Machhermo to Kathmandu Helicopter Flight

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Good to Know
  • Duration 1 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Trip Destination Machhermo
  • Max. Altitude 4470m
  • Trip Type Tour
  • Transport By Helicopter


  • Easy online booking system
  • The best guaranteed service and price 
  • Professional guide with fluent english 
  • Daily Guaranteed Departure 
  • Chance to witness the world's highest mountains from a unique perspective.
  • Enjoy breathtaking aerial views of Everest, Lhotse, and other Himalayan peaks

Machhermo to Kathmandu helicopter flight provides convenient and efficient transport between the remote terrain of Machhermo and the bustling city of Kathmandu. It takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach Kathmandu from Machhermo or vice versa.

For adventurers returning from the trek in the Everest region, this helicopter flight serves as a lifeline, allowing them to bypass the rough trekking route and quickly return to the comforts of civilization.

This pick up and drop off helicopter service from Mechermo/Dole and Kathmandu offers an excellent choice for those who want to savor the breathtaking beauty of the Everest region without enduring the long trek. You can opt for a helicopter flight to Machhermo and then embark on a trek to the summit, offering a thrilling blend of convenience and adventure.

Furthermore, this helicopter service is not limited to Machhermo alone; it's available for rescue and evacuation purposes as well, ensuring the safety of climbers and trekkers in case of emergencies.

The convenience of flying from Machhermo to Kathmandu by helicopter extends beyond just Machhermo. Whether you find yourself at any point along the Everest route, you can book this helicopter service for a swift return. This flexibility is invaluable, particularly in high-altitude environments where weather conditions can change rapidly and emergencies can occur unexpectedly.

Moreover, for those looking to shorten their journey, there's the option of a Machhermo to Lukla helicopter flight, which can be a significant time-saver when departing from the Everest region.

This helicopter service not only simplifies logistics but also ensures that every adventurer has the opportunity to explore and experience the grandeur of the world's highest peak in their preferred way.

The Machhermo to Kathmandu helicopter flight service offers a versatile solution for trekkers and climbers in the Everest region. Whether you seek a quick return from Machhermo, a thrilling trek to the summit, or emergency assistance, this service is readily available.

This helicopter service is also available if you are in Dole and want to reach Kathmandu or Lukla.

The flexibility to book a helicopter flight from anywhere along the Everest route and the option of a Machhermo to Lukla flight make it an indispensable resource for those navigating this challenging terrain.


  • Aerial views of Kathmandu Valley.
  • Himalayan panoramas, including Everest and Lhotse.
  • Land at Lukla Airport, a challenging runway.
  • Pass over Sherpa villages in the mountains.
  • Follow Dudh Koshi River valley with deep gorges.
  • Catch a glimpse of Namche Bazaar, a trekking hub.
  • View Tengboche Monastery against mountain backdrop.
  • Marvel at Ama Dablam's unique peak.
  • Witness high-altitude landscapes with glaciers.
  • Land in or near Mechermo for trekking or relaxation.

Package Cost

We're excited to announce that advance bookings are now open for the years 2023 and 2024 for our exceptional Mechermo to Kathmandu helicopter flight. Begin this extraordinary journey for an all-inclusive rate of $4550 per person for private booking.

Our helicopter flight approach is tailored to cater to the unique preferences of each traveler. As part of the Mechermo to Kathmandu helicopter trek package, we also offer the thrilling opportunity for solo bookings.

Choosing a private trek grants you the freedom to set your own pace, making it an excellent choice for families, friend groups, or anyone seeking a personalized trekking adventure.

Trip details

  • Kathmandu toby Heli flight - Around 1 hour and 15 minutes 
  • Altitude - 4470m
  • Difficulty level - Easy
  • Group size - Maximum 5 people in one group
  • Weight allowance - 400 kg
  • Types and Models Helicopters operated- AS 350 B3e "Ecureuil", one AS 350 B3+ Ecureuil," and one Bell 206B III Jet Ranger helicopter.

Machhermo to Lukla Helicopter Flight

Machhermo to Lukla helicopter flight offers an excellent and time-saving alternative for trekkers and mountaineers in the Everest region. This convenient service allows travelers to swiftly transition from the remote Machhermo to the bustling town of Lukla, sparing them from a strenuous trek.

Whether you're concluding an expedition or looking to kickstart your journey back, this helicopter flight provides a hassle-free solution, ensuring that you can navigate the challenging Himalayan terrain with ease.

The availability of a Machhermo to Lukla helicopter flight underscores the region's dedication to providing efficient transportation options, making it a vital resource for adventurers exploring the Everest region

What's Included

  • Airport Pickup and Drop off service 

  • Seating arrangement for up to a maximum of 5 people

  • Taxes and service charges

  • Medicinal kit

  • Oxygen cylinders

  • Helicopter charges for the Trip

  • Applicable permit arrangement service only

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q1. How long does the Machhermo to Kathmandu helicopter flight take?

    The heli flight typically takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on weather conditions and other factors.

  • The cost can of Machhermo to Kathmandu by helicopter is $4550 for private boookig.

  • It's advisable to book your flight in advance, especially during the peak trekking seasons, to secure your seat.

  • Yes, helicopter flights in Nepal are operated by experienced pilots and meet safety standards. Safety is a top priority for all operators.

  • Baggage allowances can vary by operator, but generally, there is a limit on both weight and size. It's best to check with your chosen airline for specific details.

  • Availability can vary, so it's recommended to make your booking in advance. Same-day flights may be possible, but they cannot be guaranteed.

  • Yes, there are weight restrictions to ensure the safety of the flight. It's important to provide accurate weight information when booking.

  • Yes, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscapes during the flight. Be sure to have your camera ready for some fantastic photo opportunities.

What Our Clients Say
  • B
    Bonnie BennetUnited States,September 05, 2023

    Machhermo to Kathmandu helicopter flight service

    As a frequent business traveler, I often find myself in unique and challenging locations. After concluding a business engagement near Machhermo, I needed to return to Kathmandu swiftly to catch an international flight. The Machhermo to Kathmandu helicopter flight service was a game-changer for my tight schedule.

    The flight was efficient, taking less than an hour, including boarding and disembarking. It allowed me to maximize my work productivity, as I could continue to communicate and work on my laptop during the flight. The helicopter was well-maintained, and the crew was punctual and professional. While it's not the typical business-class experience, it certainly met my needs for a quick and hassle-free journey back to the city. If you're a business traveler pressed for time, I highly recommend this option.

  • A
    Asher WhilestoneUnited Kingdom,September 04, 2023

    Machhermo to Kathmandu by helicopter

    Traveling with my family in the Everest region was a dream come true, but after an extended trek, we were looking for a comfortable way to return to Kathmandu. The Machhermo to Kathmandu by helicopter was the perfect solution. It was a bit of a splurge, but it saved us several days of walking, which was especially important with kids in tow.

    The flight itself was smooth and surprisingly scenic. My children were in awe of the Himalayan landscapes, and I couldn't stop taking photos. The pilot and staff made sure we were comfortable, and we felt safe throughout the journey. While it's not the most budget-friendly option, the convenience and experience of the helicopter flight made it worth every penny. It's a great way for families to wrap up their Everest adventure.


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