Bhutan has made the first written constitution public on 26th March 2005

Bhutan, the royal kingdom, is the only country in the world that forcibly exiled the largest percentage (about 20%) of its population, mainly the minority Lhotshampa citizens over the last decade; strategic ethnic cleansing of the modern history. They are stranded in the UNHCR refugee camps in east Nepal. Despite this, Bhutan is the only country in the world continuously receiving the highest percentage per capita international grant aid.

The king of Bhutan has made the first written constitution public on 26th March 2005. It was drafted under his command by a group of 39 elites and bureaucrats. The king did not allow to include any representative from the ethnic minority Lhotshampas. Eventually the draft constitution do not reflect the rights of the minorities are given, even not a single word such as ‘Hinduism/Hindu, Lhotshampas, minorities, refugee etc. are incorporated in the constitution.

Therefore the fear is that the rights of the minority Lhotshampas will be violated constitutionally which makes even more difficult for anyone to promote, protect the human rights in Bhutan. Because the constitution in its clause 2.15 gives the power to the monarchy to do anything saying, 'the king remains above the constitution and all activities He does will remain sacrosanct' this eventually might lead to more dangerous violations of the rights of the people from behind the scene, more dangerously than before that forcible exiled about 20% of its population.