Helicopter Tour Special Offer

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Good to Know
  • Duration 1 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy


  • Flyover to Pokhara city, landing opportunity at Kapuche lake and Mardi Himal, according to the itinerary.
  • Group Size: Maximum of 4 people in 1 helicopter.
  • Fast and secure online booking system.
  • Advance and last-minute booking facility.
  • Helicopter flights of 15 min and 50 minutes as per trip style.
  • Views of mountains, green hills, lakes, temples, trekking trails, etc.

Festival special offer on a helicopter tour from Pokhara

Nepal Trek Adventure is an authorized company for helicopter tours, treks, and adventure activities in Nepal. We have been providing these facilities in Nepal for a decade with bases in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Since this is the month of lovers, we have organized special helicopter tour services on the occasion of Valentine’s Day for all who want to enjoy their time with nature in peace. The helicopter tours are specially designed for Nepali citizens who want to make their day special. However, foreign citizens can also utilize this trip in the Himalayan country, Nepal.

Festival special offers are valid for the places like Pokhara, Mardi Himal, and Kapuche Lake. All these places can be reached via road travel and trekking trails. But with a helicopter tour, you will be able to reach these places, explore around, and return back in a minimum time frame. Remember that, all these helicopter tours start from Pokhara airport. Here is a short description of the places (and package) that you will sightsee via this special helicopter tour offer.

Pokhara city sightseeing tour by helicopter - fly over to Phewa lake with helicopter

Pokhara city tour with helicopter flight is a sightseeing tour of around 15 minutes. This helicopter tour compresses 2 to 3 days to tour to a few minutes of exploration. It offers a beautiful scenic view of sparkling lakes, green forests, and majestic northern mountains. It is the perfect flyover helicopter ride in Pokhara city over Phewa Lake, World Peace Pagoda, and Sarangkot hill. While doing the sightseeing from a helicopter, the views are awesome with a great memorable experience.

Pokhara city helicopter flyover tour highlights.

  • Helicopter ride for around 15 minutes above Pokhara city
  • Spacious helicopter flight with the aerial view of Phewa Lake, World Peace Pagoda, Hemja village, Sarangkot hill, high mountains, green forests, and temples
  • An ethereal view of snow-capped mountains like Annapurna II, Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), etc.
  • View of paraglides gliding with the people on air
  • Upside down view of Pokhara settlement areas, clean roadways, boating areas, Ferris wheel, and so on.

Mardi Himal helicopter tour special offer - 50 minutes of flight with landing at base camp

Mardi Himal helicopter tour offers you to step your feet on 4500 meters above sea level which is the height of Mardi Himal base camp. With the helicopter flight from Pokhara, you will reach the base camp within 12 to 15 minutes approximately which shortens the 3 to 9 days to trekking days into a few minutes of the Heli ride. You will fly over Pokhara city enjoying the view of mountains like Mardi Himal, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, Gangapurna, Khangsar Kang, Singu Chuli, various Annapurna peaks and ranges, Hiunchuli, Tare Kang Glacier Dome, etc. Since you will be flying especially in the morning, the sight of gazing sunlights on the mountains, floating clouds, and a Scenic tropical landscape is also the major attraction. Enjoy this finest 50 minutes helicopter ride to Mardi Himal in the Annapurna region of Nepal with your loved ones.

Mardi Himal helicopter tour highlights.

  • Helicopter flight of 50 minutes with around 20 minutes of ground time Mardi Himal base camp
  • Helicopter landing at an altitude of 4500 meters above sea level
  • Close-eye view of Himalayan magnificence such as Mardi Himal, Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Annapurna ranges, Dhaulagiri, Kangsar Kang, Hiunchuli, Gangapurna, Singu Chuli, Tare Kang Glacier Dome, and more
  • Pokhara as helicopter pick up point which is itself a naturally and culturally magnificent place in Nepal
  • View of trekking trails and marching trekkers around the Mardi arena

Kapuche lake helicopter tour special offer - 50 minutes of flight with landing near the lake

Kapuche lake is the lowest altitude glacier lake at the height of 2546 meters above sea level in the Kaski district of the Annapurna region. It is recently discovered and one of the emerging destinations in Nepal for both national and international travelers. If you go through trekking trails from Pokhara, it will take around 4 days to complete the journey through less crowded and remote pathways. But with this special helicopter ride, you will reach Kapuche lake, explore around, and return back to the Pokhara airport within just 50 minutes. Visit this lake-site destination in the Annapurna region of Nepal with your beloved ones and make your day full of delight and happiness.

Kapuche Lake helicopter tour highlights.

  • The name ‘Kapuche’ itself is one of the highlights as it is the combination of 3 different words giving different meanings: ‘Ka’ means ‘ice or snow’, ‘pu’ means ‘breaking down and sliding’, and ‘che’ means ‘landing or settling on the flat land’
  • Helicopter ride of around 50 minutes with approx. 20 minutes landing time at the side of Kapuche lake - the lowest altitude glacier lake in Nepal
  • Helicopter landing at an altitude of 2546 meters above sea level
  • Panoramic 360-degree view of Annapurna mountain ranges
  • Fly through the Sikles - large Gurung village, and green lush forest

You can reach these places not only as a special offer package but also throughout the year with our helicopter tour packages, designated for these places.

Festival special offer helicopter tour - cost (valid for 12th Feb to 19th Feb)

Here are the trip details for valentine's week offer helicopter tours in different sectors including the number of persons in a helicopter, trip duration, and estimated cost of the trip.


Maximum no. of pax

Trip duration

Estimated trip cost

Pokhara city Heli tour

4 persons in 1 helicopter

15 minutes

NPR 40,000 per helicopter 

Mardi Himal heli tour

4 persons in 1 helicopter

50 minutes

NPR 80,000 per helicopter

Kapuchey lake heli tour

4 persons in 1 helicopter

50 minutes

NPR 70,000 per helicopter

The above-mentioned cost is for 4 seater helicopters i.e. 4 persons in a helicopter with 1 pilot. Hence, if the number of persons is more than 4, there will be an increase in price. Also, if there are 1, 2, or 3 persons in a helicopter flight, the above-mentioned price will be applied.

Nepal Trek Adventure & Expedition is happy to offer these helicopter tours in Nepal as the best gift of Valentine’s Day for the Love Birds. The special offer is valid till 14th February 2022 only. So, buckle up and book your trip to any of these places and fly with your beloved ones. We accept both advance booking and last-minute booking to facilitate our clients to enjoy their helicopter rides.

For Quick Contact, prefer the details below.

Nepal Mobile (+977 9851017030 Binod Sapkota) 24 Hrs Available on WhatsApp, Viber, or WeChat.

Though these are the special offer of helicopter tours for a limited period of time, we offer other helicopter tours in Nepal as well that you can prefer for exploring. Some of these helicopter tours are:

Feel free to contact us anytime as we are available 24 hours a week for your service and hospitality.

What's Included

  • Spacious helicopter with a maximum of 4 persons in 1 flight.
  • Helicopter flight from Pokhara to destination place(s) and return back.
  • Complete information about the trip, and do’s and don’ts while in the helicopter.
  • First aid kit and medical equipment in the helicopter (in case of necessity)
  • Oxygen cylinder (if necessary)

What's Excluded

  • Personal expenses during the trip like the meal, souvenir shopping, etc.
  • Any extra cost arisen because of modification in the trip
  • Photography and videography tools (you can hire professional in extra cost)
What Our Clients Say
  • A
    Anuja SharmaNepal,February 07, 2022

    Helicopter tour over Pokhara

    Helicopter tour over Pokhara was the best Valentine’s day gift for my boyfriend. The whole tour was perfect and we really enjoyed the view of the city and the surrounding from the top. This tour really made our day special and memorable.

  • S
    Saurav KathayatNepal,February 07, 2022

    Special helicopter tour to Kapuche Lake

    I decided to give a special gift to my girlfriend on Valentine's day. So I booked a special helicopter tour to Kapuche lake. The view of the lake and its surroundings from the top was phenomenal. This helicopter tour made our day special and memorable. She was so happy at the end of the tour. Thanks to NTA for making my gift special.


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