Why Nepal Trek Adventure

Nepal Trek Adventure is a specialized company for indoor and outdoor adventurous journey in Nepal. It is a local company run by trekking experts with years of knowledge about the Nepalese tourism sector. With our step in the tourism sector, we have to offer excess information about tourism in Nepal including facts and views about different places and available tours, trekking, and adventure sports in the respective area. We also aid local guides and porters in order to increase their income and maintain overall nations’ economy. We always focus on best sellers in Nepal and offer best and reasonable prices; packages that you can fully enjoy. Those prices are negotiable too. Uniting with us will be beneficial for you as we provide any kinds of the voyage in Nepal with best reasonable prices and we do not resell the trip or use third-party association for making the trip successful.

Authorization and Experience

Nepal Trek Adventure is a registered company which is authorized to perform the adventurous activities like trekking, climbing, expedition, hiking, tours, and sight-seeing, safari and many more tourism-related activities like paragliding, zip flyer, hot air ballooning, mountain flights, bungee jumping, rafting in Nepal. Beyond Nepal, it offers you the trip to India and Tibet. We have long-term experience in national and international tourism field. We have never broken the rules and regulations mentioned by Nepal Tourism Board and is walking in our own way in this industry.

Local Experts and Equipment

Nepal Trek Adventure has 50 members in the company including guides, porters, managers, and other personnel. All of these people are locally inherited and are expert in their own field of industry. We offer local guides and porters who have well knowledge about places, language, and tourism-related facts. They will assist you a lot in your trek and give their best to make your trip successful and memorial. You can buy journey equipment for yourself or ask us to buy for you. We use local outfitters in Nepal for this purpose.

Groups and Departures

Trekking, tours, hiking, and other activities can be done with any number of the group. But we suggest having the smaller group as possible. It will be much beneficial for you to enjoy your journey as it will help you to bond with one another easily. We offer our own itinerary with customizing facility which you can find in departure list. You can also make your trip private and maintain your own itinerary but you need to inform us at first.

Varieties of Services

Nepal Trek Adventure provides various kinds of the voyage in Nepal such as trekking, sightseeing, safaris, peak climbing, caving, cultural tours, village tour, sports, and many more. We always ensure that our each and every trip becomes entertaining, interesting and enthusiastic. We also run our trip in Tibet and India. Services of food, lodges/hotels, permits, accommodation, charter arrangements are also provided by us.

24/7 Hrs. Service Available

We offer 24/7 services to our clients for fulfilling all their demands and requirements. Our office time is 10 am to 6 pm at daytime. Employees come, work and go between this time intervals but the virtual administration is always open. If you want to contact us via email or call, then you are always welcome. And if you want to meet us anytime beyond office time, then we will make ourselves available for you.

Social Responsibility

Nepal Trek Adventure not only do trekking and tours but also believe in social works and responsibilities. We organize different community awareness programs like the sanitation campaign, orphanage and old-age home donations, rural education, afforestation programs, and so on. All the tours and trekking that we run are programmed keeping the nature safe and sound. We are also a member of different clubs working for the welfare of the community.

No Cultural Degradation

Nepalese cultures and traditions are the important jewels for the country. So we make sure that no activities impact the culture of the respective area. We also make sure that the cultural aspect does not come in between your trip. We are only in the path of preserving Nepalese culture and expanding it throughout the world.

Successful Journey

Nepal Trek Adventure plans its trips in such a way that clients are not able to deny them. Itineraries are also customized according to clients’ demand and consent. That’s why we have a 98% success rate which is considered high in the Nepalese Tourism sector. It is all because of our team giving their best to our company.

Great Reviews

Nepal Trek Adventure is listed in the most popular travel porch in Nepal, the Trip Advisor. It gives us some points but our plus points are the reviews that are heartily written by our clients who planned their trip to Nepal with us in the past months and years. Undoubtedly, those reviews are real where they expressed their experience with wholehearted feeling and gratitude.

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