Helicopter Tour in Nepal

Nepal helicopter flying tour is the best way to explore the beautiful Himalayan country of Nepal. Kathmandu airport is the main gateway for most helicopter tours in Nepal. The Nepal helicopter tour is a great adventure filled with an awesome and aspiring country scenario in the Himalayas. It is especially suitable for time-bound travelers who want to enjoy the journey in a short amount of time. Also, the Nepal helicopter ride is organized for people whose physical conditions do not support their mental will.

Helicopter tour in Nepal is the best opportunity to enjoy Nepalese beauty as a falcon. Here's the list of packages. Pick the best as per your preference; this list is sorted as per the popularity of each trip. If your desired helicopter trip is not listed here, then write us for a tailor-made trip or any questions about helicopter tour, Nepal travel plan, trekking, etc. We suggest you to use Talk To Binod (Whatsapp) Instant Support.

11 Packages

Nepal Helicopter Tour Package

Nepal helicopter tour can be your ideal choice as it provides the dream come true moment for those who fantasize to explore different places, and many helicopter packages with different attractions but are not able to do so in a precise period of time. In this Himalayan country, you can have different scenic helicopter flights for exploring beautiful mountain panorama, Himalayan glaciers, national parks, city areas, lakesides, green hills, and many more mysterious and remote destinations with the help of these helicopters in Nepal.

In Nepal, there reside different places to roam around in such a way that you will be able to remember them in your entire life. Places include attractions like high mountains and peaks, rivers and lakes, green hills, forests, national parks, and so on. Here are some.

Mount Everest base camp helicopter tour is the number 1 helicopter tour package in Nepal. There are many types of helicopter packages in Nepal, including Everest. Helicopter group tours or private tours are possible in the Himalayan region of Nepal from Katmandu. The private helicopter is much more comfortable for a private family. Everest helicopter tour packages offer landing opportunities at the world's highest point (Kalapatthar) viewpoint and breakfast at a 5-star Hotel, Hotel Everest View in Syangboche.

Most selling helicopter packages tour in Kathmandu, Nepal Himalayas

The Everest base camp helicopter tour is the best-selling helicopter tour in Kathmandu, Himalayan Nepal. It is recommended by Trip Advisor, Forbes, National Geography, and many other magazines. Find its highlights below and visit our page at the given link.

Trip name- Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour
Helicopter tour cost- starts from $1150 per personin a group joining the tour
Private helicopter cost ranges from- $4950 to $5750  (depending upon group sizes)
Trip duration: 4 to 5 hours
Daily departure tour: Every morning throughout the year (but recommended to choose the best months for beautiful mountain views) 
Furthermore, to know about this tour you can visit our link: Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Other best helicopter tours in Nepal with reasonable costs are as follows:

  1. Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour
  2. Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour

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Other choices can be made for Weddings via helicopter tour, helicopter tour to Kathmandu, helicopter tour to Pokhara, birthday celebrations on the Himalayas via Heli tour, stepping on base camps by helicopter, Mountain helicopter tour, Pilgrimage area visit by helicopter, helicopter evacuation, emergency helicopter support, and many more. Flyover Kathmandu valley, flyover Pokhara valley, flyover Chitwan valley, flyover Barun valley, flyover inner terai valley, and flyover Marshyangdi valley can also be done as part of flyover 2022 packages in Nepal. 

Are you planning to step into Nepal for a chopper ride in Nepal? If yes, you may be curious to know about different criteria like packages, costs, and other important information. Here are some.

Nepal Helicopter Tour Cost - 2023 & 2024

Having any beautiful experience, costs you money, either a huge or small amount. The new helicopter tour in Nepal costs you according to the types of helicopter flights. You can choose any of the tours in order to make your flying experience more pleasing. Hiring a helicopter for personal work is also possible with us. Here is the list of helicopter rental prices for the years 2022 and 2023 in Nepal for most of the tourist parts of the Himalayan Kingdom.

Destination or packages typesPassengers in 1 helicopterPrice in USD/per flight
Everest base camp helicopter private tour1 - 3 pax$4950
Kathmandu to Lukla/Lukla to KTM1 - 5 pax $2700
Pick up/drop (Everest base camp-Ktm)1 - 3 pax$5000
Pick up/drop (Ktm-Everest base camp)4 - 5 pax$5000
Kathmandu to Annapurna base camp1 - 5 pax $4300
Kathmandu to Muktinath temple1 - 5 pax $5000
Pokhara to Muktinath temple1 - 5 pax $2500
Kathmandu to Jomsom1 - 5 pax $4200
Kathmandu to Langtang valley1 - 5 pax $2150
Kathmandu to Namche Bazar1 - 5 pax $3200
Pokhara to Annapurna base camp1 - 5 pax $2000
Gorekshep to Kathmandu1 - 3 pax$3800
Gorekshep to Kathmandu1 - 5 pax$4500
Kathmandu to Everest View Hotel1 - 5 pax$3200
Kathmandu to Gosaikunda (Langtang)1 - 5 pax$1750
Helicopter rental service or hire cost1 - 5 pax$2500 per hrs
Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park1 - 5 pax$2300
Kathmandu to Rara Lake1 - 5 Pax$9500
Kathmandu to Lumbini1 - 5 pax$4500

Helicopter Tour Landing in Nepal Himalayas

Heli flight in Nepal not only means just flying over the area and sightseeing upward. It also includes helicopter landing in the Himalayas (if a helipad or plain land is available) which helps to explore the selected area for some minutes and take advantage. Not all helicopter tours support this, but the Helicopter tours in Nepal costs are highly responsible for it. You can add an extra penny and enjoy the helicopter ride as per your wish.

Helicopters in Nepal - List of helicopter companies in Kathmandu

There are around 26 to 35 helicopters in Nepal including running and grounded ones. All these helicopters are especially devoted to touring and aiding purposes. Nepal Trek Adventure is a helicopter tour company. With 15 years plus of experience in tourism helicopter services, we are very much grateful for providing any type of helicopter package in Nepal.

Helicopter Charter Flight Services in Kathmandu

Helicopter charter flight services are provided for different fields like flying around for exploring, helicopter sightseeing, and helicopter rescue service. Medical evacuation by helicopter and media shoots like filming, photo shooting, etc. are easily operated by our helicopter tour company. All these services for charter flights in Nepal are provided 24/7 for any part of the country, including all remote and urban areas.

Helicopters in Nepal are quite uncommon but the demands are increasing day by day as it rectifies the need of spending a long time on treks and road transport. Hence, it can also be categorized as a luxury helicopter tour in Nepal with full Government support. As the name prefers, a luxury helicopter ride implies being more comfortable and joyful in comparison to other treks and tours, typically done on land.

The luxury helicopter charters, luxury helicopter charters, and private helicopter rental services are the supporting factors for the successful implementation of this flight. You can enjoy the charter ride in any month of the year but choosing the best time depends upon you according to your demand and flexibility.

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