In east-central Nepal, near the border with Tibet, the Rolwling Valley, also known as a (Gaurishankar) rural municipality, is a region of the Himalayas. The Rolwaling Himal ranges from the Nangpa La pass, where the Mahalangur portion starts, in the southwest to the Tamakosi River, and includes the peaks Melungtse 7181m and Melungtse II 7023m in Tibet, Gaurishankar 7134m on the Nepal border, and over 50 more peaks above 6000m. The journey is known as one of the seven hidden valleys in the Himalayas, with lovely Sherpa and Tamang villages, and it takes you through a demographic and cultural cross-section of Nepal that can't be explored on any other trek. Since this route was reopened, trekkers now have the opportunity to witness traditional village life away from the crowds in the small Sherpa villages called Beding since they have been mostly untouched by the influence of western culture.

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