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Kongde to Kathmandu Helicopter

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Good to Know
  • Duration 1 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Trip Destination Kongde to Kathmandu
  • Max. Altitude 6,187 m
  • Trip Type Tour
  • Transport By helicopter


  • Easy online booking system

  • The best guaranteed service and price 

  • Professional guide with fluent english 

  • Daily Guaranteed Departure 

  • Soar above the Majestic Himalayas during you helicopter flight

  • Experience the ultimate aerial adventure in short period of time 

  • Skip the long and tiring trek back.

Kongde to Kathmandu helicopter flight is a simple and convenient option, saving you valuable time while traveling in Nepal. Covering a distance of 136 kilometers, this flight offers a swift journey that takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

The Kongde to Kathmandu helicopter flight serves as an excellent option, particularly for those who have just returned from the base camp and wish to avoid the lengthy route back to Lukla. Alternatively, if you're planning to start your trek from Kongde and want to reach there swiftly, this helicopter journey is tailor-made for you.

Kongde to Kathmandu by helicopter offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscapes. The helicopter takes off from Kongde, situated at an altitude of around 4,250 meters, surrounded by the stunning beauty of the mountains.

During the helicopter flight from Kongde to Kathmandu, you'll gradually descend to the Kathmandu Valley, where the vibrant city of Kathmandu awaits you. As you approach your destination, you'll get a unique perspective of the valley's lush terraced fields and bustling urban areas.

This helicopter journey not only provides a time-saving alternative but also allows you to appreciate the remarkable topography of Nepal in a short time. Whether you're a traveler seeking efficiency or a photography enthusiast looking to capture mesmerizing aerial shots, the Kongde to Kathmandu helicopter flight offers an unforgettable experience as well as a quick tour to the Everest region.


  • Avoids long treks and saves considerable time.

  • Perfect for those returning from the base camp or starting a trek from Kongde.

  • Offers stunning aerial views of Himalayan landscapes.

  • Covers 136 kilometers in about 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Experience the majestic beauty of mountains and valleys.

  • Seamlessly connects remote areas to the urban center.

  • Capture remarkable aerial photographs of Nepal's topography.

  • Takes off from around 4,250 meters in Kongde.

  • Avoids the need to backtrack through Lukla.

  • Reach Kathmandu Valley's bustling cityscape effortlessly.

Package Costs

Nepal Trek Adventure offers you the opportunity to book your seat for the Kongde to Kathmandu helicopter flight in both 2023 and 2024. You can do  this incredible journey for a comprehensive price of $1550 per person when you join a group during the main helicopter flight season.

Our approach to this exclusive flight experience is tailored to accommodate the preferences of every traveler. As part of our Kongde to Kathmandu helicopter flight package, we also offer a single flight with a guide if you're seeking a more private adventure.

Depending on the number of passengers in your private group, the Kongde to Kathmandu helicopter flight will cost between $1550 and $4550 per person. Private flights allow you to travel at your own pace, making them great for families, groups of friends, or anyone seeking an experience that is unique.

Your exclusive itinerary for the helicopter flight from Kongde to Kathmandu in 2023 and 2024 begins the instant you arrive in Nepal and concludes with a smooth departure. This ensures a seamless and immersive experience from beginning to end, creating lifelong memories.

Kongde to Lukla Helicopter Flight 

Many travelers prefer helicopter flights between Kongde and Lukla aas well. This is because the uphill trek from Lukla to Kongde takes three days and is moderately challenging. After spending a night in Lukla, the next day involves 7 to 8 hours each day uphill trekking to reach Kongde. This helicopter flight service from Kongde to Lukla is great for those who want to avoid trekking and instead take a scenic flight back to Lukla with ease.

Trip details 

Kongde to Kathmandu by helicopter: around 30 to 45  minutes

Altitude: 6,187 m

Difficulty level: easy

Group size: maximum 5 people in one group

Weight allowance: 400 kg

Types and Models Helicopters operated: one AS 350 B3e "Ecureuil", one AS 350 B3+ Ecureuil," and one Bell 206B III Jet Ranger helicopter.

What's Included

  • Airport Pickup and drop-off service 

  • Seating arrangement for up to a maximum of 5 people

  • Taxes and service charges

  • Medicinal kit

  • Oxygen cylinders

  • Helicopter charges for the Trip

  • Applicable permit arrangement service only

What's Excluded

  • Medical and life insurance

  • Meals, accommodations and personal expenses

  • Drinks throughout the trip

  • Personal Gear:Gear Down jackets and other equipment cost

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1 Travelers x US $4550TotalUS $4550(No additional taxes or booking fees)

Things to do in Kongde

If you find yourself with an extra day during your trek and choose to immerse yourself in the charms of Kongde before either catching a flight back to Kathmandu or embarking on a trek to the base camp, there are several delightful activities to consider in Kongde.

  • Take leisurely walks around Kongde, enjoying the serene atmosphere and stunning mountain views.

  • Engage with local Sherpa communities to learn about their traditions and way of life.

  • Climb to vantage points for breathtaking panoramic views of the Himalayas.

  • Capture mesmerizing shots of the Himalayan landscapes and the village.

  • Unwind in the tranquil surroundings, taking in the fresh mountain air.

  • Visit one of the world's highest hotels for exceptional views of Mount Everest and other peaks.

  • Explore nearby monasteries like Thame Monastery, immersing yourself in the spiritual culture of the region.

  • Trek to Namche Bazaar, a vibrant Sherpa town, for shopping, dining, and cultural experiences.

  • Enjoy short nature walks to appreciate the local flora and fauna.

  • Visit this revered place known as the "God of Khumbu," a sacred site for locals.

Important Notes 

  • Monitor weather forecasts due to unpredictable conditions.

  • Reserve helicopter flight in advance.

  • Adhere to weight restrictions for safety and balance.

  • Carry only essential baggage due to limited space.

  • Consult a doctor if you are prone to altitude sickness.

  • Consider medication if you are susceptible to motion sickness.

  • Wear layers of warm clothing and sturdy shoes.

  • Expect seats based on weight distribution.

  • Bring a charged camera for stunning mountain views.

  • Listen carefully to crew's safety guidance.

  • Be mindful of local customs and traditions.

  • Factor in potential flight delays due to weather.

  • Drink ample water in the high-altitude environment.

  • Consult a doctor for existing medical conditions.

  • Ensure coverage for flights and emergencies.


Booking Policy

  • To make a reservation, a deposit of 25% to 100% is required.

  • Four days before the tour, one can change the date without paying any extra fees.

  • Booking can be done through a secure online booking system.

  • Transferable to your friend or family.

Cancellation Policy

  • Free cancellation before 90 days of tour departure

  • NTA will charge 30 percent of the total tour cost for canceling the trip within 89 days of departure.

  • NTA will charge 40 percent of the total tour cost for canceling the trip within 50 days of departure.

  • NTA will charge 50 percent of the total tour cost for canceling the trip within 20 days of departure.

  • For less than 20 days before departure, NTA will take 75 percent of the total tour cost for a cancellation charge.

  • On or after the trip's Departure date, no refund will be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. How long does the Kongde to Kathmandu helicopter flight take?

    The flight typically takes around 30 to 45 minutes to cover the distance of 136 kilometers.

  • Yes, the helicopter flight is a convenient option for trekkers who want to skip the long route back to Lukla.

  • Absolutely, the helicopter flight is a great choice for those who wish to begin their trek from Kongde and then return to Kathmandu efficiently.

  • Kongde is situated at an altitude of around 4,250 meters, while Kathmandu is at approximately 1,400 meters.

  • Yes, passengers are treated to stunning aerial views of the Himalayan landscapes and the Kathmandu Valley.

  • Departure schedules may vary based on availability and weather conditions. It's recommended to check our departure section and book as per your requirements.

  • You can book tickets through local travel agencies, trekking companies, or directly with helicopter operators.

  • Yes, private helicopter charters are often available for added flexibility and comfort

  • he best time is during the clear and stable weather seasons of spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November).

  • Yes, reputable helicopter operators prioritize safety and adhere to strict aviation regulations, ensuring a secure journey.

What Our Clients Say
  • E
    Emily WilliamsUnited Kingdom,August 13, 2023

    Kongde to Kathmandu helicopter flight service

    The Kongde to Kathmandu helicopter flight service was a dream come true for an adventure enthusiast like me. after returning back from base camp, I booked a private charter for my partner and myself to celebrate our anniversary. The views from the helicopter were absolutely stunning, with the majestic mountains and lush valleys below us. It was a romantic and unforgettable experience, and we were able to enjoy the journey while sipping on champagne. The pilot was professional and ensured our safety throughout the flight. It was the perfect way to begin our journey back to the city after a trekking adventure.

  • D
    David AndersonUnited States,August 07, 2023

    Kongde to Kathmandu helicopter

    Taking the Kongde to Kathmandu helicopter flight was the highlight of my trekking experience. I decided to start my trek from Kongde and then return to Kathmandu via helicopter. The aerial view of the Himalayas was nothing short of spectacular, and the flight was surprisingly comfortable. The convenience of reaching my destination swiftly allowed me to make the most of my limited time in Nepal. This flight is a must for anyone looking to combine adventure and efficiency.


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