Bhutan VISA Information

Traveling to the highly delimited Asian nation, Bhutan legally requires every document vital to be in a safe zone. VISA is the must to visit there for outsiders except for the nationalities of India, Maldives, and Bangladesh. It is an official announcement of Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB). Bhutan VISA is issued at either Paro airport (if you are entering by flight) or at Gelephu, Samdrup Jongkhar or Phuentsholing (if you are traveling by road). Also, VISA is obtained only after it is approved by authorities in Thimpu, the capital city of Bhutan. VISA cannot be applied individually but by the medium of tours and travels company. It becomes easier to apply for VISA with travel and tour company as providing important documents and the fund is only required rather than moving here and there. It takes around 10 to 15 days for VISA processing.

Requirements for Applying for Bhutan VISA

  • Color scan of a valid passport and citizenship
  • Detailing of job that you do in your native country
  • Name and detail of places you want to visit in Bhutan (according to the company’s itinerary)
  • Sending a deposit of permit cost

Bhutan VISA Notes

  • Freedom of Movement: Freedom of Movement I the official declaration for the nationalities like Maldivian, Indian and Bangladeshi because they do not need VISA to enter Bhutan (Indians can custom their Voters Identity Card (VIC) or passports, and Bangladeshi and Maldivian can use their passports only)
  • Diplomatic and Official Passport: Thai and Swiss citizens having diplomatic and official passports while impending to Bhutan do not require a VISA. VISA will be stamped by authorities upon arrival at Paro Airport or at any ports of International Immigration.
  • Gratis VISA: The people with MoU signed papers (for free charge), and the bureaucrats carrying diplomatic, United Nation (UN) and official passports will be issued gratis VISA.
  • Restricted Area Permit (RAP) and Temple Permit (TP) are essential to visit around the places except for Paro and Thimpu.
  • According to TCB, the cost of the VISA and its processing is $40. Every day stay at Bhutan is $200 in off-seasons and $250 in on-seasons with including and excluding services and luxury. (Discounts are offered for minors and a large group of visitors).
  • VISA for Bhutan is offered for 7 to 14 days by default. Days can be extended as per requirement by consulting to the Travel and Tours Company.

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