Our Team

  • Binod Sapkota

    Binod Sapkota

    Managing Director

    Binod Sapkota hailed to Kathmandu from Dhading district after accomplishing his School (tenth grade) in early 2000. He joined Proficiency Certificate Level in a college and got engaged with tourism industry. He is a management graduate from Tribhuvan University (TU). Before establishing his dream empire (Nepal Trek Adventure) he began his career as a porter. He is a certified trekking guide who rose to become MD at NTA in 2007. He has in depth knowledge of tourism sector.

    Recently, he inaugurated a luxury hotel called De’ Veda in Thamel. He owns a restaurant too. At present, 34 people work for his organization, 12 each in restaurant and hotel and 10 at NTA. He has extensively traveled in countries like Tibet, Bhutan, Indian and whole part of Nepal. This has enabled him to extend business associations overseas and has also kept him abreast with the innovative ways of improving tourism. Being an ardent supporter of eco-tourism in Nepal, he aims to help protect and preserve this beautiful environment for future generations of trekkers to enjoy. It is his diligence, creative thinking and uncompromising work ethics that have earned him respect from his business fraternity as well as the clients.

  • Shiva Adhikari

    Shiva Adhikari

    Trekking Guide

    Shiva Raj Adhikari is an expert trekking guide who started his journey of exploring natural Nepal since 2011 and has marked his name in the list of best trekking guide in certain trekking routes in Nepal. Trekking was not his first priority at all but the time paved his way towards it. But he is happy with what he does. The major routes that he guides are Annapurna Region, Mount Everest Region, Langtang mountain exploration, Gosaikunda, and many more. He is known as Annapurna Region Specialist and has explored Ghorepani Poon Hill area more than 60 times. He is associated with NTA since his first step towards Nepalese tourism, i.e. from 2011. He visited and also is planning to visit much more places of Nepal in near future.

  • Krishnamani Sapkota

    Krishnamani Sapkota

    Trekking Guide

    Krishnamani Sapkota, the trekking guide, is the enthusiastic and energetic personnel who is associated with this company since its very beginning. He has accomplished the various routes of Annapurna and Everest regions for multiple numbers of times. A Dhading native, has 10+ years of experience in the tourism and hospitality sector, working with numbers of tourists all over the world. He holds a bachelor degree from the native university and also a legal trekking guide’s license. He is a travel freak who absolutely fits as a humble and striking trekking guide of the whole tourism industry. He loves gathering with people from different cultures, values, and perspective, which he tries to absorb within him too. His service has been considered as excellent by most of our international and national trekkers.

  • Bijay Chaurasia

    Bijay Chaurasia


    Bijay Chaurasia is a travel photographer, born and brought in Rajbiraj, the city given status of municipality when monarchy was restored, in Sagarmatha zone in Saptari district. He started his career following his passion as a photographer at the age of 17 and is continuing his flourishing journey with pocket full of passion and dedication. He is also an active contributor at Wikimedia projects as account creator, autopatrolled, and importer in Maithili Wikimedia. He is associated with the organization since 2015 and holds the position of senior Manager.

  • Anuja Sharma

    Anuja Sharma

    Content Development Specialist

    Anuja Sharma is the enthusiastic girl who is a native inhabitant of Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. She is learning bachelor’s level at Texas International College. Continuing her study, she joined Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition (NTA) in February 2016. She always had a colossal interest in reading, writing and expressing her ideas, that’s why she joined the company as a content writer. But with the years of experience and her dedication towards writing, she has evolved herself as a content development Specialist. Her active works include technical and non-technical content authoring, content editing, and keyword and content designing, and so on. Her understanding and writing with regards to the company’s policy and requirements have abetted the company in stirring towards the desired vision and the position.

  • Rajan Rijal

    Rajan Rijal

    Trekking Guide

    Rajan Rijal is an aspiring, well-trained, and experienced guide, who united with Nepal Trek Adventure in 2010. His familiarity and ways of handling customers have established him different from other guides. He is very active in trekking and has knowledge about hundreds of trekking and touring spots of the overall country. He was born and brought up in Dhading as a normal kid but growing up made him dream like an abnormal dreamer of exploring each and every part of the country. Continuing his study, he got engaged in the field of tourism as a guide and now is in an unbelievable position. He is maintaining his legacy as an obliging guide in the overall trekking circle in Nepal to date.