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Kathmandu Pokhara Tourist Bus

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Good to Know
  • Duration 1 Days
  • Trip Grade Easy
  • Trip Destination Kathmandu Pokhara
  • Starts at Kathmandu
  • Ends at Pokhara
  • Max. Altitude 1400
  • Trip Type Tour
  • Transport Tourist Bus


  • Fast and Easy Online Booking System.
  • Comfortable high standard buses: with AC, WiFi, Television.
  • Appropriate for all ages - child, adult and elderly.
  • Experienced driver and comfortable drive.
  • A Comfortable Roadway trip.
  • Buses move on scheduled time so you must be there before half an hour of departure.

We provide Kathmandu Pokhara tourist bus ticket service for the travelers who want to travel out to Pokhara from Kathmandu (or Kathmandu from Pokhara) via roadway transportation. The tourist bus is apparently the best choice even economically without compromising comfort. Tourist bus implies comfortable and safe transportation perspective than other transportation options. Tourist Buses are manufactured mainly focusing on foreign travelers. Deluxe Buses offer you air conditioner system which makes the temperature courteous in the bus, in addition to, every passenger can modify air level with their own outlets. Additionally, this transport media offers you comfortable folding seats where you can rest your foot and arms, TV screens are associated with DVD player, kneeling suspension are accessible for your comfortable ride. Tourist bus has agreeable 30 to 35 seats.

We, Nepal Trek Adventure, have tourist bus ticket service basically for Kathmandu to Pokhara and Pokhara to Kathmandu at a very reasonable price. Driving distance between Kathmandu and Pokhara is around 200 km. This road ride (from Kathmandu to Pokhara or Pokhara to Kathmandu) takes about 7 hours to complete. On the way, the tourist bus will stop for lunch and meal, for around 20 to 40 minutes. From Kathmandu and Pokhara, tourist buses departure on a daily basis. Kathmandu to Pokhara and Pokhara to Kathmandu tourist bus are categorized as Deluxe Bus, Super Deluxe Bus, VIP Deluxe Bus, and Super VIP Bus. They might differ according to service and cost. Services provided by bus also differ according to bus fare.

Kathmandu to Pokhara Tourist Bus facilities

Deluxe Tourist BusAir-condition, WIFI & a bottle of mineral water.
Super Deluxe Tourist BusAir-condition, WIFI & a bottle of mineral water, Lunch.
Super VIP Deluxe Tourist BusAir-condition, WIFI, a bottle of mineral water, VIP seats, Breakfast & Lunch.


Kathmandu to Pokhara Tourist Bus

Tourist bus station (Kathmandu) is in Sorhakhutte which lies 10 minutes walking distance from Thamel. In the event that you choose a tourist bus to go to Pokhara from Kathmandu, the basic thing you shouldn't forget is time. Despite the fact that there are numerous organizations operating tourist bus, their departing time is the same. The bus leaves at 07:00 AM, however you are required to be at the tourist bus station 30 minutes before departure time. The tourist bus is strict in time and there is no delay in departing. In the event that you miss, this time, you may need to go by private vehicle or local transport, or maybe hold up until the next day on the off chance that you still favor tourist bus option. Price is nonrefundable in case you miss your bus. Kathmandu to Pokhara tourist bus grounding-time is 6.30 PM. If you’ve your own group then you can reserve the whole bus. If you make the reservation then the bus will depart according to your time. 

Kathmandu to Pokhara Tourist Bus Route

Sorakhutte -> Balaju -> Banasthali -> Swayambhu -> Kalanki -> Thankot -> Kurintar -> Muglin -> Pokhara

Pokhara to Kathmandu Tourist Bus

Tourist bus station (Pokhara) is a nearby airport inside lakeside. If you are coming to Kathmandu from Pokhara and don’t want to compromise in comfortability then tourist bus is the best option for you. Likewise, for Pokhara to Kathmandu tourist bus service, the main thing you shouldn’t overlook is time. The departing time of Pokhara to Kathmandu tourist bus is 07:30 AM and the grounding-time is 07:00 PM. You have to reach bus station 30 minutes earlier than the bus departure time.

Pokhara to Kathmandu Tourist Bus Route

Pokhara -> Muglin -> Kurintar -> Thankot -> Kalanki -> Swayambhu -> Banasthali -> Balaju -> Sorakhutte

Kathmandu - Pokhara - Kathmandu Tourist Bus Cost & Time

Type of Tourist BusPrice (USD)Departure Time (Kathmandu)Departure Time (Pokhara)
Deluxe25$07:00 AM07:30 AM
Super Deluxe30$07:00 AM07:30 AM
Super VIP Deluxe35$07:30 AM07:30 AM


Tourist bus tickets can be easily booked via Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition. Make your Deluxe Tourist Bus Ticket Booking with us from direct booking option from our departure dates section. You can also utilize customize booking section for easy booking of other tourist buses such as Super Deluxe and Super VIP Deluxe in a minute. Just fill up a form and reserve your place. We accept cash, cheque and electronic Payment procedure depends upon your way of booking. We are just one call away for your service. Feel free to contact us and make your booking with us.

Tourist Bus is the best option for you if you love traveling and it takes 6 to 7 hours drive. If you are not interested in traveling for more time then you can use Kathmandu Pokhara Flight service as NTA delivers Kathmandu Pokhara Flight tickets too. With this flight, you will be able to reach Pokhara from Kathmandu (or Kathmandu from Pokhara) in a short 25-minute time period. These flights have daily departure from 08:00 AM in the morning to 03:30 PM in the afternoon. Different airlines like Yeti Airlines, Buddha Airlines, and Simrik Airlines operate these flights on a daily basis. If you are bounded with time, you can catch Kathmandu Pokhara flight. For acknowledging more about this flight ticket, Click on Kathmandu Pokhara Flight Ticket.

Departure Dates

Kathmandu Pokhara Tourist Bus service operates on a daily basis with fixed departures. Here mentioned dates are for Deluxe Tourist Bus for the year 2022, 2023 and 2024. If you need other dates that are not mentioned below or want Super Deluxe and Super VIP Deluxe service then you can use our Customized Booking section.

Select a Trip Month
Start DateStart: SundayDec 11, 2022End DateEnd: SundayDec 11, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: MondayDec 12, 2022End DateEnd: MondayDec 12, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: TuesdayDec 13, 2022End DateEnd: TuesdayDec 13, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: WednesdayDec 14, 2022End DateEnd: WednesdayDec 14, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayDec 15, 2022End DateEnd: ThursdayDec 15, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayDec 16, 2022End DateEnd: FridayDec 16, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SundayDec 18, 2022End DateEnd: SundayDec 18, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: MondayDec 19, 2022End DateEnd: MondayDec 19, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: TuesdayDec 20, 2022End DateEnd: TuesdayDec 20, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: WednesdayDec 21, 2022End DateEnd: WednesdayDec 21, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayDec 22, 2022End DateEnd: ThursdayDec 22, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayDec 23, 2022End DateEnd: FridayDec 23, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: SundayDec 25, 2022End DateEnd: SundayDec 25, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: MondayDec 26, 2022End DateEnd: MondayDec 26, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: TuesdayDec 27, 2022End DateEnd: TuesdayDec 27, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: WednesdayDec 28, 2022End DateEnd: WednesdayDec 28, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: ThursdayDec 29, 2022End DateEnd: ThursdayDec 29, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
Start DateStart: FridayDec 30, 2022End DateEnd: FridayDec 30, 2022PricePriceUS $25StatusStatusGuaranteed
  • Prepare a backpack according to the climate and weather in Nepal(Kathmandu & Pokhara).
  • Carry cash by yourself. Do not rely on ATM booths(sometimes your request might not be responded).
  • Reserve your seat at least 2-3 days earlier.
  • Take care of your hand carry belongings /equipment though they are safe.
  • Buses move on scheduled time so you must be there before half an hour of departure.
  • Follow safety measures while traveling.
  • Due to geographical condition(especially landslide during monsoon), you might get stuck for a few hours. Please do not get panic.
What Our Clients Say
  • P
    Prarthana GautamNepal,August 01, 2019

    Best Tourist Bus Service in Nepal

    I along with my 24 friends was going for Pokhara trip. Everything was arranged except for the bus. We had a very bad bus experience from our previous trip. So, we didn’t want to take a chance on the bus. One of my friends who had trekked before with Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition said to us that the company also provide tourist bus service and their service is outstanding. Then, we contacted Binod Sapkota, the owner of Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition. He suggested us to reserve the bus and then we decided to do so. The bus was so comfortable. Each service written in cost details were provided fairly. Thank you so much Binod Sapkota and the team for the great service and also for giving us right advise on the right time.

  • S
    Stephen CollenAustralia,May 22, 2019

    Book Tourist Bus Ticket With Nepal Trek Adventure

    I recently booked a trek with Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition. This will be my third trek with NTA team. Last time we had a problem while searching for the bus to Pokhara. I am sure that it will be easy-peasy for us to reach Pokhara now. I am so excited. Hats off to you and I am damn sure that you will provide the best service as always.


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