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  • Ends at Kathmandu/Bharatpur
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Kathmandu to Chitwan Flight is the short flight of 20 minutes, joining two commercial hubs of Nepal, Kathmandu, and Chitwan. Chitwan best known for its national park, Chitwan National Park, is one of the best tourist places in Nepal. The airport lies at Bharatpur, headquarter of Chitwan. Chitwan is located just 90 kilometers away from Kathmandu regarding the aerial distance. Many domestic airlines are associated with Kathmandu Bharatpur interconnection; some are yeti airlines, Buddha Airlines, and Simrik Airlines. While flying from Kathmandu to Chitwan (Bharatpur). One will experience a breathtaking aerial view of green forest, city area, brown landscape, alongside the clouds passing from side to side.

Bharatpur Airport is the aerial gateway to reach Chitwan. Concluding the flight from Kathmandu to Chitwan, it’s a two-way journey. It implies that there is the flight availability from Chitwan to Kathmandu too. To take these flights, one needs to be in either of these places, take the flight, and hence enjoy the Nepali flight hospitality and natural cloudy outlook.

Highlights of Chitwan

  • Chitwan National Park
  • Elephants Breeding Center
  • Jungle Safari
  • Tharu Cultural Museum
  • Beautiful Flora and Fauna
  • Bishazari Taal (20 Thousand Lake)
  • Rani Pokhari
  • Jalbire Waterfall
  • Chiraichuli Hill, and more.

Kathmandu to Bharatpur(Chitwan) Flight Schedule

Bharatpur Airport is the aerial gateway to Chitwan and Chitwan is the third-largest tourism city of Nepal, after Kathmandu (the Capital City) and Pokhara (the Lake City) of Nepal. There is two way to reach Kathmandu to Chitwan or Chitwan to Kathmandu, by road, and by air. By air is the most comfortable and fastest way to reach the destination. Many airlines operate to communicate between these two points, some are Yeti Airlines, Buddha Airlines, and Simrik Airlines. The flights' details from and to Kathmandu and Chitwan are shown below:

AirlinesDeparture Time
Yeti Airlines9:30 AM
Yeti Airlines11:30 AM
Yeti Airlines13:35 PM
Simrik Airlines10:45 AM
Buddha Airlines8:00 AM
Buddha Airlines10:10 AM
Buddha Airlines12:10 PM
Buddha Airlines13:55 PM
Buddha Airlines14:25 PM


Bharatpur(Chitwan) to Kathmandu Flight Schedule

AirlinesDeparture Time
Yeti Airlines10:00 AM
Yeti Airlines12:15 PM
Yeti Airlines14:15 PM
Simrik Airlines11:20 AM
Buddha Airlines10:55 AM
Buddha Airlines12:55 PM
Buddha Airlines14:40 PM
Buddha Airlines15:10 PM
Buddha Airlines15:40 PM


Kathmandu to Bharatpur Flight Information

  • The flight time for direct flights from Kathmandu to Bharatpur is 20 minutes
  • The first flight of the day departs at 8:00 AM in the morning and the last flight of the day departs at 15:40 PM in the evening
  • The flight distance between Kathmandu Bharatpur is 90 kilometer
  • These airlines operate corresponding to the scheduled time

Kathmandu Chitwan Flight Description

Start and endpoints: Kathmandu/Bharatpur or Bharatpur/Kathmandu

Airlines: Yeti, Buddha and Simrik Airlines


Airport Name: Bharatpur Airport

Airport Type: Medium

Daily Flights: Almost 10 flights a day

Flight Duration: 20 Minutes

First Flight: 08:00 AM

Last Flight: 15:40 PM

Bharatpur Gateway: Chitwan National Park and other Chitwan Destinations
How can I reach Chitwan National Park from Chitwan Airport?

Chitwan National Park is in around 35 minutes’ drive from Bharatpur Airport. You can take public bus/car service for this.

What are the major specialties of Chitwan?

The major specialty of Chitwan is Chitwan National Park, which is one of the famous tourist destinations in Nepal. It is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Jungle Safari is exceptionally popular because Chitwan National Park encompasses a most unique and everlasting ecosystem in the world. There you can perceive various types of birds, animals and some rare animals (One-Horned Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, Barking Deer, and Gharial) as well. Elephant ride, Elephant bath, boating, and more adventure activities can also be overseen. Other than this, Rani Pokhara, Bishazari Taal (20 Thousand Lake), Jalbire Waterfall, Chiraichuli Hill also falls on the list.

If my luggage gets damaged/lost during my flight or trip. Where should I report this?

Lost luggage should be reported immediately at the airport upon arrival. They will contact the passenger when the luggage has been located. Any damage should also be reported immediately. Requests for financial compensation for costs incurred as a result of lost or damaged luggage can be submitted to NAC Customer Services Department.

Can I pay with credit cards?

Yes, you can as a credit card is also acceptable. VISA Card and Master Card are also widely accepted in Nepal.

Book your Ticket

Firstly you have to confirm if there is any seat available or not for your date. If seats are available then only you can book or confirm your ticket. In some case, you mightn’t get a ticket for the day you are looking for. So, be prepared for that too. Also, have spare time so that you could choose an alternative time. So it is better you search first and book as soon as possible. It has 2 benefits: first, you have a better chance to get a ticket and second you might get a discount or low-cost ticket. With NTA, simply prefer to book now button for easy reserving. Also, Customize Booking Section is accessible for any kinds of modification or literal booking.

Prepare for Flight

Before you move to the airport make sure that you have carried all the essential stuff. These kinds of stuff can be clothing, vital documents, permits and passes, and so forth. In the airport, have patience at the boarding queue as it might take some time. So make sure you will have enough time for that (1 hour early will be oaky). Make sure of luggage weight (depending on airlines). If you take overweight luggage, then you may have to pay an extra charge for that (you can pay the amount inside the airport).

Inside the Flight

While you just have to take your seat, you have seat number in your boarding pass (some small aircraft may not have seat arrangement, so you can seat anywhere but remember the priority for women and senior citizens). The cabin crew will close the doors when all passengers are on an airplane. Before takeoff, they will take you through some safety substantiation (Don’t worry this is a regular route of any flight.). Before takeoff, the flight may prepare for a little bit and may increase noise as well. There will some signal for seatbelt and smoking. You are not allowed to stand up while seatbelt signal shows. Once it goes to a certain height, the captain sees fit to turn off the signal. After it, you can relax and enjoy your flight. Mobiles phones are estimated to be switched off or in flight mode.

Temperature of Chitwan

  • Winter: 20 to 25 degree Celsius
  • Summer: 35 to 40 degree Celsius
  • Monsoon: 80 percent falls

Temperature of Kathmandu

  • Winter: 2 to 15 degree Celsius
  • Summer: 19 to 27 degree Celsius
  • Autumn: 20 to 25 degree Celsius
  • Monsoon: 20 to 37 percent falls
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