Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost includes permits, TIM’s card, Guide and Porter cost, Round-trip flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, Accommodation, Meals, and Drinks. The cost ranges from USD $1000 all the way to $3000 per foreigner for an average trek of 10 to 21 days around the Everest Base Camp. The cost generally excludes travel insurance, visa fees, trekking equipment, and other personal expenses and required kinds of stuff.

The Everest Base Camp Trek is certainly pretty challenging trek which is because of high altitude, rocky tracks, and some steep inclines. Despite all, conquering EBC, the base camp of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, is an achievement of the lifetime. You can say it to others proudly that you have reached Everest Base Camp in your life. As the Everest Base Camp is actually at a higher level than a lot of the peaks and mountains in the world, it is the most desired one.

Everest Base camp is one of the best and highly recommended destinations for the trekkers. Yearly most of the trekkers, climbers ensures their journey towards Everest Base Camp and grab their goal after reaching there. This made the other trekkers think about it and makes it a dream destination. They begin their journey to EBC and start collecting the funds which they are going to pay for it. Here, we provide you the clear view about the cost which you are going to pay out for your dream destination, Everest Base Camp.

Everest Trekking Guide and Porter Cost

Without any guide, the way you are traveling is useless as you may be completely unknown about it. You can finish it and reach your destination so far with the help of proper guide by following them. Hiring up your guides and porters depends upon you, whether you want to trek with guide or trek alone to your destination. If you are a new traveler and want to explore the nature beautifully, we recommend you to hire up the guides and porters; to carry your baggage and important things with you during the journey. These guides and porters are for your help and support. And it is your right to know about them clearly and also make inquiries about their nature and services. It is better for you to hire fully insured, well trained and skillful guides, and porters than to hire freelancer guides and porters. If you are going to trek alone then the difficulties can arise within you as your own health problems, altitude sickness, etc. You will be taken care sensibly by your guides and porters if such situation occurs. If you want to hire guide and porter, Nepal Trek Adventures provides you well trained, insured and skillful guides and porters and guarantees your successful journey with 100 percent care without any problems.

As we know, trekking guides are friendly with the nature, one who will share their knowledge and experiences about their exploration of the places and natural beauties. Sometimes they also joke for the refreshment and share the story about the places which will truly enrich your experience and make up your mind naturally. Their daily standard rate is USD $20 – $25 per day for trekking in Everest Base Camp. Along with the Porter, undoubtedly the heavy lifter who lifts up your heavy baggage to your destination along the journey. He is the strong one who will lift your loads and keep them protected. Their hard effort and bravery cost $15-$18 per day. They will carry about 20 kg up to maximum 25 kg of loads and walks along with you.

Cost of Foods and Drinks in Everest Region

It is necessary to boost up your body during your journey and make your body active for the entire journey. Boosting up your body with warm food and drinks makes your trek more beautiful and interesting. While you are moving toward your destination you will be filled with excitement and enjoyment along with Himalayas. We get lost in the beautiful appearance of nature and its scenario that we forget to boost up our energy for further ascending. Externally we excite too much but internally we feel weak so, for making our journey successful, we have to get involved in food material as well as hot drinking beverages. As per your demand best foods and drinks with international or local Nepalese food items (Dal Bhat) and Indian flavors will be served to you. Our movements from the lower height to the top, costs of the food items and drinks differ but they are affordable.

The mineral water which you prefer is served with the average range of cost from $1 to $4 per bottle up to your journey. But if you are able to drink the tap water or local water it is free of cost or less than that of mineral water. Warm Tea and coffee costs USD $2 to $4 up there and a beer bottle costs USD $5 to $10. You can easily get the drinks which you are fond of. The breakfast served is very good and hygienic which costs $3 to $6. If you are searching for good food at dinner and lunch, there it was well mannered and affordable costs ranging from $5 to $9 per meal. Dinner is awesome along with the picturesque view of nature so you can enjoy it in the proper way.

Cost of Accommodation in Everest - Lodges/Hotels

During the journey, it is very necessary to sleep and rest well. So for this, you can easily book hotels and lodges for your flexible accommodation and sound sleep and rest. In the trekking seasons, the hotels remain packed and no room stays free for immediate booking. So you can tell us previously about your requirement of the room so that we will book it for you in advance for the required period of time to make you comfortable or you can easily book your room on the spot after searching few hotels or lodges over there. Best hotels and lodges are there for your proper accommodation with the majestic view of the Mount Everest and other mountains.

The cost for hotels/lodges are very affordable which ranges from USD $5 all the way to $40 plus per person as per the standard of the hotel/lodge. Sometimes you can get a free room in less peak season (off season) if you prefer foods and drinks in their lodge. You will be fully satisfied and happy with the room provided to you, food and family environment that you can enjoy with full of excitement.

Everest Trekking Permit and TIMS Card Fees

If you are independent trekkers then you need to be self-present on TIMS Counter for the collection of TIMS card which is of Green in color and individually it costs USD $ 20. Currently, it is not necessary to trek with the help of TIMS card, if you are trekking alone.

If you are trekking which is arranged by local trekking agency/company then TIMS card is recommended to carry with you which is of Blue in color and it costs USD $ 10 per person, which helps your entire team for the better journey ahead. This Blue TIMS card helps you to rescue by your Guides and Porters if you are in problems like Altitude sickness, Frost Bite etc.

Entry Permit is recommended if you are trekking to EBC, you have to obtain the Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit, worth NRS. 3000 plus 13% Tax which is equivalent to NRS. 3390. This permit can be issued directly in National Park Entrance at Monjo or you can issue it in Nepal Tourism Board Kathmandu, Bhrikuti Mandap for an independent trekker. If you are trekking, operated by local trekking agency then each and every permit is arranged by themselves.

Additional Permit of Gaurishankar Conversation – Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek

Additional Permit is required if you are trekking from Jiri to EBC so-called Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project Entry Permit, worth NRS. 2000. This cost is for both organized as well as an independent trekker and you have to issue this in Nepal Tourism Board, Kathmandu.

Flight Ticket Cost for Lukla

Lukla (Tenzing Hillary) airport is the main gateway to reach Everest base camp. Mainly in season there are numbers of flights from Kathmandu-Lukla-Kathmandu departing daily. More than 25,000 plus trekkers are freely moving to Everest Base Camp in every year via flight. For luxurious flight ticket in time you have to book it in advance before 10 AM or early morning as weather brings obstacles during mid day flight like wind, heavy cloudy rains etc. From flight to Lukla is the best option to trek and explore Everest Region.

From Tribhuvan International Airport, our flight takes you to Lukla with the facility of the luxurious seat and other arrangements made for you. Flight Ticket is done in two-way flight route in which you can easily enjoy your trip.

For Foreigners, it is rated as USD 180 X 2 which is USD 360 (for two ways), for an Indian Nationality INR 9200 X 2 and for Nepalese Nationality NRS 5200X2 per person.

Optional Mode of Transport

Flight to Phaplu - The airport resides at an elevation of 7,918 ft (2,413 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway which is 671 m (2,201 ft) in length. It is near to Lukla which takes around 3 complete trekking days to phakding. In a week only four days flights are taken off to phaplu in which Tara Airlines and Goma Airlines runs out.

By Bus to Jiri - Trekkers who have lot of times and want to explore the nature surfacely and smoothly then 8 to 10 hours of drive from Kathmandu to Jiri is better option. From Jiri it takes around 7 days to reach lukla by trekking. There are two types of Bus services, local bus services and more comfortable Express bus services over there in which Local Bus services costs USD $8 to $10 and Express Bus services costs $12 to $15.

 By Private Jeep

If you are willing to travel by Jeep like Scorpio, Land Cruiser, and other four wheelers private jeep are also more comfortable option for group or private travelers.

  • Private Jeep Ride to Jiri - $ 180 (5 to 7 Seated)
  • Private Jeep Ride to Bhandara - $ 200 (5 to 7 Seated)
  • Private Jeep Ride to Phaplu (Sallery Bazar) - $ 300 (5 to 7 Seated)

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost for Independent Trekkers

If you are willing to trek alone or independently you have better health and muscles too as well as maps in mind. There is a lot of savings from here but it’s risky. Costs of guides and porters are mainly saved. But on a whole journey, you need to take care of yourself and there will be no one for you at all. In a group, if you have the members with whom you can be free and comfortable; it will lead you to a very successful journey. You will be able to save extra dollars from independent trek but if you want more excitement, happiness, and peace during the trek, it is recommended to travel with guides and helpers. They will make your journey much more interesting.

The total expected cost of Everest Base Camp Trek for independent trekkers start from $ 900 up to $ 1300 per travelers. Above the mentioned costs, it always depends on your choice of foods and drinks as well as the quality of Hotels/Lodges you pick for your overnight staying.

Miscellaneous Cost in Everest Base Camp

When you are in the Himalayan area, you can never expect anything neither the cost being cheaper. For extra activities and curriculum, you cannot expect their costs to be cheap. The extra cost is paid due to their high investment in small local projects for people like you to serve you well. Some of the extra tasks like,

  • Boiled Water (less or more amount) in such a great altitude is not that easy; so for that, you have to pay the extra dollar to get this advantage. $ 1 to $ 3 Per Ltr.
  • Charging board, which charges your mobile and others electronic gadgets. $ 1 to $ 3 Per Hour.
  • Internet access is also much expensive; hence you have to pay a few additional dollars for it. They provide WIFI Prepaid Card with limited hours of time, validity up to 24 to 48 Hours. $ 6 to $ 10 Per Card.
  • Warm Heating System (Local Heater) run by Fire Wood, Kerosene oil or LPG Gas. ($ 1 to $ 3).

Additional Recommendations – Buy a Local SIM Card

Moreover, if you are traveling and want to capture and share your moments globally then you have fast internet in your mobile phone so better to surf mobile data packages to avoid high cost of WIFI. When you are in trekking mode and want to familiar with your family then mobile data help you happily. If you want internet services in SIM card then local SIM card have to buy and you have to add data packages there. Local SIM cards like Namaste, NCELL, and Smart Cell etc. help you with your data surfing mode which costs $ 2 to $ 10 including unlimited data packages and few hours of talktime. This data service is given by the local SIM cards.

Nepal Trek Adventure provides you with all these facilities at affordable and best negotiable price as per your demand. We have a skilled and well-mannered team from which you can get the list of prices and customization option for your trip according to your comfort and safety. So you can be sure that you are in a safe hand. We have very flexible dates and schedules for trekking and tours. And we also guarantee that you will surely have a memorable trip ever in Nepal with our bunch of experienced and amiable guides & porters.

Hope the above information helps you a lot on making your decision completely in independent trek or organized group joining/private trekking collaboration with our team mates. If you have made a decision on joining our fixed departure or private departure, then see our all inclusive packages of Everest Base Camp Trekking. Along with this other more packages are being provided by NTA which are fruitful and trustworthy in prices as well.