Backpacking Checklist

Are you looking for Backpacking Checklist in Nepal? If yes, ask us for Renting or Buying gear in Kathmandu. Thamel is the main hub for rental or hiring the trekking gears. Backpacking is the process of traveling independently with low cost. It includes a packed bag that consists of everything that is needed for travel. It includes traveling within or outside the country with all the necessary equipment for travel. Travelers use public lodges, hotels for their accommodation and public buses and overall transports for moving here and there for short or long period of time. It includes meeting different people in the different area, overviewing natural beauty and scenarios, participating in different cultural and religious activities and also the adventurous activities which can be done as per your wish. It is a form of non-institutionalized traveling, whose main focus goes to self-identification and commitments. This travel can be done alone or you can choose a certain agency which will easily provide you the guide who can make you known about the places you roam or wish to roam.

Backpacking Equipment List for Nepal

1. Hiking boots

Hiking Boots for Backpacking, trekking and Hikking

Hiking boots, also known as walking boots, are the footwear basically designed for protecting feet and ankles during outdoor walking activities over rough terrain preventing blisters and sore feet. It is the most important gear for going to the trek as it protects our foot which is an essential body part used for trekking, from various harmful damages which even can spoil the entertainment of our trekking experience.

2. Trekking socks

Trekking socks for Backpacking, Trekking and Hikking

Trekking socks are the items of clothing worn on the feet which covers the ankle and also some parts of the calf which insulates the foot and decreases the risk of frostbite. They make our feet warm and comfortable such that they help a lot in climbing upward and downward protecting from frostbites and other harmful damages. They can be used whenever you feel a need for it. It is also recommended to take an extra pair of these so that you can complete your trial more efficiently without any future complaints.

3. Trekking trousers

Trekking Trouser

Trekking trousers are the items of clothing worn from the waist to the ankles covering both legs separately, which protects the leg part of the body from being cold and numb. The part of the body below the waist is considered a leg which is the most used part of trekking which is protected by trousers. Good pairs of trousers assist a lot in trekking making legs warm and protecting it is numb and swollen.

4. Waterproof Trousers / Jacket

Waterproof trousers and jackets

Waterproof trousers and jackets are the items of clothing which provide warmth to the body and also its waterproof characteristic make it a good repellent of water which makes the clothes as well as body dry. It can be worn above any dresses that you have already worn inside base level clothes. These types of trousers and jackets are highly suited for trials above 6000m but can also be used for altitude below that too. It is one of the most important equipment for trekking to protect our body.

5. Base Layer Shirts

Base Layer Shirts

These are the clothing items produced using wicking materials which draws the sweat away from the skin to the next layer making the wearer feel warmer and more comfortable. These are irrelevant to hot and dry climate but fit for the cold and wet climate. Using these inside will help a lot in removing sweat from a body as well as to help the body not freeze with cold in such a climate.

6. Fleece Jacket

Fleece Jacket for backpacking

Fleece jacket, or simply fleece, is an insubstantial casual jacket made of polyester synthetic wool which provides the thermal insulation but is not waterproof. It will provide sufficient heat to the body but it does not keep the body out of rain and wind. It is also worn above inner layer cloth. Its synthetic wool provides heat to the body making it warm and comfortable. It is an optional choice that can be made to make the body warmer as it can also be replaced by down jacket.

7. Sunhat and Woolen hat

Sunhat and Woolen hat

Sunhat, also known as harvest hat or field hat, is a head covering clothing designed to outshine the face and shoulders from the sun and its harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Woolen hat or a knit cap is the clothing of simple, tapering design which provides warmth in cold weather. Sunhat will help in protecting from getting rashes and suntans as well and woolen-hat will protect from catching a cold. All these preventions will lead to protection from some health diseases like headaches, skin rashes, eye burning, and many more.

8. Sun Protection (Including total block for lips)

Sun Protection (Including total block for lips)

Sun protection involves sunscreen, car sun protection glazing, sun protective clothing that prevents the body from harmful UV rays coming from the sun and other externals. All these essentials can be brought by yourself from your native country or you can get all these in the outfitters in Nepal. Sun protective clothes include clothes with the full sleeve but a thin one, some scarf and so on. These can be used whenever you feel comfortable or whenever you feel a need for it.

9. Sunglasses

Sunglasses for backpacking, trekking and hikking

Sunglasses are the form of preventive eyewear designed especially to prevent sunlight and other high-energy light from damaging and tendering the eyes which features lenses that are colored, polarized or darkened. Some glasses provide only protection from the sun but there are also some of them which provide coolness to the eyes. It can be worn if there is harsh sun and taken off as well if there is no need for it. It should be handled with care as it may be made up of glasses or plastics that can break into less effort too.

10. Gloves

Gloves for backpacking, trekking and hikking

Gloves are the garments covering the whole hand which have separate sheaths (mittens) or openings for each finger and thumb that maintain warmth in the finger better. As hands are another important aspects that are used in trekking after the feet to carry bags and other stuff, and mainly to carry trekking sticks which support a lot while climbing upward and downward the vast lands. So hands should be kept safe from frostbite and other damages, in which process, major aid is provided by gloves.

11. Head Torch (Spare Bulb and Batteries)

Head Torch (Spare Bulb and Batteries)

Head torch, also known as headlamp or headlight, is a light source attached to the head used for outdoor activities at night or in dark conditions. It is used in the helmet so that we don’t have to carry it on our hands which makes us easier to walk around and easily helps us to see what’s ahead of and around us. The carried spare batteries and bulbs will assist in replacing the old one if any damage caused to the old one.

12. Water Bottle

Water Bottle for Backpacking, Trekking and Hiking

The Water Bottle is a vessel used to hold water, liquor and other beverages for consumptions and transport them from one place to another which may be available in different shapes, sizes, and color. Water Bottle is very necessary for each individual which keeps the water and helps us to drink whenever we like to drink. As Nepal is naturally sufficient for water natural resource being the second largest country for water resources, there exists many rivers, lakes, springs, naturally flowing taps and underground waters which can be filled for drinking. You can carry liquid Piyus or any other water sanitizers which will make water appropriate for drinking.

13. Antibacterial Hand washes

Antibacterial Hand washes for Backpacking, trekking and Hiking

It is a hand wash containing chemical ingredients that assist in killing bacteria, which helps to prevent oneself from getting infected with the diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and so on. You may face various difficulties and may end up making your hands dirty, so before eating anything, you can wash your hands with these hand washes and eat freely without any fear of getting ill.

14. Small Trekking Towel

Small Trekking Towel for Backpacking, Trekking and Hiking

As the name suggests, the small towel is the piece of absorbent fabric used for drying, cleaning and wiping a body or other exterior through direct contact. It is easier to carry and can be used to wipe after bathing and washing hands. These can also be made dry easily as it takes less time to evaporate water and become dry.

15. Day Backpack for Trek

Daypack for Trek

A day backpack, also known as haversack, knapsack, or rucksack, is a small backpack which is suitable for one day or a short hike for carrying a limited amount of loads and any kind of equipment. It is small in size and is very easy to carry. Thus, reduces the workload of the human body and helps to move very easily.

16. Walking Trekking Poles

Walking and trekking poles

Trekking poles, also known as hiking poles, walking poles or hiking sticks, are the common hiking/trekking appendage used by a walker while hiking/trekking to provide rhythm and stability on the rough territory. These sticks are used very much while going in hilly areas. It helps the hiker to reduce the body load and makes them feel good and free enough to walk more miles than predicted too.

17. Sleeping bag 4 or 5 seasons (up to - 20ºC)

Sleeping bag 4 or 5 seasons (up to - 20ÂșC)

Sleeping bags are the plastic covered fabrics which act as a bed on the ground. Sleeping bags are warm and help to keep the people very warm even in very cold temperatures. It covers the whole body which helps to maintain the body temperature well. It also protects from different insects and animals.

18. Down Jacket

Down Jacket for trekking, Backpacking and hiking

Down jacket is the clothing item filled with down feathers that can be worn above the existing clothes, which is too large and big in size. It is so good that it can make the body very hot which can be used at low temperature as well. It also provides support to the body as it is fluffy and huge in size.

19. Personal first aid Kit

Personal first aid Kit for Trekking, Hiking and Backpacking

Personal first aid kit is a collection of any sort of equipment used to give medical treatment which involves oral drugs, capsules or tablets, painkillers, trauma shears, instant-acting chemical cold packs, scissors, tweezers, lighter, irrigation syringe, torch, alcohol rub, thermometer, space blanket, penlight, cotton swab, cotton wool, and safety pins. It is a must recommended material before moving to any kinds of trials.

Additional Equipment for Backpacking in Nepal

Light Snacks, Dry foods, and Chocolates

Light snacks include chips, appetizers, digestive biscuits, light-weighted soft drinks, tuna fishes and the dry foods like cashew nuts, walnut, peanut, almond, anise, apricot, arrowroot, betel nut, chestnut, and many more. All these foods and chocolates increase the stamina in less period of time and will motivate you in marching furthermore distance. It will make you feel your stomach filled and satisfying which will let you enjoy the trial more.


travel compact cameras in 2018

It is also an optional choice for the trek. Trekking is done for the purpose of capturing memory which can be done using the device like a camera. It will help in taking photos, videos which can be seen in future and memorize the past moments. Along with it, you can also carry extra pen-drives or hard-drives where you can store those photos and videos which will not lead towards lack ness of memory in the device.

Universal Travel Adaptor and Power Bank

Universal Travel Adaptor and Power Bank For travelers

It is the equipment which stores the battery power. It can be used to charge the batteries of mobile phones and cameras. This will help to make your device filled with battery charge which will not make you feel like lonely in the new place. There is a high chance of having no facility of electric current in several areas of hills and Himalayas, where it will be much helpful and reliable. Travel adaptor is the travel plug used to connect the electrical equipment used for electricity supply where devices can be connected directly. While traveling you may not get the required pins of plugs that will exactly fit your device so it’s better to carry this type of adaptors which will help you adjust to any kind of circumstances.

Trekking Gear Rental - Special Notes

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