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Pheriche to Kathmandu by Helicopter

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Everyday fixed departure from Kathmandu to EBC & back.

PriceUSD $995

All inclusive packages with meals & flight (Ktm-Lukla-Ktm)

PriceUSD $1395
Good to Know
  • Duration 1 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Trip Destination Pheriche / Kathmandu


  • 100 % Full Refund guarantee if no flight made due to bad weather
  • No Hidden Charge
  • Inclusive with Helicopter Fuel Surcharge
  • Last-minute booking facility
  • Secure and Easy to use booking system via online media
  • Avoidance of long check-ins and procedures
  • As the helicopter will billet 5 people at a time, you will partake a much comfortable and peaceful journey
  • Experience flying over high mountains, mountain valley, greenery, and city extents
  • No worries of flights getting canceled
  • Functioned even in bad weather

Pheriche to Kathmandu helicopter pickup and drop off service is designated for serving for easier and faster means of travel between the beautiful places Kathmandu and Pheriche. Pheriche is just 1 hour farther from Kathmandu while looking over the air distance. Pheriche is one of the most desired destinations for Everest trekkers and climbers. If after you complete all your tours and treks are done in Everest Region, you are in Pheriche, and you want to reach Kathmandu in an easy way, you can take this helicopter to pick up service from Pheriche to Kathmandu at feasible time and cost.

Helicopter pick-up and drop-off service from Kathmandu to Pheriche is also available for those who want to start their trekking and other mountainous activities from Pheriche. Pheriche is located at an altitude of 4,371 meters (14, 340 feet) with the residing rudimentary hospitals, hotels, lodges, tea houses, farming lands, and human settlement. Kathmandu is located at an altitude of 1400 meters where one and the only international airport of Nepal resides. Hence, you will fly from this terminal at the designated cost and time of flying. The time to reach Pheriche from Kathmandu is about 1 hour in approximation. But the time always depends on the weather and climatic condition of the surrounding. You can observe various natural and human-made attractions on the way to Kathmandu from Pheriche.

Lukla can also be another point for helicopter flight take-offs and landings. This implies that you can have a helicopter pick up and drop off service existence between Lukla and Pheriche too. It will take around 18 minutes to reach Pheriche from Lukla and Lukla from Pheriche. Amid this flight, you will oversee all kinds of mountainous blends which will mesmerize your both eyes and heart. Pheriche can be the point for your initialization or halting of the Everest journey. Hence, the choice remains in your hand particularly.

With this Pheriche to Kathmandu helicopter flight, you can fly from Kathmandu to Pheriche and trek along or finish the trekking and catch the helicopter from Pheriche to Kathmandu. But if you are interested in exploring around the Everest base camp or Kala Pathar without any hiking days, we offer the ultimate Kathmandu EBC helicopter tour service. With this Heli flight service, one will be able to fly to the base camp or Kala Pather viewpoint, explore around, have breakfast in Hotel Everest View (the highest altitude hotel in the world), and return back to Kathmandu within a short time frame of about 4 hours. To know more about this helicopter ride service, you can refer to the link mentioned right here. Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour

Pheriche to Kathmandu helicopter trip facts

  • Flight Duration: 1 hour (to and from Kathmandu)
  • Flight Duration: 18 minutes (to and from Lukla)
  • Group Size: 5 people in one helicopter
  • Weight allowance: 400 kilograms + luggage
  • Minimum altitude: 1,400 meters
  • Maximum altitude: 4,371 meters
  • Private Helicopter Cost: $3500
  • Group Joining Helicopter Cost: $950 Per Person
  • Operated helicopters: AS 350 B3e "Ecureuil", one AS 350 B3+ "Ecureuil" and one Bell 206B III Jet Ranger helicopter

Pheriche to Kathmandu helicopter major attractions

  • Mountains viewed – Mount Everest (8848m), Nuptse (7861m), Lhotse (8516m), Pumori (7138m), Ama Dablam (6814m), Taboche (6501m), Cholatse (6440m)
  • Chortens, monasteries, rivers, cascades, and snowy landscapes
  • City settlements, huge and small houses, and banking rivers
  • Pheriche Bazaars and stalls
  • Number of lodges: 10+

Group joining helicopter tour from Pheriche

The travelers can have a group joining the office in order to collaborate with others and portion a daring time in and out of the Himalayas. It diminishes the cost too, which means it offers wonderful cost-sharing administrations. Nepal Trek Adventure is glad to give you this helicopter pickup and drop-off organization inside Kathmandu and Pheriche territory at any restrictive and non-restrictive prerequisites. If you are 1, 2, or 3 in number, by then uniting with different gatherings would be best for you. It won't simply bar your spending limit yet what's more pledges advantageous flights.

A private helicopter tour to Pheriche

The recorded price of helicopter pickup and drop-off likewise depends on the helicopter flights (private helicopter flights) and group assembly base. Private helicopter flights are gradually courteous as you will review the tempting scenes of the Everest milieu with your dear ones peripatetic with you. In this manner, the price of enlisting private helicopter flights is additional costly indifference with the group joining helicopter flights.

If you yield a private helicopter flight, you won't have to stand up to any futile flight delays and you will partake better and ensured flying information with your own group members.

Helicopter tour in Everest region from Pheriche 

  • You can Heli ride to Everest base camp and drop at Lukla airport or Kathmandu
  • Fly direct to Kathmandu by our Helicopter from Pheriche
  • Pick up from Pheriche and drop at Lukla airport
  • Pick up from Lukla airport and drop to Pheriche village
  • Pheriche to Hotel Everest View (HEV) drop
  • Hotel Everest View to Pheriche by Helicopter

NOTE: Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition delivers both Kathmandu to Pheriche and Pheriche to Kathmandu helicopter pickup and drop-off services. Also, a helicopter flight is available from Lukla to Pheriche and Pheriche to Lukla.Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition offers helicopter rescue and evacuation services too. You will be available on your just one call.

All these services are provided at a minimum and reasonable cost and effort.

Contact for Booking:
Nepal Mobile +977 9851017030 24 Hrs Available on WhatsApp, Viber, or WeChat. 
Contact Person - Binod Sapkota

Feel free to contact us anytime anywhere. We are available 24*7 from your friendly service and facilitation for this kind of helicopter flight and other treks and tours in the Everest region and in as a whole country, Nepal.

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Start DateStart: WednesdayMar 01, 2023End DateEnd: WednesdayMar 01, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayMar 02, 2023End DateEnd: ThursdayMar 02, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayMar 03, 2023End DateEnd: FridayMar 03, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SaturdayMar 04, 2023End DateEnd: SaturdayMar 04, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SundayMar 05, 2023End DateEnd: SundayMar 05, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: MondayMar 06, 2023End DateEnd: MondayMar 06, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: TuesdayMar 07, 2023End DateEnd: TuesdayMar 07, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: WednesdayMar 08, 2023End DateEnd: WednesdayMar 08, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayMar 09, 2023End DateEnd: ThursdayMar 09, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayMar 10, 2023End DateEnd: FridayMar 10, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SaturdayMar 11, 2023End DateEnd: SaturdayMar 11, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SundayMar 12, 2023End DateEnd: SundayMar 12, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: MondayMar 13, 2023End DateEnd: MondayMar 13, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: TuesdayMar 14, 2023End DateEnd: TuesdayMar 14, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: WednesdayMar 15, 2023End DateEnd: WednesdayMar 15, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayMar 16, 2023End DateEnd: ThursdayMar 16, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayMar 17, 2023End DateEnd: FridayMar 17, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SaturdayMar 18, 2023End DateEnd: SaturdayMar 18, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SundayMar 19, 2023End DateEnd: SundayMar 19, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: MondayMar 20, 2023End DateEnd: MondayMar 20, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: TuesdayMar 21, 2023End DateEnd: TuesdayMar 21, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: WednesdayMar 22, 2023End DateEnd: WednesdayMar 22, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayMar 23, 2023End DateEnd: ThursdayMar 23, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayMar 24, 2023End DateEnd: FridayMar 24, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SaturdayMar 25, 2023End DateEnd: SaturdayMar 25, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SundayMar 26, 2023End DateEnd: SundayMar 26, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: MondayMar 27, 2023End DateEnd: MondayMar 27, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: TuesdayMar 28, 2023End DateEnd: TuesdayMar 28, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: WednesdayMar 29, 2023End DateEnd: WednesdayMar 29, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayMar 30, 2023End DateEnd: ThursdayMar 30, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayMar 31, 2023End DateEnd: FridayMar 31, 2023PricePriceUS $1050StatusStatusGuaranteed
We offer group price
No. of PersonPrice Per Person
1 paxUS $3600
2 paxUS $1800
3 paxUS $1200
4 paxUS $950
5 paxUS $800
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q1. How can I book this helicopter pick-up and drop service to and from Pheriche?

    You can book this helicopter flight with us anytime when you are in need. We architect steady helicopter flights from Pheriche to Kathmandu and Kathmandu to Pheriche. What you devour to do is simply provide your data and other required subtleties of your outing to us. On the off chance that you famine a group joining of the flight, at that point we will have to discover diverse travelers to gratify the seat of 5 pax. It might necessitate some investment of time well. You can book a sanctioned helicopter flight, which will passage as per your need and request. You can contact us on our fast and simple contact information or straightforwardly book the departure date from our departure segment cited below.

  • On the off chance that you are in a condition demanding rescue, we will reliably be there in assistance for you. You only need to give us a call and we will land at whichever point you are in, either Pheriche or at some other locales of Mount Everest. We will evacuate you from there and transfer you to the place where you will be further taken care of.

  • It takes around 1 hour to reach Kathmandu from Pheriche via helicopter flight.

  • It takes around 18 minutes to reach Lukla from Pheriche via helicopter flight.

  • Yes, the helicopter flies every day from and to Pheriche, for this helicopter pick up and drop off service.

What Our Clients Say
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    Christ JaggerUnited States,March 03, 2020

    Trekking with Kathmandu to Pheriche Helicopter Flight

    We didn’t have any plans to travel EBC when we were traveling to Nepal but suddenly one of my friends suggested to me to travel EBC once, as you are in Nepal. Then, all my friends agreed to visit EBC but we didn’t have sufficient time to trek along the whole route. So I contacted my friend again and shared my problem with him. He suggested me to contact Nepal Trek Adventures because he had already used the services from them for some of his treks in Nepal. They instantly solved our problem with Kathmandu to Pheriche Helicopter Flight. It was the easiest way to cover the distance in a shorter period of time and trek the further route feeling the natural breeze. The next morning, we were picked up from our hotel and our journey began. We enjoyed every moment of the trip. Thank you so much, Nepal Trek Team for such an astounding helicopter trip to Pheriche from Kathmandu. Highly recommended, both the helicopter trip and the company, NTA!

  • C
    Clinton StuartGermany,March 01, 2020

    Highly Recommended Helicopter Flight to Pheriche and Return

    I wanted such a package where I can trek up to EBC and while returning back I will walk up to Pheriche and fly back to Kathmandu with the helicopter. While surfing I got to know about Nepal Trek Adventures and provided me the services that I actually needed. I really enjoyed my short helicopter trip to Kathmandu from Pheriche. It was the best thing that happened to me. If anyone asks me about the best Tour and Trek Company in Nepal, I will surely recommend Nepal Trek Adventures (NTA) for the journey. Highly prescribed NTA for Kathmandu Pheriche Flight with Helicopter and other trips in Nepal!


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