Quickest Way to Reach Everest Base Camp

Nepal, a country that lies in the center of the South East Asian part of the world holds the right to hold any trekking and climbing routines to and on the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest. The Everest Base Camp is a region exclusive experience granted only through the country Nepal. Everest Base Camp is one of the topmost destinations of the world, the Everest has never failed to admire anyone. Everyone in this world has a desire to reach the base of Mount Everest.

The trekking follows through the high and low hills of this mountain dominated country that reaches its final destination at the foot of the highest mountain known to mankind. A person has many ways through which one might reach the Everest base camp. For people who are looking for an adventurous experience, walking through hills and mountains to reach the base camp, they have different options like Everest Base Camp luxury package, Everest Base Camp 12 day’s package, and many more. Each one with its amazing eye-catching views and never forgetting the experience.

Day Tours to Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp Day tour

The people who want to experience their life in an adventurous way and make a lifetime memory by going to the Everest Base Camp in a short time started searching for the quickest and shortest way to reach to the destination as too long traveling is not for them. Well, there are several options that you would certainly like to take a look at.

Not only can you travel to the Everest Base Camp fast and easy but return very quickly as well. There are many options from which you can choose to explore The Everest. The packages like Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, Mountain Flight provides you with the traveling to the base camp in a day!  These are the most convenient and also the most liked ways to experience the world’s top destination, Mount Everest.

The mountain flight starts from Kathmandu and lands back after the trip is done. The aerial view of the Everest is still a must see and to do things in every adventurer’s diary. It would be a lifetime memorable experience to get the breath-taking view of Mount Everest and other surrounding mountains such as mount Lhotse, mount Makalu, mount Ama Dablam and hundreds of other named and unnamed mountains, along with beautiful glacial lakes from the air in a scenic flight of about an hour. Though mountain flight does not give an opportunity to land anywhere near the base camp, it gives a satisfying experience. Still, if you wish to land somewhere near Everest base camp and explore the closest view of Everest within a day, The helicopter tour would be the best option.

The Everest base camp helicopter tour starts from Kathmandu and lands over Kalapatthar- the black stone at the elevation of 5550m. From Kalapatthar, you get the opportunity to gain the best view of the peak of Mount Everest. After spending some great time at Kalapatthar, whether it may be clicking photos or exploring the closest sight of Mount Everest, the helicopter takes off and takes around above the Mount Everest giving the birds eye view of Mount Everest and other `neighbor mountains. And then, takes you to the hotel which is said to be the five-star hotel located in the highest altitude in the world, “The Everest View Hotel”. Here you can enjoy the wonderful view of the Everest. After spending some delightful time in Everest view hotel, the helicopter returns back to the capital city, Kathmandu.

Short Treks to Everest Base Camp

Short tek to Everest Base Camp

Some thirst may still remain unsatisfied within 4 hours of exploration of Everest Base camp. There are more options available for adventurous beings who wish to get more adventure in less time, providing the experience of trekking and helicopter tour in a single package. The packages include Everest base camp 3 day’s trek and Everest base camp 5 days trek. Both are the shortest trekking itinerary towards the Everest base camp. This is the opportunity to visit the maximum parts of Everest region in the least period of time having closest view of mountains, passing through hanging bridges, travelling through the glacial lakes, being welcomed by the fresh rhododendron and orchid forests and interacting with different local people of Sherpa community, also getting the helicopter view of Everest as well.

The different treks and packages, all will provide you with a never forgetting experience, taking you to the lap of Mount Everest. However, the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is still the most popular of the available ones, as you get it done in the shortest time possible and is convenient for every traveler.

Nepal Trek Adventure has been fulfilling all the above-mentioned packages in a successful manner since years and can arrange all these packages as per your demand. The suitable travel itinerary is already listed on our site but can also be modified according to your flexibility. You may check the fixed departure dates of different packages on our site. We may arrange the same departure date for you or add other departure dates suitable for you.