2020 Coronavirus Pandemic and its Effects on Nepal Tourism Industry

  • Last Updated on Apr 3, 2020

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Coronavirus pandemic is the most trending and ongoing pandemic in Nepal as well as the world. It is the illness caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) with the symptom of fever, cough, and shortness of breath. It is the deadly virus spreading throughout the world which has increased the fear among its residents. This virus was first seen in Wuhan, China and has spread massively around the globe. According to the sources, till 01st April 2020, more than 859,000 cases of COVID-19 have been reported, among which 42,000 deaths and 178,000 recovery results have been published.

Looking over the global record of virus detection and deaths, Nepal has been luckier enough to sustain for a long time without this virus. In Nepal, as of now, there are 5 confirmed cases of COVID-19, among which 1 recovery case and 4 active cases are reported. All these cases were found in the country among the people who had recently hailed in Nepal from abroad. The treatment is ongoing for all four infected people in different health centers and hospitals. There are no deaths in the country because of this deadly disease. The victims were kept in the quarantine center and temporary hospitals for isolation so that the chance of spreading disease from them is rectified.

First Case: 24th January 2020 [32 years old man who had returned from China lately] – Recovered

Second Case: 23rd March 2020 [19 years old woman who had returned from France via Qatar]

Third Case: 25th March 2020 [a person who had returned from the United Arab Emirates]

Fourth Case: 27th March 2020 [34 years old man who had returned from the Middle East]

Fifth Cases: 28th March 2020 [19 years old woman who had returned from Belgium via Qatar]

These cases of COVID-19 were confirmed in the Baglung, Kailali, and Kathmandu districts of Nepal and other districts are margined probably safe till the date as no other cases are reported yet.

Nepal is the landlocked country and shares the open border with China and India. Being the neighbor country, the fear and anxiety of the pandemic increase highly. Hence, to prevent the country from massive loss, international airport transfer has been suspended and the land border (connecting China and India) has been sealed off starting from mid-January. The workplace and academic institutions like schools and colleges have been potted down as well. Likewise, the whole country has been locked down starting from 24th March and ending on 08th April 2020. The lockdown time may increase, depending upon the national as well as the worldwide situation.

Apart from the nation-wide lockdown, the following are the steps Nepal have taken in order to prevent and cure the disease:

  • Quarantine centers and temporary hospitals are set up across the country
  • Laboratory facilities for diagnosis are being upgraded in an expanded range
  • Special ICU Units and isolation beds are arranged and set up

These are some of the steps taken throughout the nation to prevent it from COVID-19. Germany, India and the United States of America are supporting in Nepali Health Sector to fight for survival.

How does COVID-19 spread between people?

COVID-19 spreads between people via the respiratory droplets that come from sneezing and coughing. The major symptoms that may aid to doubt if it is the coronavirus are fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath. In major cases, pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome are detected. These symptoms are seen typically between 5 days to 14 days.

There is no particular invention of the antidote, vaccination or any treatment remedy for curing this disease as the research is still going on. But for prevention, hygiene activities such as covering mouth while sneezing and coughing, washing hands properly, keeping social distance with people, avoiding meat and similar products as far as possible, and more. It is best to stay in isolation throughout the lockdown period and prevent self from coming in contact with this deadly epidemic via infected people. Drink lots of water (especially – properly boiled hot water) and have more citrus food (such as lemon, grapes, orange, etc) that will help in escalating the immune power to battle with the syndrome.

Coronavirus and its Effects on the Nepal Tourism Industry

Nepal was highly promoting the Tourism campaign 'Visit Nepal 2020' and because of the massive spread and effects of the global virus COVID-19, the country has canceled all the promotional activities. With the suspension and seal on the international transfer in the country, the occupancy of hotels, lodges, restaurants, trekking trails, and all the visit places in Nepal have decreased. In the survey done in 2018 by the World Travel and Tourism Council, it was reported that 7.9 percent of Nepal's economy was dependent on the tourism sector and in 2020 with the campaign, the country had the aim to increase the rate by significant 8.5 percent for the upcoming fiscal year. The travel and trekking guides, porters, helpers, drivers, and overall staff have become out of work which has affected their daily living too. This pandemic has a severe effect on overall manufacturing, trade, construction, and foreign employment fields as well.

Effects of Lockdown in the Tourism Industry and the Whole Country

COVID-19 has a higher chance of spreading when people come in contact with infected persons. Hence, the lockdown has helped in rectifying the social physical contact between people in order to minimize the rate of increase in this pandemic all over the nation. It is the best idea for prevention on one hand but on another hand, it has affected a lot in the Tourism Industry and all other fields of the country. Some of its effects are mentioned as follows:

  • A direct hit to the economy of the country
  • Jobless days for guides, porters, drivers and other staffs of the companies
  • Hotels, tea houses, restaurants, lodges, and home-stays are tending towards the vacant condition
  • From March, the trekking season starts, and with the coronavirus lockdown, beautiful Himalayan and other natural attractions' sights have been missed out
  • Empty roads and no trading among inter and intra country natives

COVID-19 Cases of Nepalese in World

As we all know, Nepalese are spread all around the globe. After the research and health checkups done in other countries, the particular result was shown, which is presented as follows:

United Arab Emirates20
United Kingdom11
United States11

United Kingdom: On 17 March, 66-years old former British Gurkha Soldier of Nepali origin died from COVID-19

United States: On 24 March, 50-years old man of Nepali origin died from the illness

Overall COVID-19 Cases in the World

In the world, around 859,000 COVID-cases have been registered and are being handled. Here is the record of 10 highly affected countries in the world with the number of cases, deaths and recoveries since the evolution of this disease.

United States189,4454,0757,082
United Kingdom25,1501,808135

This is the record till 01st April 2020, and the count is still going on.

Nepal Trek Adventure & Expedition shows heartily condolence for the people who have lost their near and dear ones and pray that the world heals faster and gets better rapidly.

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