Terms & Conditions for Payment

Payment is an aspect that defines your confirmation of treks and tours including domestic flights and helicopters. Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition P. Ltd. requests you to go thoroughly through our terms and conditions for payment so that you will be able to make payment for any kind of journey with us in Nepal, Tibet, and India. Your payment ensures that you agreed to our terms and conditions for trekking and tours related activities. If you do not get satisfied with the below-mentioned conditions, you can simply contact us in our call or email for further queries.

Booking Guideline

At first, you need to select Treks, Tours, or Helicopter trips that you are interested in. Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition provides hundreds of trekking and tour packages among which you can select any of them that suits your requirements and time schedule. For booking, you can check in to the voyage mentioned in Fixed Departure or you can directly pick the trip and take further steps. Moreover, you can contact us or send a quick inquiry about the trip you want to enjoy. According to your requirements, we can customize your trip package as well.

Quick Contact for Booking Trips in Nepal:
Nepal Mobile +977 9851017030 24 Hrs Available on WhatsApp, Viber, or WeChat. 
Contact Person - Binod Sapkota

Booking Conditions

Our company presents an online booking system for all Helicopter Trips, Tours, and Treks in Nepal. While booking any trips, 100% payment of the trip cost is to be done for a fully guaranteed departure at your trip date. But, for those who do not want to make a full booking, but want to confirm their trip, they can pay a minimum of 30% to 50% of the total cost of the trip package according to the nature of your fixed departure tour or any customized itinerary. 

And the minimum 50% of the booking amount is applied for those trek/tour itineraries which include more domestic flights, Special Permit (Restricted Area Permits), or 5-star hotels in the mountain areas or in any cities. The remaining 50% to 70% of payment is to be done in our Head office in Kathmandu or upon arrival in Nepal before your trip departure. These booking costs received will be used for arranging the special entry permits, booking hotels, domestic flights, helicopter bookings, and pick up/drop transportation from hotels/airport, etc.

Making a Deposit for any Tour/Trips

For making a deposit, you can use our customized online link and fill it manually including the number of parties in your group, trip date, international flight details, your hotels in any cities in Nepal, and the name of the trip that you intend to do. Custom Online Booking

Free Cancellation of the Trips
We provide free cancellation before 90 days for departure on any Helicopter Trip, Tours, and Trekking in Nepal, Bhutan, and India. After that the minimum deposit becomes non-refundable. 

Good to Know more Information

After booking the trip, there is a full guarantee of running the trips. But some of the Helicopter tours or special area trekking may not run if there are not enough targeted numbers of clients to run the tours, not meeting the policies of the government to issue the special permits or to fill the minimum number of seats to run the fixed departure tours. But you will be informed a week (or more) prior to most of the tours in advance. And for a few tours like helicopter tours/ helicopter pick-up/drop-off services a day prior in advance. It is because some group members can cancel the trip at the last minute. In this case, we will inform you then you can either postpone the trip for the next day or cancel the trip and get a full refund if the tour is canceled by the operator (our company). We give our 100% effort to run the tour the next day on your suitable days. We are also very much open to providing similar alternative optional tours or treks instead.

Normally, we intentionally never cancel the tour/treks but we would like to inform you that the minimum chances (1%) on especially Group Joining Tours may be canceled on our part even at the last minute. So far, we have no record of cancellation from our side till today's date. Here, our motto is to give the best and most guaranteed services to all our customers and get both side's benefit.

On the other hand, to make it comfortable for our valuable guests, we are also very much flexible for simply postponing their trip to their needs without applying any extra fees on the paid full cost of the tour. But in case, there arises the condition to cancel the trip due to many reasons like a natural disaster, weather disturbance, viral diseases, political issues or any other unforeseen circumstance which are not in our control may not allow us or you to continue the tours/treks. In this case, our trip Cancellation & Refund Policy applies as per below:

Cancellation & Refund Policy for Nepal Tours & Treks

  • Free cancellation before 90 days for tour departure.
  • NTA will charge 30 percent of the total tour cost for canceling the trip before 89 days of departure.
  • NTA will charge 40 percent of the total tour cost for canceling the trip before 50 days of departure.
  • NTA will charge 50 percent of the total tour cost for canceling the trip before 20 days of departure.
  • For less than 20 days for departure, NTA will take 75 percent of the total tour cost for a cancellation charge.
  • On or after the trip Departure Date no refund will be made.

Trip Postponement Facilities Note:
If Nepal Trek Adventures cancels your trips in case of unforeseen weather conditions, unavoidable circumstances such as governmental restrictions, floods, viral diseases, landslides, political unrest, and cancellation of your international flights, we will provide alternative trips or postponement facilities up to 3 years. In such cases, operators will try their best to provide a feasible alternative. However, a cash refund will not be applicable for the same.

In this case, if clients decided on the postponement, their booking is valid until 3 years from their trip postponed date. After that, this shall be regarded as a no-show, and full payment shall still be made to the supplier if they had only made the deposit. Cancellation is not possible.

Note for Agreement:

  • Customers should agree on the increment or changes of rates on domestic flights/helicopters or tours/treks cost as per price changes on our official websites. If your trip is being postponed for a minimum of 1 year or more.

Insurance coverages of the losses supported by operator

We don’t sell any insurance policy to our clients for the losses of goods or any trip cancellations. But in this case, if the reason for your cancellation is covered under the terms of your own insurance policy, you may be able to reclaim these charges from your own insurance company. Where we can support you with the needed official or governmental proofs for the reason of cancellation and supportive documents without any cost.

Policy for Helicopter Tours & Heli Pick-up or Drop-off Services

For helicopter tours or any helicopter-related activities (such as helicopter pick-up and drop-off, treks associated with helicopters, etc) in Nepal, you need to make 100% payment of the total cost of the package to book the trip with guaranteed departure at the designated date. The helicopter will fly as per weather conditions in the mountain regions, aerial route, and helicopter starting point.

But if the helicopter does not operate at the scheduled date due to any unpredictable changes in weather conditions, cancellation of other guests (same day) especially in group joining trips the flight will postpone for the next day (or more) until the situation is manageable or under control. We keep our 100% reserved rights to provide you the same services for the next days or later hours on the same day when the circumstances or weather gets normal.

Yet, if you want to cancel the helicopter-related activities without our permission, we will not be able to provide any refunds. You can only cancel the trips if the operator is unable to deliver the promised services though the weather is clear enough to run the helicopter activities.

In case of any helicopter-related activities other than pure helicopter tours like helicopter pick-up and drop-offs from or to any places in Nepal (especially in the Himalayas of Everest), trip cancellation with a refund is not possible. For example, if you have already agreed on and booked the helicopter pick-up service from the Everest region to other places in Nepal, and later on, you cancel the service, you are responsible for the payment of the full quoted price of the helicopter flight. This means you will be charged the full Heli service amount, no matter you take the flight or not.

Pure Helicopter Tour: In the case of a pure helicopter tour (like Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour or similar Heli tours); if the helicopter flight does not operate on the promised day due to bad weather, then you will be provided with similar alternative tour options or helicopter tour will automatically push for next day as per our previous plan or itinerary.

Recommendation: This is why we strictly recommend you to plan these helicopter-related activities with an extra spare day (1 or 2 days) to be on the safe side.

But if we give you permission for your cancellations on the same day (at the date you have booked your trip) according to the current situation, we are happy to hand over a full or partial refund in USD cash or via credit card.

Refund claim procedure and expectations on length of durations

  • The claim should be made within 30 days of your trip cancellation dates for any customized itinerary, helicopter-related trips, tours, or trekking packages listed on our official websites by writing and email to our official email (same email which you used for making a booking).
  • To process the refund, you are kindly advised to receive an email, Whatsapp message, or any refund amount mentioned on the paper of proof, from the operator to show it to your bank, otherwise, we are forced to ignore it.
  • After 30 days, your claim will not be valid.
  • After we receive your email about the cancellation of the trip we will review your email and check the exact amount to be refunded, if it is under our privacy and policy criteria.
  • Then we will send you the email with the exact amount to be refunded.
  • To receive a refund via credit card, customers have to apply themselves for the refund process through their part or we will process it from our part to make you more comfortable. 
  • You can expect to receive your amount 2 months later on your credit card.

What causes the losses, especially in helicopter pick-up and drop-off trips?

  • If both parties agree to start the Helicopter tours from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Himalayas, or any cities in Nepal, and once the tour starts if the weather gets bad on the middle path and cannot go further, the charges of Helicopter related costs should be taken care by customers even the tour has to be canceled from the middle route. 

  • Sometimes, customers request the Helicopter for pick-up or drop-off services and the operator ordered the Helicopter for addressing the customers' requests. After starting the helicopter from the ground to the pickup points, certain disturbances en-route may cause delays in timely arrival at the pickup point, for which the Helicopter company, bad weather, airport sequence, or busy schedule (mainly in peak seasons) due to some emergency situations may be expectable. For interval time duration, sometime customers might find an unplanned helicopter flight lift unexpectedly. Where again we kindly inform you that the billing for the same service by Helicopter Company goes to us (that means to you). In this case, customers should not change their mind and if they decide not to take the services without consulting us (tour operator), the costumer themselves will be responsible for all the losses of the Helicopter flight costs of requested services.

  • If you hire a helicopter and do not use it for the trip, you will be charged the full cost of the trip. Suppose, if you book the helicopter for pickup from Gorakshep (Everest) or any points from the Himalayas to Kathmandu or any cities, but in the meantime, if you cancel it, then you are liable to make the full payment of the trip.

  • But we are flexible to change the trip date (prepone or postpone) as per your request for your other suitable dates. 

Last-minute booking
We accept the last moment booking 0 days prior to the departure date. For this, 100% payment is to be done (ONLY IN CASE OF NEPAL TRIP)

Requirement: Photocopy of your passport for flight booking, trekking, and other processing

Insurance for trekking and tour staff
Insurance of all the staff of Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition is the responsibility of the company itself. But, we do not take guarantee ensuring our clients about their travel and health. It is on their own. So, clients are humbly requested to submit their insurance policy documents at the time of booking the respective trip with us.

Booking Methodology
You can book your trip to Nepal with Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition cash-on-hand or Secured Online Payment. It will not be a problem for making hand cash payments. And for payment of Customized/Tailor-Made itineraries, you can pay by Bank Transfer or other Online Payment System.

You can easily do payments for your treks/tours using these details without having any kind of problem. Where you will get online payment confirmation or money-paid Invoice.

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