Adventure Sports

Nepal is a paradise for adventure sports. Its landscapes and formation of lands, hills and mountains make it a true destination for any adventure event. In past decade, preference for adventure sports is increasing dramatically as it is preferred by both locals and foreigners.

Mountaineering (Climbing)
Nepal is a prime destination for mountaineering (climbing). No peak climbing is complete without mountain climbing in Nepal. Mountaineering is a year round activity in Nepal. There are 14 mountains of more than 8,000m in the world and seven of them are in Nepal including world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.

For alpine climbing more than 20 peaks below 6,500m are opened in Nepal. There is no need of prior mountaineering experience to climb these peaks below 6,500m. The only required thing is your mental and physical strength.

Trekking in High Altitude
Indisputably, Nepal is trekking paradise. Every year more than 140,000 people experience trekking at various sites. Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Langtang and Upper Mustang are some of the popular trek destinations of this Himalayan nation. There are many trekking guides who will make your trail full of fun and excitement. It is safe as well. Depending upon trekking route, the trekking could last from 5 days to more than a month. And, it easily fits on your budget.

While on trekking you will enjoy countryside lifestyle of Nepalese people. Their culture, tradition and rituals fascinate any outsiders. Hills, mountains, snowcapped peaks, dense forest and noise of rivers not only give you a sense of enjoyment but also bind you with your inner being. With the beauty of nature you will immerse in utter silence of life giving birth to a feeling peace. This is why Nepal is also remembered as a land of Meditation where you will realize a meaning of “Being to Nonbeing”.

To experience life in air, paragliding is much recommended adventure sports in Nepal. It is one of the youngest sporting events of the country that started from 2007 in Pokhara—Lake City.

Sarangkot in Pokhara is the paragliding destination from where the flight takes off. The spot is 1,592m from sea level. In this flight of 30-40 minutes you will share sky with vultures, eagles and kites. It is an ecstatic feeling to see villages, temples and lakes from the sky. Moreover, you will enjoy series of towering mountains namely, Mt. Machhapuchhre (Fishtail), Lamjung Himal, Annapurna and Himchuli. Finally, you safely land in lakeside.

The best time for the event is September to February. You do not need any experience for paragliding as our instructor/pilot will give you detail briefing before the glide.

After trekking, probably, white water rafting is another adventure sports that tourists like to experience here. The rivers flowing from Himalaya have high current which makes rafting more thrilling. The river grades are from 4- to 4+. Among various rivers, Trishuli and Bhote Koshi are the very much preferred for rafting.

Trishuli River is famous for white water rafting in Nepal. It begins from Gosaikunda and is mixed with other rivers. The rapids of Trishuli River and various points en route is very much thrilling for anyone. You also enjoy luxurious camps and wonderful off-river activities while on rafting. You will raft at least of 20 kilometers here.

Similarly, flowing from Tibet and branching from Sun Koshi, Bhote Koshi River rafting is a fascinating experience. For short rafting it is an ideal trip. Rafting on Bhote Koshi gets steeper as it comes down. The scenic beauty of abandoned area gives you an opportunity to capture the moment for ever. The best time for rafting is March to May and October and November.

Rock Climbing
With an increased desired for mountain climbing, rock climbing is getting popular among locals and foreigners. It is one of the common sporting events in the country. It can be experienced throughout the year. In natural state, Northern Nepal is a prime destination for rock climbing.

Mountain Biking
Nepal’s landscape is very much inspiring for mountain biking. Its geography from Himalayas to flat land of Terai attracts many mountain bikers. Down-Hill cycling event is much preferred cycling event in the country.

In last five years, the figure for mountain biking tourist has been tripled. It is reported that more than 150,000 tourists are enjoying mountain biking in this Himalayan Nation.

Bungee Jumping
Suspension bridge of Bhote Koshi River near Nepal-Tibet border is the only site for Bungee Jumping. It is the second highest bungee jump site in the world with an elevation of 160m. 

The site was chosen and designed by New Zealand's leading bungee consultants. It is operated by some of the most experienced jump masters. The business operating group puts safety first as it is told that it is mishap-proof event.

Note: All of the events under Adventure Sports are tailor  made. For further details and queries you may contact us.

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