Gokyo Lake Helicopter Tour

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Good to Know
  • Duration 1 Day
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Trip Destination Gokyo
  • Starts at Kathmandu / Gokyo
  • Ends at Kathmandu / Gokyo
  • Trip Type Tour
  • Transport By Helicopter
  • Accommodation Ask for Reservation


  • A safe and instant online booking system
  • No credit card charges on booking amount
  • Last-minute booking services
  • Guaranteed helicopter flight throughout the year
  • Trip postponement and cancellation services based on the company's policy
  • Fly over the cities, high mountains, hills, rivers and so on
  • Easy and luxurious flight with an amazing window view
  • Comfortable ride as a helicopter carries only 4 people at a time
  • The sight of Gokyo Valley alongside its lakes – Gokyo Lakes

Gokyo to Kathmandu helicopter tour provides a wonderful view of Gokyo valley and Gokyo lakes within a period of 4,5 hours. This is a trip of around a half-day as Gokyo is just 137 kilometers from Kathmandu. This helicopter visit should be possible so as to stay away from the strolling encumbrance. Amid the flight, you will probably accomplish the perspective of delightful mountains encompassing the Gokyo valley, Gokyo Lakes, Himalayan ice sheet, greenery slopes, etc.

This helicopter departure for this pickup and drop-off service from Gokyo to Kathmandu is appropriate for individuals with less time to stroll around or trek back to Kathmandu, additionally for the individuals who are not ready to do further climbing (strolling) starting with one spot and then onto the next spot. Crisis helicopter clearing from Gokyo is likewise conceivable due to this helicopter ride from Gokyo to Kathmandu. Conversely, you can have Kathmandu to Gokyo helicopter flight which will empower you to reach Gokyo, walk and explore around and return back to Kathmandu in a limited time span.

Kathmandu to Gokyo Helicopter pick-up and drop-off service flight provides you magnificent views of the Himalayas including Everest, the most noteworthy mountain on earth. It takes only 1 hour to reach Gokyo from Kathmandu. In Gokyo, the tranquil emerald-shaded Gokyo is one of the best views to appreciate. Moreover, we likewise get the opportunity to see the delightful Khumbu Valley, Khumbu Glacier, and Icefall locale.

We also operate Lukla to the Gokyo helicopter flight. It is perfect for individuals who wish to encounter a beautiful view of the Everest region. This trek provides the amazing Gokyo valley which is found adjoining the Khumbu. Gokyo is a place where there are high-elevation lakes and frosty glaciers. Here, a climb to the high vantage purpose of Gokyo RI (5,350m) will remunerate you with perspectives on four of the eight most elevated mountains on earth.

Kathmandu to Gokyo helicopter tour fact

Kathmandu to Gokyo flight duration: around 70 minutes
Kathmandu to Gokyo tour cost: $4800 per helicopter
Lukla to Gokyo flight duration: around 25 minutes
Lukla to Gokyo flight cost: $1500 per helicopter
Difficulty level: easy
Altitude: 4,790 meters
Number of lodges: 5+
The main attraction: tranquil, soothing lakes, panoramic view of 800-meter-high mountain ranges,
Mountain Viewed: Everest (8848m) and the three other Himalayan ranges: Cho Oyu (8153m), Lhotse (8501m), and Makalu (8463m)
Group size: maximum 4 people in one group
Weight allowance - 360 kg

Kathmandu to Gokyo and Gokyo to Kathmandu helicopter flight service is one of the best helicopter rides in the Himalayan region of Nepal. It takes you to the Gokyo valley, following its lakes, "Gokyo Lakes" and the most beautiful and tranquil natural environment of the Everest Region. Besides, the foremost attractions of the Everest Region are Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar Vantage Point. To reach there, different options are available such as trekking adventure, pure helicopter ride, and trekking accompanied by helicopter flights. And the best one among all is the pure helicopter flight as it is best suited for ones who are bound with time but want to inhale the Himalayan breath in a short time limit and who are non-liable to walk along the trail for multiple days. To know more about this easy and perfect helicopter flight to the base camp or Kala Pathar, refer to the link as follows: Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Group joining helicopter tour

Group joining helicopter flight is worked in sharing premises. We offer group joining dates as a fixed takeoff helicopter flight and gather individuals on a cost-sharing premise. The complete expense of the helicopter flight will be part of the group flying together. On the off chance that you are single or have a base number of individuals in your gathering and need to fly by helicopter on your ideal date at that point contact us for group joining type of flights.

Private charter helicopter flight from Gokyo to Kathmandu or Kathmandu to Gokyo lake

A private charter helicopter flight is the best and most straightforward. A private helicopter tour is anything but difficult to work on time since it's your private ride. You can visit us or contact us so we can deal with your private helicopter ride on your favored date.

How many people can a Helicopter carry? How is the seat arranged?

According to the model of the helicopter, we operate can assist five passengers in addition to the pilot. The weight & balance of the helicopter requires appropriate seating planning. This framework is utilized to similarly circulate the weight, guaranteeing the pilot a dimension for the safe flying stage. Both fore/toward the back and horizontal offset are considered alongside generally speaking a complete load of the helicopter. There is one seat to one side of the pilot and four seats straightforwardly behind. Our helicopters are made for visiting, so each seat gives a fantastic view to all travelers. Exceptional demands for specific seats will be approved whenever permitted by our weight and equalization system.

Do you have set a schedule? What's the Best time to fly?

No, we don't have set a schedule. Flights are operated exclusively upon your choice of a visit place. We will fly visits whenever, in any case, we prescribe morning time to be the best for climate and other operational conditions. We recommend you book (hold) your trip in advance to guarantee accessibility. The majority of our visits offer a great view, and as said prior, morning flight time ought to be superb.

Can I bring a camera with me on a Helicopter flight?

You can bring a camera with you on the helicopter flight and it is also recommended. You will have amazing photographs and you will also get a unique experience that you won’t get anywhere in the universe.

Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition provide Kathmandu to Gokyo and Lukla to Gokyo back and forth helicopter flight service. We are always ready for your service. If you got in trouble out there and need help, by then moreover you can connect with us as we work to rescue, evacuate pick up, and drop helicopter flight service.

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What's Included

  • Space in a helicopter for a maximum of 5 people in a helicopter
  • Everest base camp entry permit arrangement service only
  • Basic Medical kits 
  • Oxygen Cylinder for emergency cases (Need to pay extra if you use it)
  • Helicopter fly over to Everest region
  • Government Taxes & Helicopter fuel surcharges
  • Life insurance during a helicopter ride (provided by aviation)

What's Excluded

  • Domestic Airport entry gate pass 
  • Your personal health insurance
  • Personal expenses 
  • Any kinds of hard or soft drinks during the tour
  • Personal mountain gears
  • Everest base camp entry fees 
  • Local Government Entry Permit 
What Our Clients Say
  • C
    CaseyUnited Kingdom,December 05, 2022

    Amazing Trip, Gokyo Lake Heli Tour

    On this trip; the Gokyo Lake Helicopter Tour. I had the best shot of the Himalayan Ranges With a little research, I picked Nepal Trek Adventures for this trip. And honestly, Gokyo Lakes was so much more than what I had expected. This trip also let me enjoy the sightseeing tour in Kathmandu and learned so much about Nepali culture and history in just a day, thanks to my tour guide. Had so much fun, I mean I got to fly, stroll and admire the mighty Everest and its surroundings from Helicopter. Thanks, NTA team for this beautiful and memorable trip.

  • J
    JohnUnited States,November 30, 2022

    Memorable Heli Tour

    It was a highly recommended tour of Nepal via helicopter around Gokyo Lakes. It was a memorable trip as it can only be possible by Nepal Trek Adventures. The team always gave me family vibes and a better environment to stay comfortably. Everything is perfectly operated without any problems, thanks to their years and years of experience. I like they have local guides, porters, and experts for Nepal trips.


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