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This website is published and maintained by Nepal Trek Adventure (NTA). It is a tourism-based company that is established as per the law of Nepal. 
The terms and conditions inked on this site bind you with us legally.

Site and Contents
The theme of this site is to provide you with factual information regarding trekking locations and tourism-related activities in Nepal. Any information or content on this site exchanged, modified, or transmitted for any purpose without our consent shall be underlined as illegal. Anything posted on this site is the sole property of NTA.

Everything on this site, be it logo or images or software or text, or any other things are protected by copyright under international conventions and copyright law.

Other Rights
The blog section of the site is open to everyone. One can post your blog here by emailing your content to us in our official e-mail. You will be the author of the blog and it will here as your property. But, we will not entertain any blog that disturbs national integrity and social harmony. 
To get additional information regarding tours and trekking you can mail us and your mail will be treated as a confidential matter unless you want to make it public.

NTA’s Rights
To link up a customer, NTA can sometimes use your link without informing you. If you have any offense regarding it then you have to mail us within 15 days of publishing. Otherwise, it is considered silent acceptance and NTA will not be liable for it later. NTA can use the photographs taken by you without your consent.

Transmitted Material
Any information you receive from NTA should have its logo on it. Do not believe anything that is sent to you without our logo and signature identity on it.

The materials on the site sometime could include inaccurate pictures due to technical reasons. This shall be removed no sooner it comes to our notice, without any prior notice. 
Marketing your business or anything through this site is highly offensive but in mutual agreement, you can extend our support. 
During any kind of natural disaster in Nepal, we could ask you for a halt and at that point, NTA will not refund you anything despite your time/money investment. NTA also does not take any responsibility regarding any injuries or death that might occur at the time of tour or trekking or any other touring event. We are not entitled to any insurance claim. It is your responsibility because we are just a tour/trek facilitator.

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