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  • EBC Helicopter Tour
    Russian Federation Published: Monday, Nov 04, 2019

    EBC Helicopter Tour


    Recently a few weeks ago I went for an EBC helicopter tour with my other four friends. We went to the helicopter and return on the helicopter as well. My helicopter tour was so amazing. I and my friends had the feeling of flying in and with the cloud, and when we finally saw Mount Everest, that moment was amazing. We could not explain those feelings in words. We had collaborated with Nepal Trek Adventure & Expedition, and hence, they prepared the trip in such a memorable and comfortable manner for us. The owner of the company Mr. Binod has arranged everything in time for us, so perfectly. We are really thankful to him for everything and for taking care of our safety as the most. We will surely visit next time to Nepal and unite with you all. Also, we will recommend you guys to our friends and family. Thumbs up!

  • EBC Chopper Ride with NTA
    Sophie Moriston
    Botswana Published: Sunday, Nov 03, 2019

    EBC Chopper Ride with NTA


    I and my fiancée planned to go for the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour in Nepal. We contacted Nepal Trek Adventure team, after a quick search on the internet. They were on the top list that made our sight on them. We got connected with them in no time. They provided us a lot of information in the first place and they arranged everything required in a designed period of time. We are really impressed with their work and the environment they created with their guests. We enjoyed our trip like anything we adored in life. I just got lost in the Himalayas. Those sparkling mountains, slow breezes touching our skin, calm sunshine on our head, and those glowing greenery were just out of the box. We will surely visit Nepal again and trek to this arena. For sure, we will contact you NTA. Thank you all, thank you NTA team, thank you, Binod, for making our chopper ride to EBC in Nepal so perfect and just the way we wanted it to be. Highly recommended!

  • After-trek experience to Everest Base Camp by helicopter
    Italy Published: Friday, Nov 01, 2019

    After-trek experience to Everest Base Camp by helicopter


    Hovering around a couple of trekking spots of Nepal with Nepal Trek Adventure was great and awe-inspiring. We wandered around; anyway, we got an additional time which we expected to spend researching more about the Nepalese landscape. Our buddies decided to rest at the cabin yet I expected to do some more experiences in the Himalayas. I talked with Binod Sapkota (owner of the company, NTA) about a sort of knowledge that I required, and he endorsed a chopper ride to Everest Base Camp, scheduled for some hour of a day. I convinced my best friend and he moreover agreed. We made a call to Binod and he fixed the tour. Each sort of stuff of the base camp and environment that we observed from and after leaving helicopter, those Himalayas, those valley lights, greenery, fluctuated vegetation were eminent. Really, the view was an epic respite to eyes. Wandering on the cold base camp gave the estimation of chance and was charming. Binod himself was there with us so correspondence was not an issue, which helped us more with knowing about the mountains, greenery, and fauna. Thankful to you Binod, you and your office are dumbfounding.

  • Fulfilling wish of a helicopter flight to Everest Base Camp
    Brian Davis
    Mexico Published: Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019

    Fulfilling wish of a helicopter flight to Everest Base Camp


     Everest Base Camp has consistently been at the highest priority on my rundown of visiting places all around the world. The photos and recordings shot there, put on the web were continually hypnotizing and endearing. At any rate, I saw them as so. At the end of the week, I arranged a visit there and subsequently did as such. I arrived in Nepal and on the next day, I went to the Kathmandu terminal for the trip with my company's delegate. Passing over the company, Nepal Trek Adventure was the one I teamed up with and Binod, the owner, himself had attended us and got to the destination. We took off and went to Lukla for powering the helicopter with fuel, and in the wake of filling, we proceeded with our amazing heli excursion. I discovered numerous mountain ranges and crests to be remarkably wonderful. The encompassing territory was extra delightful than anticipated. I took bunches of photographs, audio, and video recordings as well. I appreciated the outing as a great deal and was of course not leaving my mind and soul, regardless of being completed. Much obliged to you Nepal Trek Adventure and all the related individuals who helped me formerly, during, at and after the tour. I value it a ton.

  • Great organization of ABC Helicopter Tour
    Belgium Published: Wednesday, Oct 02, 2019

    Great organization of ABC Helicopter Tour


    I had always heard that Annapurna is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal to trek and explore the natural beauty. So I decided to visit there at least once. I made a plan with the Nepal Trek Adventure team and they provided me every detail needed. I chose the Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour, as I had not much time as a holiday. The team organized everything perfectly with such ease that I was amazed. You guys are really impressive, and your friendliness was just wow. The helicopter ride was so amazing and the Annapurna region was really beautiful encompassed with mountains, sparkling sun on mountain faces, hills, locales, and a variety of unique features. I can say it without any doubts. I love the birds-eye view of everything visible from the top. I love this helicopter trip to ABC and the experience of riding in the helicopter was so exciting. Thank you so much NTA team for everything. I will recommend you all to my friends, relatives, and everyone I know, who wish to visit Nepal in 2020, 2021, 2022, and more years to go.