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Phoksundo Lake Trek

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Good to Know
  • Duration 11 Days
  • Trip Grade Moderate
  • Trip Destination Phoksundo Lake
  • Starts at Kathmandu
  • Ends at Kathmandu
  • Trip Type Tea house trek
  • Transport By Air
  • Accommodation Hotel + Lodges


  • the lifestyle of local people of Dolpa
  • Appreciate a moderately simple trek with steady tough increments
  • Fresh fish of Bheri River
  • Enjoy a different scene extending from lavish rhododendron woodlands to sloping scene
  • Observe Dolpa culture, styled houses, and wise settlements

Phoksundo Lake trek is one of the most wonderful treks to go. Phoksundo Lake is measured as one of the most beautiful tourist trek and tour destination of Nepal, the largest defensive district. The thin way of Phoksundo Lake Trek passes throughout gorgeous landscapes, wide forests and along feral rivers all the while with breathtaking views of beautiful snow-capped mountains. Nepal has a big amount of lakes and Phoksundo Lake is one of them, residing at Dolpa District, the largest defensive district of Nepal. Phoksundo lake trek is a splendid adventure journey to one of the most beautiful lakes in Nepal.

Phoksundo Lake trek lets you treat yourself in the splendor of Phoksundo Lake. Also, you can feel the wonderful beauty of Phoksundo National Park and other glories of Dolpa state in the trek. If you are lucky enough then you may meet snow leopard, Mountain goats or Blue sheep along the trail path. Phoksundo National Park is also famous for its own hold variety of natural herbs. Visitors can also see Tibetan style houses constructed in the Dolpa area within Dopla style. Dolpa is also still a monopoly of the pre-Buddhist, shamanistic Bon-Po religious conviction as well as Tibetan Buddhism. During the whole Phoksundo lake trek, you will find the people of that area are simple and warm-hearted with enthralling Tibetan culture, traditions, and lifestyle. Amid trek to Phoksundo Lake, travelers will find themselves relaxed because of admirable natural beauty around them.

Phoksundo Lake Trek with Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition can be your best choice to travel your dream place filled with a lake, forest, and other natural attractions. We provide you with best of everything (every sort of stuff needed for Phoksundo Lake Trek) personally and professionally. You will be able to choose the trek itinerary of your own choice at the best and flexible cost. You can revise the itinerary as per your choice. Also, you will be able to appoint guides and porters who will assist you in all best, average and worst-case scenarios. We give surety you that we will fill your glorious trek to Phoksundo Lake with a lot more pride and self-satisfaction.   

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    Upon your appearance at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, our delegate will pick you up and convey you to the hotel.

      Flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj is around 45 mins. Nepalgunj is the town which is located in the Terai region nearby Indian Border and the Bardia National Park. It is a very hot place in summer and too much cold in winter.
      Flight time – 25 to 45 min
      Number of lodges – 25
      Main Attraction – views of Terai region, Nepalgunj airport
      Difficulty level – easy

      • Highest Altitude2150m

      After reaching Nepalgunj we fly Juphal from there; it takes around 30 min to reach Juphal, Which is the starting point of our trek. We walk from there to reach Dunai by visiting their local villages. We walk for some 4 hours alongside the Bheri River and pass by watermill to finally reach to Dunai. Dunai is also known as the capital of Dolpa. We will stay there overnight.
      Flight time – 30 min to reached Juphal
      Walking time - 4 hours trek for Dunai
      Lunch at - Juphal or Dunai
      Altitude - Juphal (2,354 m), Dunai (2,000 m)
      Difficulty level - easy to Juphal and moderate to Dunai
      Number of lodges - 20 +
      The main attraction – some beautiful local villages, rivers, old watermill

      • Highest Altitude2670m

      Leaving behind Dunai now, we head towards Chhepka. The path descends through the streets of Dunai and crosses the bridge over the Bheri river. we prolong to trek through the river site to reach Sulighat, followed by Shey Phoksundo National Park check post. From there, we climb alongside the stony trail and trek. Relishing the views of waterfalls and lush vegetation, we make our way through the steamy forest to reach the village of Chepka and stay Overnight there.
       Walking time – 6 to 7-hour trek
      Lunch at - in some hotel on the way
      Altitude - 2670 m
      Difficulty level - moderate
      Number of lodges – 20 +
      The main attraction – Bheri River, Shey Phoksundo National Park, waterfalls, wide forests, some local villages, different types of ways.

        After Chepka, we start our journey towards to Sanduwa. Now, this journey might be a bit of a challenge. For the first few hours from Chepka, you will pass through the massive trees of oaks, maple, pine, walnuts, and birch. During the trek, you will have to cross through lots of uphill and down-hills where the ravine runs deep and narrow. Then you will finally arrive Sanduwa.
        Walking time - 6 to 7 hours trek
        Lunch at - in between our trek taking some break
        Altitude - 2838 m
        Difficulty level - moderate
        Number of lodges – 15 +
        The main attraction -   massive trees of oaks, pine, maple, walnuts, and birch, up and down hills, some difficult way as well.

          Leaving behind Sanduwa, today we head towards Phoksundo Lake descending swiftly all the way through forests crammed with birch trees to the higher reaches of the Phoksundo Khola. We then cross a bridge and keep on to walk at Phoksundo Lake. From there, we trek through the close point of Phoksundo Lake.
          Walking time – 6 to 7 hours trek
          Lunch at – near Phoksundo lakeside
          Altitude – 36125 m
          Difficulty level - moderate
          Number of lodges - 20+
          The main attraction - the beauty of the forest, birch trees, Phoksundo Khola (Lake)

            Today in the morning after breakfast all day we survey nearby area of Phoksundo Lake. Phoksundo is a very beautiful blue colored freshwater lake and which is also the deepest lake of Nepal. We will visit the nearby the village also and see the beauty of natural life. Overnight stay there with some enjoyment.
            Lunch at – at some nice hotel
            Difficulty level - easy
            Number of lodges - 20+
            The main attraction - the peaceful and beautiful lake, Tibetan style houses, Dolpa culture.

              After the beautiful visit to Phoksunda Lake, we start our journey towards Sangta. We climb along the vertical trail for half an hour until we reach the top of the hill which offers the last view of Phoksundo Lake. After some good walk from some villages and river sites, we finally reached the Sangta.
              Walking time – 6 to 7-hour trek
              Lunch at - Sangta
              Altitude – 3611.5m
              Difficulty level - easy
              The main attraction – step hills, local villages, rivers

                Today we trek through the rocky way of the Bheri River with the beautiful Landscape in the background. After the all-day walk, we finally reached the Juphal and stay there overnight.
                Walking time – 5 to 6-hour trek
                Lunch at - Juphal
                Altitude - 2499m
                Difficulty level - easy
                The main attraction – rocky ways, Bheri River, small waterfalls, landscape.

                  From Juphal, we fly back to Nepalgunj taking an early morning flight, as flights are not probable in the afternoon due to the strong winds. After getting Nepalgunj, we catch another flight back to Kathmandu. We make your stay at the hotel overnight.
                  Lunch at - Kathmandu
                  Number of lodges – many more   

                    Our delegates will drop you off at Tribhuvan International Airport around 3 hours before your scheduled flight. And from here our official collaboration ends for this trek.

                    Our team guides, porters and accompanying staff are locals with a broad knowledge about each and every location that we travel through.

                    What's Included

                    • Flight from Kathmandu and return back (domestic flights)
                    • All road transportations during the trek
                    • Meal for three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
                    • Trekking map
                    • Guide and porter for the trek (1 porter for 2 trekkers). Further demands can also be made
                    • First aid kit box
                    • As a whole accommodation amid the trek
                    • Trekking gears on hire (sleeping bags, down jackets, etc.)

                    What's Excluded

                    • Travel insurance and life insurance
                    • Nepal VISA and an international flight ticket
                    • International Airport expenses
                    • Tips and gratitude for drivers, porters, guides and other company representatives
                    • Alcoholic beverages and other food not mentioned in cost includes’ slant
                    • Personal expenses like shopping and laundry
                    • Backpack
                    • All other expenses which are not mentioned in cost includes’ list
                    Departure Dates

                    Phoksundo Lake Trek

                    Nepal Mobile +977 9851017030 24 Hrs Available on WhatsApp (Binod) or Viber.

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                    Accommodation During Phoksundo Lake Trekking

                    Best accommodation for Phoksundo Trek is basically a teahouse or hotel. Homestay and Guesthouse are additionally fundamentally accessible among Phoksundo Lake Trek.

                    Physical description of Phoksundo Lake

                    • Max. Length – 5.15 km (3.20mi)
                    • Max. Width – 800m (2,600 ft.)
                    • Surface area – 494 ha (1.91 sq. mi)
                    • Max. Depth – 145 m (476 ft.)
                    • Water Volume – 409×106 m3 (14.4×109 cu ft.)
                    • Surface Elevation – 3,612m (11,850 ft.)
                    • Grade: Moderate to Difficult

                    Meals During Phoksundo Lake Trekking

                    You will be served with typical Nepali sustenance Daal Bhat Tarkari. You also can have maize Dhido, Fini Roti, Bitter Buckwheat roti as well. Refreshment like Tea, Coffee, hot lemon, soft drink, and so forth are likewise accessible.

                    Group Size

                    For Phoksundo Lake trek, there will be one leader, and porter (1 porter for 2 trekkers). This arrangement is done for the smooth running of the trek. It ensures that the trip will carry on as per plan even if anybody in a group gets sick. NTA can operate this trek for a group of any size. But, a group of 10 are measured as the finest size. However, if you have a group of more than 10, NTA can arrange this too.

                    What Our Clients Say
                    • P
                      Paulo SilvaBrazil,December 31, 2021

                      Trekking Route to Phoksundo Lake

                      Wow, what a view it was. That view of the sapphire blue lake was a blessing for my eyes. The trekking route to Phoksundo Lake was good too, but nothing can beat the beauty of the lake and surrounding hills and mountains. It’s a must-go trip once in a lifetime.

                    • S
                      Shakira AlvarezAustralia,December 31, 2021

                      Phoksundo Lake Trek Itinerary

                      We booked our trip to Nepal with the Phoksundo Lake trek itinerary. We had associated with the NTA team. They managed everything on time. Also, we had no issues throughout the trip at all. Great team!  


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