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Education Tour

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  • Duration 1 Days
  • Trip Destination Kathmandu Valley
  • Starts at Kathmandu
  • Ends at Kathmandu
  • Trip Type Tour
  • Transport Private Vehicle/Tourist Bus


  • Information on all attractions and Trips
  • Enjoy major social and historical areas in Kathmandu (or outside Kathmandu)
  • All entry expenses and confirmations paid in advance
  • Provide private Bus, Jeep, and Van according to numbers of student and on demand
  • Tour grade: Easy

Education Tour is significant in many aspects. Educational trip majorly focuses on the educational element. The educational tour doesn’t only mean going out and visit new places with teacher and friends and have fun, Education Tour helps the student to know the outer world better, and it shows them how society precisely looks. It shows the real places they have been reading in their books. It also helps the student in making their bonding stronger. Education tour promotes practical education. This will help the student in gaining a new perspective on the world. Visual learning can be advantageous than classroom teaching process.

Nepal is rich in art and culture. Nepal is one of the best destinations for an educational tour because it has many historical places and natural beauty to gaze. Nepal has assorted land-formation from the high Himalayas to arenas. Himalayan flora and fauna are of fervor for the researcher. The community works can also be done during the excursion that can be beneficial for local people. Some are listed below:

Cultural performance (with the different custom of dances)

  • Cultural Exchange
  • Educational exchange & Friendship with Nepali students
  • Social awareness drama
  • Nepali Agricultural learning
  • Building water storage Tank
  • Compounding the school wall
  • Distributing the water pipeline to the villagers home
  • Community Maintenance Program

All these kinds of activities can be done with the consultation with local higher authority and people residing in a particular selected area. Bits of help, donations, and funds can be raised and this community works can be done as well for the welfare of society.

Education Tour in Nepal (excursion) will last according to your choice either one day or more. But recently, Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition provides one-day excursion only around Kathmandu Valley. So, if you are planning a one-day education tour then you will be visiting high points of Kathmandu city for sure. Kathmandu Valley is full of temple, stupas, authentic royal residences from where one can find out much about the Art and Architecture of antiquated Nepal. On one-day education tour, we will visit Narayanhiti Durbar/museum, Chauni museum, and the Nepal National library, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square. On the other hand, a candid visit to any of these place additionally gives knowledge to the Students. If you are planning of educational tour more than one day then you will visit Kathmandu, CG temple, Lumbini, Nawalparasi, Pokhara along with Chitwan National Park sheltering deer, monkeys, crocodiles, tigers, bears in addition to numerous types of birds and plants for wildlife studies.  Nepal has many interesting places for an educational visit for any students of Arts, Culture, and Religion too.

Education tour is fundamentally a chance to learn and improving students' life by exposing them to an alternate lifestyle and culture. Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition has been arranging education tour featuring Art, Culture, History, and Wildlife. We have arranged an education tour for students from primary to higher secondary level. We also arrange education tour out of the country like; Agra, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Goa. We are much more than happy to provide education tour like this. But all the services and aids will be limited to your demand and suggestions only. So feel free to contact us for the education tour in Nepal.

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What's Included

If you are liable to accomplish 1 Day educational tour in or around Kathmandu valley, then here is listed the major cost includes:

  • Lunch package (according to the suggestion of a tour organizing institute)
  • Touring vehicle (collaborating with Nepal Rental Car, we provide the best vehicles like car, jeep, Hi-Ace, normal bus, etc. according to the demand) with varying but best luxury facilities
  • Tour locations’ details
  • Permits and entry fees (if required)
  • Line and queue maintaining assistants (if demanded)

If you are liable to accomplish educational tour of more than one day, then here is listed the major cost includes:

  • All the services available for a 1-day educational tour
  • Meal for three times a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Hotels and lodges (with twin-sharing rooms)
  • Overall food and accommodation
  • Emergency vehicle changing facility in case of any unpredicted circumstances

What's Excluded

  • Fees for an additional day of vehicle hire amid the tour
  • Fees for an additional day of hotel booking and lodging
  • Alcoholic beverages and other drinks
  • Shopping and laundry including other personal expenses
  • All other costs that are not mentioned in cost include’ list

Availability & Private Trip

Select a Trip DateSmall Group Departure
Start DateStart: ThursdayJul 25, 2024End DateEnd: ThursdayJul 25, 2024PricePriceUS $0StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayJul 26, 2024End DateEnd: FridayJul 26, 2024PricePriceUS $0StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SaturdayJul 27, 2024End DateEnd: SaturdayJul 27, 2024PricePriceUS $0StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SundayJul 28, 2024End DateEnd: SundayJul 28, 2024PricePriceUS $0StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: MondayJul 29, 2024End DateEnd: MondayJul 29, 2024PricePriceUS $0StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: TuesdayJul 30, 2024End DateEnd: TuesdayJul 30, 2024PricePriceUS $0StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: WednesdayJul 31, 2024End DateEnd: WednesdayJul 31, 2024PricePriceUS $0StatusStatusGuaranteed

If you are moving forward for the one-day education tour, then there will be no need for accommodation and all. But if you are visiting for a day plus education tour, then this information will be much more than useful for you.

Accommodation During Educational Tour

We will remain at an excessive hotel of your choice in Kathmandu. In Chitwan and Pokhara, you will go through two evenings each, separately. Twin sharing premise is the criteria for settlement. For single settlement, you have to pay extra $ 300 US. [Prices may vary according to the places you visit]

Meals During Educational Tour

Systematized group meals will be served on a daily basis all through the trip. Breakfast will be provided by the hotel you stay in Kathmandu. Your stay in Pokhara and Chitwan includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Traveler Checklist For Educational Tour

We prescribe you to get detail information on Nepal before you book your outing to Nepal. The travel checklist may differ according to the month you are traveling. For instance, if you are traveling in winter then you have to carry some fluffy clothes. Summer is typically warm. In the event that you are trekking in the Himalayas, you have to convey some additional attire.

NOTE: All these services will be provided according to the demanded criteria of the school, colleges or other institutions from where the educational tour will be organized.

Personal Belongings

  • Personal Baggage
  • Personal medical kit and first aid kit
  • Water bottles or small thermos
  • Safety Pouch (i.e., cash belt) for passport, individual archives, cash
  • Camera
  • Light/heavy snacks for appetite (for one-day education tour)
  • Clothes can be worn according to the climate in Nepal

Thus, these are some of the information that can be useful for everyone who has the craving of visiting diverse places of Nepal (or inside Kathmandu valley only). Concentrating on this information will benefit you in your tour a lot.

What Our Clients Say
  • S
    Samrat ShaikhIreland,April 02, 2019

    Productive Educational Tour around Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Tour

    A huge thanks to Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition for arranging Educational tour. This excursion helped our students to know about new places. The tour was helpful not only for students it helped to teachers also. This education tour helped all the students to visit new places and as well help them to make their bonding stronger. We had our one-week educational tour successful under Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition. At first, I thought it will be hard for me to manage 20 students because I was the only teacher. The guide provided by Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition was so friendly and helpful he helped me throughout our tour.  We visited high points of Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan. As a teacher, I found this tour productive and motivating.

  • B
    BarefootballerTonga,February 07, 2014

    Full Service with a Smile

    Binod & the Nepal Trek Adventure team will take great care of you across the board. I was working with Binod on coordinating two student education trips traveling through Nepal. Binod goes above and beyond to make sure all his traveler have an incredible experience, and he knows the people and ways to achieve whatever is needed. Definitely, a great person and company to work with for all of your Nepal needs.


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