Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve


Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Camp is the Government protected area of Nepal. It is situated in the bank of Sapta Koshi River (33,500 square km) which is the longest river in Nepal. It covers a total area of 175km2 (68sqmi) of wetlands in the districts of Saptari, Sunsari, Udaypur of Eastern Terai region. The major objective of the establishment of this reserve area is to protect rare wild water buffaloes. It offers the wonderful wetland that is the home for various species of birds and various migrant birds as well, making it the best bird watching sanctuary not only in Nepal but also in entire Asia.

The major attractions of Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Tour are, its deciduous riverine forest grassland and marshy vegetation with the coverage of 68% grassland and 6% forest. Some other species found in the region are 2 toad species, nine frog species, six lizard species, five snake species, and eleven turtle species along with other major giants like Asian elephants, spotted deer, hog deer, wild boar, golden jackal, smooth-coated otter, Gharial, and mugger crocodile. The place is also the domain of remarkable 485 species of birds including water cock, dusky eagle-owl, white-tailed stonechat, and many more. In the extensive wetlands, 514 plant species are found including kapok, sugarcane, reed, cylindrical, eel grass lotus and many more. Overnight camping in buffer zone can be done since we are not allowed to camp inside the jungles of Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve sound of bird’s animals and wildlife will give you thrill as well as one of the best feelings in the world Further descriptions of the major attractions of the area are shown as below:

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Main Attractions

Sunset at Koshi Barrage 

Jungle safari - We offer you the best heavenly feeling by sharing homes with many animals of Koshi Tappu, a wildlife-rich in an ecosystem with numbers of mammal, birds, reptiles and many more. This is the house of more than 400 wild water buffaloes. You will discover a lot of grassland animals like Asian elephants, hog deer, spotted deer, wild boar, golden jackal and many more. You can experience jungle walk, jeep safari, jungle safari on the back of an elephant.

Bird Watching - We provide you the best Birdwatching observations. We provide you best guide with full knowledge of birds and their behavior. By the help of binoculars and birds sounds, you can see migrated and indigenous birds like Watercock, Indian Nightjar, Black-headed cuckoo shrike, Pallas fish Eagle, Gull-billed Tern, Swamp Francolin, Bengal floricans and many more.

Boating - Being on the boat is one of the most relaxing as well as exciting experiences by surrounding yourself with fishes and most importantly Ganges river dolphins as well as animals like Muggar crocodiles, Gharials, numbers of turtles, snakes and frogs.

Koshi Barrage - It is one of the longest bridge in Nepal which has 56 gates. This bridge is also known as the flood savior of the Eastern Terai as well as many parts of Bihar (India). The main attraction of this bridge is the scenario of the fertile lands of Terai region and fishing with locals will make you feel at home. You can also enjoy the traditional way of selling and buying goods in that region which is also known as Hatiya, mostly thrice a week in which people use ancient ways of purchasing. You can also enjoy traditional carnival which is known as Mela mostly it occurs in the time of Hatiya.

Walking and Cycling Around the Village - The beauty of countryside, flora and fauna and lifestyle of fish man community and Tharu community is the best experience on a bike’s seat as you meander through fertile lands of Terai and Koshi River to enjoy your holidays; we also can explore many villages with a different lifestyle.

Nearest Temples around Koshi Tappu - Kankalini temple is just around 30 minutes by drive from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. It is the holy place for people who follow Hindu religion. It is believed that if you wish something with your pure heart then it is fulfilled earlier or later. Many people from India and Nepal come every year in the belief of fulfilling their wish. According to history and myths, it is believed that while digging the land for establishing the area of human settlement in Bhardaha, the stone statue of Durga was found. This statue was settled in Kankalini temple and was started worshiping by the locales. But afterward, outsiders within or outside of country started visiting the place to offer their devotion. This holy place lies near Mahendra Highway Bhardaha section. This temple is majorly famous for the belief of people that all the wishes are fulfilled if you go there and pray in front of the goddess. It is one of the major attractions for people of Nepal and India where they mainly visit in Bada Dashain (biggest festival for Hindus). Animal sacrifices (mainly goats) are also done.

Ramdhuni Municipality - Ramdhuni is also known as Dhuniban. It takes around 30 minutes to reach there from Koshi Tappu. It is said that while Lord Ram had gone to Banbaas, he stayed there. There is still a wheel of cart used by Lord Ram, Statue of Lord Shiva, a fire born by Lord Ram, Carved stone used by Sita. A Fare is organized there on the occasion of Ramnawami. There is a temple, forest which is the main attraction of the very place.

Camping Overnight-  Overnight camping in buffer zone can be done since we are not allowed to camp inside the jungle of Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve. The sound of birds animals and wildlife will give you thrill as well as makes you close to wildlife

How to Reach Koshi Tappu from Kathmandu?

By Flight - It takes 40 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Biratnagar and from Biratnagar, it takes around 1 hour to reach Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve by a drive.
By Local Transportation - It takes around 10 hours bus ride from Kathmandu to Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve
Private Car or Transportation - It takes around 8 hours from Kathmandu to reach there.
Drive Distance from Kathmandu - It is around 350 Kilo Meter (218 Miles) far from Kathmandu 

What are the conditions to be fulfilled?

A proper description of yourself is required for your passport Citizenship or Identity card. Entry-pass is required without which you cannot enter inside Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve. You must take a guide with you while entering jungle of Koshi Tappuwildlifee reserve 

What are the limitations?

Hunting of animals will lead you to jail (Prison). Piracy of flora and fauna is strictly prohibited. Feeding and teasing wild animals are strictly prohibited. You cannot carry any weapons along with you.

What is the necessary equipment to be taken?

It is better you carry a pair of boots along with. Carrying one stick can be useful in your walk in jungles and grasslands of Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve. If you are fond of fishing then you can carry the fishing rod with you. You can carry seasonal clothes and torchlight as per your convenience.

What kind of food will be available there?

Mainly Nepali food (Bhat, Dal, curry) as well as many fish items of local people. You can get international food such as Indian food Chinese food as well as continental food in some restaurant out there.

What sort of Temperature, Climates, and Weather will be there in a certain season? Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Monsoon -  Average Temperature is 20.3 Degree Celcius which makes environment but rainfall balances the environmental condition. [June to mid of September]
Winter -  Average Temperature is 13 Degree Celcius which makes the environment quite foggy. [End of November to March]
Autumn - Average Temperature is 23 Degree Celcius in which the environment is mild. [Mid of September to end of November]
Spring - Average Temperature is 33 Degree Celcius which makes the temperature hot and bloomy. [Mid of March to May]

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Hotels and Accommodation

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Camp - It is in Paschim kusaha which is 3.5miles from Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve
Aqua bird Unlimited wildlife Camp - It lies in west kusaha 04 sunsari.it is around 6.5 km far from Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve which takes 20minutes by bus.
City Guest House - It is in Ithari bus park which is 21miles far from Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve 
Hotel Harrison palace - It is in Bajrangbali marg Biratnagar which is 12milles from Koshi tappu wildlife reserve
City Guest House and Family Rest -  It is in New busk park Ithari which is around  13miles from Koshi tappu wildlife reserve

Birds and Animals Found in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Swamp Francolin, Blackneck stork, Lesser Adjutant, Comb Duck, Falcated Duck, Spot-billed Duck, Cottonpigmy Goose, Baer’s Pochard Bailon’s crake, Ruddy Crake, Striated Grassbird, Lesser Kestrel, Bristle Grassbird, water cock, Indian Nightjar, Black Headed Cuckoshrike, Pallas Fish Eagle, Gull-billed Tern, Bengal floricans,

Best Time to Visit Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

Best time is from October to march many migratory birds, as well as indigenous birds, can be spotted here. In this period of time animals comes out because this time is meeting period so the chance of spotting animals is very high. Drizzling sight of Mount Makalu can be seen at this time of year.