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Monjo to Kathmandu by Helicopter

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Good to Know
  • Duration 1 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Trip Destination Monjo to Kathmandu
  • Max. Altitude 2,835 m
  • Trip Type Tour
  • Transport By Helicopter


  • Easy online booking system
  • The best guaranteed service and price 
  • A professional guide with fluent english 
  • Daily Guaranteed Departure 
  • Reduce the travel time compared to traditional trekking routes
  • Panoramic views of the Himalayan mountain range

Traveling from Monjo to Kathmandu by helicopter is a quick and convenient option that lets you make the most of your time in Nepal. In just about 55 minutes, you can cover the distance between Monjo and Kathmandu, enjoying stunning views along the way.

This helicopter flight is perfect if you're short on time or looking to bypass the trek back to Lukla and catch a regular flight from there to Kathmandu. Monjo, a picturesque village surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, is your starting point.

From here, you'll soar above the rugged landscapes and charming villages, making your way to the bustling city of Kathmandu. This option is particularly beneficial if you've completed your trek to Everest Base Camp or explored the region around Monjo and now want a faster way back to the capital city.

Kathmandu, the vibrant heart of Nepal, offers a multitude of cultural and historical attractions for you to explore after your helicopter journey. The convenience of this flight allows you to optimize your time and enjoy a smooth transition from the tranquility of Monjo to the energy of Kathmandu.

Whether you're completing your trekking adventure or simply want a swift return to Kathmandu, the Monjo to Kathmandu helicopter flight offers a unique and efficient travel experience. It's a great way to capture the essence of Nepal's diverse landscapes and maximize your time in this remarkable country.

Monjo to Lukla Helicopter Flight 

Many travelers prefer helicopter flights between Monjo and Lukla. This is because the uphill trek from Lukla to Monjo takes two days and is moderately challenging. After spending a night in Phakding, the next day involves 7 to 8 hours of uphill trekking to reach Monjo. This Monjo to Lukla helicopter flight service is great for those who want to avoid trekking and instead take a scenic flight back to Lukla with ease.


  • Reach Kathmandu from Monjo in just around 30 minutes.

  • Enjoy breathtaking aerial views of Himalayan landscapes, valleys, and villages.

  • Ideal for those with limited time, avoiding the trek back to Lukla.

  • Skip connecting flights by taking a direct helicopter journey.

  • Perfect for trekkers returning from Everest Base Camp or Monjo exploration.

  • Transition from the tranquility of Monjo to the cultural richness of Kathmandu.

  • Access Kathmandu's historical sites, temples, and bustling markets.

  • Maximize your exploration time in both Monjo and Kathmandu.

Package cost 

We're thrilled to offer you the opportunity to secure your spot for the Monjo to Kathmandu helicopter flight in both 2023 and 2024. You can embark on this incredible journey for a comprehensive price of $1250 per person when you join a group during the main helicopter flight season.

Our approach to this unique flight experience is designed to cater to every traveler's preferences. As part of our Monjo to Kathmandu helicopter flight package, we also provide the option for a solo flight with a guide if you're looking for a more personal adventure.

Please note: If you decide on a private group of 1 to 5 flyers, the total cost for the Monjo to Kathmandu helicopter flight will range from $950 to $4150 per person. Opting for a private flight lets you set your own pace, making it perfect for families, groups of friends, or anyone seeking a personalized journey.

Your exclusive itinerary for the Monjo to Kathmandu helicopter flight experience in the years 2023 and 2024 starts the moment you arrive in Nepal and wraps up smoothly as you depart. This ensures a seamless and immersive adventure from beginning to end, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Trip details 

  • Monjo to Kathmandu by helicopter: around 55 minutes
  • Altitude: 2,835 m
  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Number of lodges: 5
  • Group size: maximum 5 people in one group
  • Weight allowance: 400 kg
  • Types and Models Helicopters operated: one AS 350 B3e "Ecureuil", one AS 350 B3+ Ecureuil," and one Bell 206B III Jet Ranger helicopter.

What's Included

  • Airport Pickup and drop-off service 

  • Seating arrangement for up to a maximum of 5 people

  • Taxes and service charges

  • Medicinal kit

  • Oxygen cylinders

  • Helicopter charges for the Trip

  • Applicable permit arrangement service only

What's Excluded

  • Medical and life insurance

  • Meals, accommodations and personal expenses

  • Drinks throughout the trip

  • Personal Gear: Down jackets and other equipment cost

Availability & Private Trip

Select a Trip DateSmall Group Departure
Start DateStart: ThursdayAug 01, 2024End DateEnd: ThursdayAug 01, 2024PricePriceUS $1250StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayAug 08, 2024End DateEnd: ThursdayAug 08, 2024PricePriceUS $1250StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SundayAug 11, 2024End DateEnd: SundayAug 11, 2024PricePriceUS $1250StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayAug 15, 2024End DateEnd: ThursdayAug 15, 2024PricePriceUS $1250StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: WednesdayAug 21, 2024End DateEnd: WednesdayAug 21, 2024PricePriceUS $1250StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayAug 29, 2024End DateEnd: ThursdayAug 29, 2024PricePriceUS $1250StatusStatusGuaranteed

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Rescue And Evacuation 

We also provide a rescue and evacuation service as part of our Monjo to Kathmandu helicopter flight offerings. If requested, we're ready to assist in emergencies. When we receive a rescue request, we prepare a helicopter that remains on standby. 

Once weather conditions are favorable, the helicopter takes off promptly to reach Monjo and assist the customer. We aim to complete the takeoff within 30 minutes of receiving the request.

In cases where the customer needs to be transported to Lukl by helicopter, we can also arrange for that during the rescue operation. Our priority is to ensure timely and efficient assistance for those in need.

Important Notes 

  • Monitor weather forecasts due to unpredictable conditions.

  • Reserve helicopter flight in advance.

  • Adhere to weight restrictions for safety and balance.

  • Carry only essential baggage due to limited space.

  • Consult a doctor if you are prone to altitude sickness.

  • Consider medication if you are susceptible to motion sickness.

  • Wear layers of warm clothing and sturdy shoes.

  • Expect seats based on weight distribution.

  • Bring a charged camera for stunning mountain views.

  • Listen carefully to crew's safety guidance.

  • Be mindful of local customs and traditions.

  • Factor in potential flight delays due to weather.

  • Drink ample water in the high-altitude environment.

  • Consult a doctor for existing medical conditions.

  • Ensure coverage for flights and emergencies.

Booking Policy

  • To make a reservation, a deposit of 25% to 100% is required.

  • Four days before the tour, one can change the date without paying any extra fees.

  • Booking can be done through a secure online booking system.

  • Transferable to your friend or family.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation before 90 days of tour departure

  • NTA will charge 30 percent of the total tour cost for canceling the trip within 89 days of departure.

  • NTA will charge 40 percent of the total tour cost for canceling the trip within 50 days of departure.

  • NTA will charge 50 percent of the total tour cost for canceling the trip before 20 days of departure.

  • For less than 20 days for departure, NTA will take 75 percent of the total tour cost for a cancellation charge.

  • On or after the trip Departure Date no refund will be made.

What Our Clients Say
  • W
    William BrownUnited States,March 28, 2024

    Picturesque Trip from Monjo to Kathmandu

    The helicopter journey from Monjo to Kathmandu provided an amazing experience. The flight was amazing, providing stunning views of the Himalayas. The grand peaks and valleys below were truly memorable. I highly suggest this service for those looking for a fast and picturesque trip with Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition.

    The expertise of the pilot ensured a secure and pleasant journey from start to finish. It was a special chance to admire the beauty of Nepal from a unique vantage point. The convenience of avoiding lengthy treks made it a perfect option for time-strapped travellers. It was an unforgettable expedition that I would recommend to all visitors. 

  • J
    Jennifer LopezAustralia,March 27, 2024

    The best view from Monjo to Kathmandu by Heli

    Monjo to Kathmandu Heli Flight was a totally new and game changer of my trip where beauty was down and I was above and experiencing beauty from the sky, which was my lifetime best view. NTA has a different and unique way of helping their clients, as we could see the best view of every range we travel and that is why I request everyone to choose NTA for the best experience.


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