to thank Nepal Trek Adventure for planning such an unforgettable trip. Their knowledge and commitment allowed us to fully enjoy and appreciate the wonders of nature, creating special memories that will always be with us.

              • M
                Marie LefebvreFrance,April 01, 2024

                Living a Different Life in Bardia National Park

                Bardia National Park is an amazing place to get back in touch with nature. The calm and peaceful environment, along with the many animals, allowed me to escape from the busy city life. I was amazed by the wide variety of plants and animals in the park.

                From colorful birds to hard-to-find rhinos, every time I saw one, it felt like I was on a thrilling adventure. It's a true paradise for people who love nature and animals. I want to thank Nepal Trek Adventure for making my tour so enjoyable and trouble-free.



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