Caving in Nepal

Caving is the way or process of moving and exploring through a natural cave. It might be on a short journey or long but it is one of the adventurous journeys. Caving also helps people who love photography and videography. It is also beneficial for health as we have to perform physical activities and extra efforts. Caving is not easy as we see because there exist varieties of caves and they might take some extra necessary skills for the process and involvement. It also depends upon the type of cave. While doing caving it must be in mind that it is recommended to have safety gears first. There can exist many accidents like slipping, falling or falling of stones or muds. There might occur flooding or some animals might be present there.

So, before involving in this adventurous but dangerous activity, we have to make sure that the place is already researched and no such events may occur.  We have to wear helmets, tie a rope and some handy gears in order to do proper caving. If any accidents occur, it will be very difficult to rescue and help people stuck there. Most of the caves are filled with bats, it might be hard and dangerous in such zones as they might bring you some disease. The caving process might bring some incidents as well. In the cave, we have to make sure the directions and places we have been. It will help us not to lose the way of out and in. If we become confused and start to look for places we might get lost and might take us more time to search for the exit and we might wander different parts of the cave. Before caving, we have to practice some ideas, methods, movements, and training to go inside the cave. It will surely be beneficial for us as it gives us confidence and ideas to tackle if any problem persists.

Nepal Trek Adventure provides you the great offer of exploring around and within the caves in Nepal. Some of the major short and long caves in Nepal are Siddha Cave, Bat Cave (Chamere Cave), Bagdwara Cave, Chobhar Cave, Gupteshwor cave, Mahadev Parwati Cave, Mahendra Cave, Maratika Cave, Mustang Cave, and Badrinath cave. NTA provides you the opportunities to explore these caves with the best itineraries and costs. So, feel free to contact us anytime and anywhere. You can reach us through our contact number and email address.

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