Everest Region Trekking

Everest Region Trekking is a must-do creative activity in Nepal. Trekking to the Everest region lets you encounter the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest. Also, the supporting mountains’ panorama is much more mesmerizing. Everest is a paradise for adventure and nature lovers. Mount Everest is the most elevated mountain peak on the Earth above sea level with an ebb and flow official height of 8848 meters (29,029 feet). It is known as Sagarmatha in Nepali and Chomolungma in the Tibetan language. Sagarmatha is combined with two words, ‘Sagar’ and ‘Matha’, which means ‘sky’ and ‘forehead’. Uniting both, the word Sagarmatha refers to as ‘Forehead of the Sky’. It is likewise a worldwide outskirt among China and Nepal.

The popular name Mount Everest was delivered by the Royal Geographical Society with the suggestion of Andrew Waugh after the name of his forerunner in the post, Sir George Everest. Everest Region is one of the significant attractions for the trekkers on the planet who love to encounter the rush and challenge the mountain ranges. It is the primary home for any trekker in the world. There is also a phrase relating to this, which implies as ‘No trekking is complete without experiencing the Everest region’. It is because of the adorability and calmness of mountains and the whole environment.

Looking over the major attractions of the Everest Region, mountains come in the first place. Some of the mountains observed from the Everest region are Mount Everest (8848m), Mount Ama Dablam, Mount Cho Oyo, Pumori, Mount Lhotse, Lhotse Sar, Mount Nuptse, Mount Makalu, Mount Cholatse, Mount Tawache, Mount Gyachung Kang, Mount Kusum Kanguru, Mount Gongla, Mount Nupla, Thamserku, Tobuche, Tengi Ragi Tau, Kabsila, Khumbila, Kangtewa, Shar, Island Peak, Kangtega, Chumbu, Lingtren, Karyolung, and many more. Besides mountains, the region has many other things to offer such as beautiful panoramic views of green forests and charming hills, villages at high altitudes, the lifestyle of local people, and Sherpa culture. Getting close to the local festivals and celebrations brings extra zest to the journey.

Everest Region climbers summit the peak or just the way to base camp with full professional experiences, also some may have lesser experience of trekking around. No need for high professional training is essential for beginners, but the motivation and the courage to hike around should be involved within them. Few exercises and walking practice might be enough for undergoing this journey. Everest region can be expedited from two sides; i.e. the Nepal side (South route) and the Tibet side (North route). The Everest expedition from the Nepal side is much more popular and marked as the standard one, but the beauty that the mountain offers is equivalent whether you climb from the north or south side.

Everest region major attractions

  • High mountains surrounding all over your trail
  • Lakes and ice-falls
  • Springs, hot springs, rivers, and the cascades
  • Ancient but unique Sherpa and Tibetan people with their own cultures, tradition, norms, and values, and amazing way of spending life
  • Local bazaars and market stalls in the street
  • Handmade stuff like thankas, radi, and other handicrafts
  • Yak milk, cheese, curd, blood, chhurpi, wools are also the most likable ones

Everest region environment

According to the standard data collected about the Everest region, the Everest area around 8,000 meters has an air temperature -17oC (1oF), relative humidity of 41.3 percent, atmospheric pressure 382.1 hPa (38.21 kPa), wind direction 262.80, wind speed 12.8 ms-1 (28.6 mph, 46.1 km/h-1), global solar radiation 711.9 wattsm-2, solar UVA radiation 30.4 Wm-2. For starting and ending the Everest voyage, going through all these data and keeping oneself ready for any kind of situation is the must remember kind of stuff.

Best time for Everest region trekking

Nepal encompasses a very beautiful and serene natural perspective, collecting into the memory of which travelers come to Nepal. Everest region is one of those natural desirabilities. Reaching there at the right time will be the most satisfying moment of your lifetime. There are 4 seasons in Nepal, they are autumn, monsoon, spring, and winter. Autumn and spring are the highly recommended time for Everest region trekking, as the sky will remain clear and weather will be supportive. In these two seasons (on-season), you will have the most appealing perspective on the Everest environment. In monsoon, there falls a high amount of rain, and in winter the environment remains much colder. But the off-season trekking is applicable in these seasons.

Best treks in Everest region

There are a lot of places in the Everest region that can be explored around and take advantage of the beautiful Himalayas. Some of the major trekking routes are mentioned below:

Everest base camp trek

Everest base camp trek is one of the best treks in Nepal. It is the most popular trekking destination of Nepal, which thousands of travelers admire throughout the year. And it is gaining its popularity day by day at a high pace. This trek is mostly famous as you will be able to submit the base camp of the highest mountain of the world, Mount Everest, and have the beautiful panoramic view of other mountains, green forest, colorful hills, and overall landscape. The trekking path and the local settlements mark their places in the heart too. This mesmerizing trek can be of 12 days, 14 days, and so on.

Everest base camp luxury lodge trek

Are you a person who loves the hi-fi life? Then this trek is for you. During this trek, you will be staying in the best of the best hotels in the area. Hotels and lodges will be starred ones with a lot of amazing facilities, acquiring which you will be amazed by the thought, “how is it possible to have such great services in this place?” You will be able to enjoy your trek with luxury options of hotel beds, showers, internet, phone call facilities, and so forth. This trek is just for you to make you able to enjoy the Himalayan panorama with no hustles and burden. You will definitely admire this relaxing luxury trek in the Everest Region of Nepal.

Everest base camp trek with helicopter

It is not obvious that you should only trek, trek and trek in order to reach Mount Everest Base Camp or the top. You are able to reach any places of Everest region and further for the Everest summit or base camp climbing, or you can directly fly to the base camp and observe the area and return back, or it is also possible to trek to the base camp and return back to Kathmandu or Lukla via helicopter or Everest base camp helicopter tour. Different helicopter pickups and drop-off services are available for normal flights, rescue, and evacuation facilitation. Helicopter trek to Everest Region can be 1 hour, 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, and so on. Helicopter trek can be modified and organized easily with no more time and effort consumption.

Apart from these treks, other treks that are offered in the Everest Region are Everest Circuit Trek, Gokyo Valley Trek, Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trekking, Gokyo Valley Trek with EBC, Everest View Trek, Everest Base Camp Tours Nepal and Tibet, and many more. All these treks will support you a lot in order to oversee all the major attractions of the territory.

Everest region challenges

Climbing the arena of the highest mountain in the world is not as simple as climbing the ladder. Here will occur lots of problems and difficulties that can be copped only if proper care can precaution are taken. Some of the major challenges that might occur while the Everest expedition is Altitude sickness, extreme temperature, weather, summit fever, Khumbu Icefall, frost bites, and so on. Trekkers must carry the first aid kit, proper clothing kinds of stuff and Himalayan accessories, and other safety measures in order to handle all these hard situations. Also, appropriate consultation with a companying guide or other supervisors is a necessity.

Everest region trekking with Nepal Trek Adventures and Expedition can be your ideal choice for exploration, as we provide different types of Everest region packages with the price cheaper than others. Our itinerary is also so flexible that you can customize it by yourself and move on for trekking. Therefore, feel free to contact us anytime, by way of we are available 24*7 for rationing our godly clients.

Package (s)

Everest Three Passes Trek 17 Days
Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trekking 19 Days
Gokyo Valley Trek 11 Days

Gokyo Valley Trek

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$1100 USD
Everest View Trek 7 Days

Everest View Trek

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$850 USD
Gokyo Valley Trek with EBC 14 Days
Everest Circuit Trekking 17 Days

Everest Circuit Trekking

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$1690 USD
Everest Base Camp Trek 12 Days

Everest Base Camp Trek

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$1190 USD
Everest Base Camp Luxury Lodge Trek 13 Days
 14 days Everest Base Camp Trek 14 Days