Top 8 Adventurous Things To Do In Bhutan

  • Last Updated on Jan 30, 2024

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Bhutan, being a mountainous kingdom, offers various high and low lights that attract most of the travelers from the world. This mountainous kingdom always fulfills the passion for new experiences of the explorer who is on a journey of exploration, peacefulness, profoundness and mental restoration. There are a lot of extraordinary things to do in Bhutan. You can observe the most intense celebrations, shop at the end of the week market; ponder in the peaceful slopes, natural life safaris, and significantly more beyond the imagination of anyone. Let’s check out some of the best adventure activities that can be done in Bhutan or simply the must-try tagged best top 8 things to do in Bhutan.

1. Trekking in Bhutan

The high ranges of the Bhutanese Himalayas are very welcoming, and a considerable amount of individuals go trekking in Bhutan through the different trails that go through the mountains. The Jomolhari trek is a standout amongst the most prevalent among travelers visiting Bhutan and offers staggering perspectives on the Jomolhari top, just as a, look into the astonishing widely varied vegetation of the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. The Druk Path Trek is another incredible undertaking that experiences the rhododendron woodlands that encompass the pile of Gangkar Puensum. Laya is another famous remote village in Bhutan to trek and the trek is a great 2-day climb taking you over 4000 meters. In all out, it is four days return. Hence, mountaineering is unique among the best things to do in Bhutan.

2. Archery

Archery is a national sport of Bhutan, which fact also makes this adventure activity one of the things to do in Bhutan. It is practiced all over the nation. Archery is a strange activity you can try in Bhutan. From local competition to inter-national competition archery is taken seriously. The most interesting thing is that the game isn't limited to competitors as you can find local people taking part in a wide range of archery in any kind of celebrations and fairs. Traditionally, members of the opposing team make fun of each archer so as to confuse the contestant while members of the same team celebrate each successful shot. Once you understand what is going on, the game will be more entertaining and you will have a great time.

3. Mountain Biking

The different cleared mountain streets are ideal for cycling in Bhutan. Set against the beautiful valleys and the mountains, these trails are best secured on bicycles that you can contract from the different towns and even towns in Bhutan. Introduce yourself to the territory of exotic flora and fauna whereas taking a biking tour high the twisted places of the Asian country. Drive on the foremost brilliant places of the country, witnessing the norms and tradition of the mysterious country whose origin dates back as way as 2000 years. There is additional scope for specialists to have a fabulous time. Take advantage of this one of the top things to do in Bhutan in the most profound and generous way.

4. Whitewater Rafting

Rafting is one of the standouts amongst the most prevalent adventure in Bhutan. The Pho Chhu and Mo Chhu streams are very well known spots for rafting in Bhutan. You'll go under suspension spans, see the encompassing mountains, dzongs, and chortens. The best part about the boating trail is experiencing the rapids around the Punakha Dzong, the old capital and royal monuments before the move to Thimpu. Whitewater rafting is prescribed during the day. Lots of travelers visit and relish this escapade commotion which has aided it on becoming single among any things to do in Bhutan.

5. Suspension Bridge

The 160-meter long extension crosses the Po Chhu River associating the town of Phunaka with Phunaka Dzong. It's a brilliant scene with prayer flags hung over the railings on the bridge all the way. You can have a wonderful whitewater rafting view beneath. The suspension in Punakha connects Punakha Dzong to all the neighboring villages. It was made a few hundred years back and is viewed as the longest suspension bridge in Bhutan. Crossing this structure with an amazing view is something in this list as the most attractive things to do in Bhutan that you should attempt whenever you’re in Bhutan.

6. Paragliding

Paragliding is one of the freshly introduced outdoor sports activities in Bhutan. Paragliding in Bhutan is particularly incredible because of many highlands. This activity has gained popularity and has become one of the best things to do in Bhutan in a very short period of time. In Kamshet, you can go paragliding through the low slopes and timberlands. Paragliding is frequently operated in the alluring valley of Ura, Phobjika, and Bumthang, supervised by alpine flying experience and licensed pilots. Many individuals who settle on paragliding additionally enquire about bungee jumping. Be that as it may, bungee jumping in Bhutan isn't permitted due to some safety concerns. Paragliding is one of the most renowned activities performed in Bhutan.

7. Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is one of the renowned adventurous things to do in Bhutan. Explore yourself by grasping the difficult Rock climbing adventure in Bhutan. This daring game is an appealing activity of encountering the trouble, rush, and thrilling experience in the core of amazingly beautiful nature. There is a natural climbing rock outside Thimphu. Here you will detect a sum of 13 unique paths that have been attached and made safe and are of different grades of difficulty.

8. Climbing Dochula Pass

There are many locations where climbing bustle can be achieved. Dochula Pass is a standout amongst those most delightful places which is situated at a strange location. This amazing Pass is about 10,000 feet above from the sea level. The most chosen site offers stunning snow-capped mountains and the spellbinding intense Buddhist flags blowing in the midst of the 108 chortens. Explore the religious community and encompassing pathways as much as you want. There is a botanical park close-by, a shop, and a sanctuary. Hence this strange but beautiful experience has made this adventure movement solitary among the best things to do in Bhutan.

Bhutan being very beautiful Buddhist country, shelters numerous amount of temples, Dzongs, monuments, cultural variations, and many more natural and artistic popularities. Above mentioned 8 most precise and contrasting things to do in Bhutan are just the small glimpse of the things that Bhutan can offer to its visitors and as a whole admirer. There are many more too. other things to do in Bhutan include kayaking, enjoying cultural aspects of Bhutan, admiring the real but unique animal of Bhutan “Takin” (which is also the national animal of Bhutan), religious paintings (Phallic painting) explorations, relishing pleasant Tibetan and Bhutanese styled dishes, and last but not the least roaming around the wonderful city markets of Thimpu, Paro, and so on. Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition (NTA) offers all these kinds of activities to the clients who want to explore the beauty of Bhutan via Nepalese medium. Enjoy the Bhutan panorama and relish these most attractive things to do in Bhutan with Nepal Trek Adventure. Namaste!!!

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