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Nepal honeymoon tour packages are the of the lifetime recollection so, people look for the perfect place for them to spend their golden period of time. Nepal is one of the perfect places for the honeymoon tours. Because in Nepal we can observe mountain peaks, mountain ranges, jungles, and different types of people, with their varying religion, dress, culture, language, and so on. Here are also resided different types of temples from old to the new one. We can also get the experience of different cultures and lifestyle of people which is much more important in married life. Nepal is a country which includes beauty in itself so it can make your married life more beautiful and make your honeymoon more romantic.

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As mentioned above there are uncountable places in and around the Kathmandu valley to spend your journey of the honeymoon. Some areNagarkot (a world class hill station located in Bhaktapur district), Bandipur, Chitwan(the first national park of the country), Pokhara(the city of lakes) including Kathmandu itself, are some of the best places which suits for those couples who are wishing to spend their nights and days in peaceful, romantic and serene environment. You will also be able to explore the amazing scenes and sceneries of the mountains, take snaps with the backdrop of the mountains, incredible landscapes, fine arts and architecture, and equally explore diverse flora and fauna or participate in the relax kind of sports such as rafting, paragliding, elephant riding, natural walk with the chirping of the birds, and jungle safari with a beautiful walk or elephant riding during your honeymoon. Touring around Pokhara city of Nepal with the couple would make your holidays wonderful and romantic.

It is true that people make a honeymoon special because it is a lifetime event with your beloved one and you need a special and romantic place where you will share everlasting memory in your life with your loved one. Nowadays nature lovers prefer to have a honeymoon in beautiful nature where you can find forest, lakes, rivers, mountains, and animal rather than a deserted island or the place full of crowd. Certainly, these things make honeymoon more romantic and beautiful.

This route includes the famous destination of Nepal for Deluxe Honeymoon Tour in Nepal. You will be given the chance to explore around the colorful cultures and ancient history, the most romantic, breath-taking sceneries, unforgettable moments with Nepal wildlife and floral forests, raging rivers and the breath-taking view of the majestic Himalayas. Our team of experienced guides helps you to make your honeymoon vacation more enjoyable and memorable in every aspect of the tour. We have the best package for Honeymoon destinations with the best cost and itinerary. This tour designed below is so flexible that we can change the itinerary for your comfort, where your only concern is the romantic movements. We will take care of all your meals, accommodation, transport and other necessary things.

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