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Everest Camp I to Kathmandu by Helicopter

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Good to Know
  • Duration 1 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Trip Destination Kathmandu
  • Starts at Base camp I
  • Ends at Kathmandu
  • Max. Altitude 6,065 m
  • Trip Type Tour
  • Transport By Helicopter


  • Easy online booking system
  • The best guaranteed service and price 
  • Professional guide with fluent english 
  • Daily Guaranteed Departure 
  • Quick escape from Everest after an expedition.
  • Stunning scenic views of the Himalayas.

Everest Camp I to Kathmandu helicopter flight offers a convenient and efficient pick-up and drop-off service between the challenging terrains of Camp I and the bustling city of Kathmandu. 

For those returning from an Everest Expedition, this helicopter flight becomes a lifeline, allowing them to skip the challenging trekking route and reach the comfort of civilization swiftly. 

This service offers a fantastic option for adventurers who wish to relish the beauty of Mount Everest without enduring the long trekking route. You can opt for a helicopter flight to Camp I and then begin on a trek to the summit, providing a thrilling blend of convenience and adventure. 

Furthermore, this helicopter service is not limited to Camp I alone; it's available for rescue and evacuation purposes as well, ensuring the safety of climbers and trekkers in case of emergencies.

The convenience of flying from Camp I to Kathmandu by helicopter extends beyond just Camp I. Whether you find yourself at any point along the route to Mount Everest, you can book this helicopter service to return swiftly. This flexibility is invaluable, especially in high-altitude environments where weather conditions can change rapidly, and emergencies can arise unexpectedly. 

Moreover, for those looking to shorten their journey, there's the option of a Camp I to Lukla helicopter flight, which can be a significant time-saver when returning from the Everest region.

This helicopter service not only simplifies logistics but also ensures that every adventurer has the opportunity to explore and experience the grandeur of the world's highest peak in their preferred way.

Camp I to Kathmandu helicopter flight service offers a versatile solution for trekkers and climbers in the Everest region. Whether you seek a quick escape from Camp I, a thrilling trek to the summit, or emergency assistance, this service is readily available.

The flexibility to book a helicopter flight from anywhere along the Everest route and the option of a Camp I to Lukla flight make it an indispensable resource for those navigating this challenging terrain. 


  • Convenience for avoiding a tough trek back.

  • Quick escape from Everest after an expedition.

  • Stunning scenic views of the Himalayas.

  • Opportunity for adventure and trekking.

  • Emergency rescue and evacuation services.

  • Flexibility to book from various points along the Everest route.

  • Time-saving option with the Camp I to Lukla flight.

  • Customizable to suit individual preferences.

Package Cost

We are thrilled to announce that advance bookings are now open for the upcoming years 2023 and 2024 for the remarkable Camp I to Kathmandu helicopter flight. You can staart on this extraordinary journey for an all-inclusive price of $9700 per person when joining a group during the peak trekking season.

Our helicopter flight approach is designed to cater to the unique preferences of each trekker. As part of the package for the Camp I to Kathmandu helicopter trek, we also offer the exciting opportunity for a solo booking.

For those seeking a more intimate experience, we offer private trek options for groups of 1 to 5 trekkers, with the cost of the Camp I to Kathmandu helicopter trek ranging between $5500 and $6500 per flight. Opting for a private trek gives you the freedom to set your own pace, making it an ideal choice for families, groups of friends, or anyone desiring a personalized trekking experience.

Trip Details

  • Camp I to Kathmandu by helicopter: approximately 1.5 to 2 hours

  • CamP Ito Lukla by helicopter: approximately 1 hour, 30 minutes

  • Altitude: 6,065 m 

  • Difficulty level: easy

  • Group size: maximum 5 people in one group

  • Weight allowance: 400 kg

  • Types and Models Helicopters operated: one AS 350 B3e "Ecureuil", one AS 350 B3+ Ecureuil," and one Bell 206B III Jet Ranger helicopter.

Camp I to Lukla Helicopter Flight

Camp I to Lukla helicopter flight provides a remarkable and time-saving option for trekkers and mountaineers in the Everest region. This convenient service allows travelers to swiftly transition from the remote Camp I to the bustling town of Lukla, saving them from the strenuous trek.

Whether you're concluding an expedition or seeking to begin your journey back, this helicopter flight offers a hassle-free solution, ensuring that you can navigate the rugged Himalayan terrain with ease.

The option of a Camp I to Lukla helicopter flight is a testament to the region's commitment to providing efficient transportation options, making it an essential resource for adventurers exploring the Everest region.

What's Included

  • Airport Pickup and drop-off service 

  • Seating arrangement for up to a maximum of 5 people

  • Taxes and service charges

  • Medicinal kit

  • Oxygen cylinders

  • Helicopter charges for the Trip

  • Applicable permit arrangement service only

What's Excluded

  • Medical and life insurance

  • Meals, accommodations and personal expenses

  • Drinks throughout the trip

  • Personal Gear: Down jackets and other equipment cost

Availability & Private Trip

Select a Trip DateSmall Group Departure
Start DateStart: ThursdayAug 01, 2024End DateEnd: ThursdayAug 01, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayAug 02, 2024End DateEnd: FridayAug 02, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SaturdayAug 03, 2024End DateEnd: SaturdayAug 03, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SundayAug 04, 2024End DateEnd: SundayAug 04, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: MondayAug 05, 2024End DateEnd: MondayAug 05, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: TuesdayAug 06, 2024End DateEnd: TuesdayAug 06, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: WednesdayAug 07, 2024End DateEnd: WednesdayAug 07, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayAug 08, 2024End DateEnd: ThursdayAug 08, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayAug 09, 2024End DateEnd: FridayAug 09, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SaturdayAug 10, 2024End DateEnd: SaturdayAug 10, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SundayAug 11, 2024End DateEnd: SundayAug 11, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: MondayAug 12, 2024End DateEnd: MondayAug 12, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: TuesdayAug 13, 2024End DateEnd: TuesdayAug 13, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: WednesdayAug 14, 2024End DateEnd: WednesdayAug 14, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayAug 15, 2024End DateEnd: ThursdayAug 15, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayAug 16, 2024End DateEnd: FridayAug 16, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SaturdayAug 17, 2024End DateEnd: SaturdayAug 17, 2024PricePriceUS $9700StatusStatusGuaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Is the Camp I to Kathmandu helicopter flight available year-round?

    Yes, the helicopter flight operates throughout the year, but weather conditions can impact flight schedules, particularly during monsoon season.

  • The flight typically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on weather conditions and the specific route.

  • It's advisable to book the helicopter flight in advance through our online booking system or via call.

  • Yes, weight restrictions apply for safety reasons. The specific limits can vary, so it's essential to check with the helicopter service provider for precise details.

  • You can book one-way flights if you only need transportation in one direction, but round-trip options are also available for convenience.

  • Helicopter operators adhere to stringent safety protocols and employ experienced pilots to ensure a safe journey.

  • Yes, the helicopter service can be utilized for rescue and evacuation, providing a crucial lifeline in emergencies.

  • Helicopters typically carry basic medical equipment and can evacuate individuals in need of immediate medical attention, but it's advisable to have travel insurance that covers such situations.

  • The helicopter flight offers a more accessible option for those with mobility issues, but passengers with serious health concerns should consult with a healthcare professional before booking.

  • The cost can vary depending on factors like the helicopter service provider, group size, and demand. Payments can usually be made in advance through the operator's preferred payment methods, which may include cash or credit cards. It's essential to inquire about the exact pricing when booking your flight.

What Our Clients Say
  • E
    Emma TateUnited States,December 04, 2023

    Everest Camp I to Kathmandu by helicopter

    I recently embarked on an unforgettable journey from Everest Camp I to Kathmandu by helicopter, courtesy of Nepal Trek Adventure. The breathtaking aerial views of the Himalayas were awe-inspiring, and the smooth helicopter ride added an extra layer of excitement to my adventure. Thanks to the professional and friendly team at Nepal Trek Adventure, this experience will forever be etched in my memory.

  • S
    Stella FosterUnited States,November 16, 2023

    Helicopter Ride from Everest Camp I to Kathmandu

    The helicopter ride from Everest Camp I to Kathmandu offered a spectacular display of Nepal's natural beauty. Surrounded by towering peaks and picturesque landscapes, I was left in awe throughout the journey. Nepal Trek Adventure's helicopter service made this experience seamless, and I'm grateful for their commitment to providing a truly unforgettable adventure.


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