Restricted Area Trekking

Restricted Area Trekking is the trekking experience that is absorbed from the places that are really hard to get through and grasp. Restricted area does not mean strictly forbidden but is hard to reach which acquire especial conditions (permits, training, and documents) to be fulfilled. Very few outsiders visit this part of the world. Hence, restricted area trekking is probably one of the remote trekking trails of the world. Nepal offers those trekking routes with a pledge of mountain beauties, glaciers land lakes, rivers and cascades, local ethnic settlements, and various rare but ethnic lures.

Restricted Areas in Nepal are the paradise on earth, as they are enormously natural, hidden valleys, and local tradition and cultures. Restricted area trekking has not been allowed in Nepal since 1991. All these steps have been taken to protect the cultures and natural influences. But after that year, trekking bustle to these areas are been increasing more and more till today. Camping trek is the classic style for restricted area visiting. Numerous treks that might be proposed on a guide are in limited regions and you either can't get a license for these territories.

Gatherings for trekking must comprise of at least two travelers and the required staffs (like a guide, porter, helper, etc.). Trekkers require to bolster when something turns out badly (accident, sickness or robbery), the legislature limits a few territories since it questions on the security that trekkers need. Numerous pieces of Nepal situated in the Himalayan area are shut to Tibet. The way of life and way of life of Tibet may contrast from Nepal. Since the way of life and culture are extraordinary, those regions are limited with the goal that Nepal's way of life won't be influenced by Tibet's. What's more, there are additionally political explanations for certain Restrictions for Trekking in Nepal.

Top Restricted Area Trekking in Nepal

There are a ton of spots in the Restricted Area that can be investigated around and exploit the delightful Himalayas. A portion of the major trekking courses are referenced underneath:

Upper Mustang Trekking

Upper Mustang trek is must be completed an occasion for those trekkers who love trekking and experiences in these zones. It has different things to prosper like Tibetan culture, caverns thousand years of age and religious communities and numerous other grand wonders. Quantities of shooting and household visitor are expanding around there because of its characteristic wonders and scenes. These regions are non-rainy and furthermore known as deserts of Nepal. Upper Mustang is relative to Tibet in light of the fact that the way of life, customs, standards, and qualities are really like one another. A ruler with his kingdom is as yet administering this spot. And furthermore because of street availability, these days the guests can make it a traveler goal also. Rough jeep rides and trailblazing bicycle riding is itself an undertaking for all and by utilizing it they can have that experience of a lifetime.

Dolpo Region Trekking

Dolpo is recorded as the at any rate created locale of Nepal. It is the most remote piece of the nation as well. It was opened for trekking in 1989 by the legislature of Nepal. Dolpo is arranged in the middle of Tibetan level and Dhaulagiri Himalayan reaches. Shay Phoksundo National Park is the nation's biggest national park and protection region situated in this district. The recreation center possesses Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep, and Snow Leopard. The National park is named after "Shey Phoksundo Lake", which is in tallness of around 3600 M and it moves through Suligad River. The best time to travel this area in June and July when other trekking courses of Nepal is set apart as off opportune. During the long stretches of October to December, frigid temperatures are normal. This trekking should be a possible idea out the year with the exception of a few solidifying months.

Upper Rolwaling Trekking

Upper Rolwaling lies in the eastern part of Nepal and the trekking towards this place is somewhere greater part to experience all the way around the restricted area of Nepal. Upper Rolwaling Trekking is a moderate rated trekking route with the greatest view of mountains, diverse flora and fauna, the remoteness of the territory, local Buddhist, Sherpa, and Tamang cultures and traditions, and much more beyond the expectation. Upper Rolwaling is simply called ‘the grave’ by the indigenous ones. Many stories such as the story of Yeti and many Himalayan backgrounds also have taken place in the valley. Bigu Gompa (Bigu means ‘seed’ in Sherpa language), Tenzin Norgay’s hometown, Tashi (Tesi) Lapcha Pass (5,755 meters), Thame (Khumbu Valley), Gauri Shankar (7,135 meters) near Tibet border, and wild and lonely high valley can be the major attractions of Rolwaling trekking.

Special Permit for Restricted Area Trekking Routes in Nepal

Simply the word restricted means not strictly forbidden. It means the trekking route which needs special permits or documents to trek through. Restricted area trekking refers to trekking in such areas that require the special permit for trekking from the government of Nepal, Kathmandu (Nepal Tourism Board & Nepal Immigration). It is also known as a special route in a sense because for an individual the permit is not issued, there must be a minimum of 2 people for issuing the permits. Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo among few others are marked as restricted area trekking. Very few foreigners had visited this part of the world as it is probably one of the remote trekking trails of the world.

Things You Must Know Before Planning a Restricted Trekking Region

In Nepal, many trekking routes are open for FIT (Freelances Individual Trekkers) or in a proper group size, where there are some few trekking routes which are named as a restricted zone trekking and which are strictly controlled and authorized by the Government of Nepal for those FIT trekkers. One can only visit this trekking region after getting a permitting authority from the Department of Immigration Nepal. Licensed holder guides will be provided and for an individual trekker, a permit is not acceptable. Those who are interested in trekking in these routes must contact for legally registered trekking companies.

So that they will apply for the permits, which are based on your necessary documents by the Department of Immigration. At least they must be in a group (minimum two persons). Nepal Trek Adventures offers group joining facility to an individual trekker who is willing to go trekking in restricted areas of whole Nepal. Make sure that the expiry of visa is up to date to receive the special permits of Upper Dolpo, Upper Mustang and much other trekking and hiking trails of Nepal Himalayas. Permit entry cost for Upper Mustang & Upper Dolpo Treks is US$500 per person  (for the first 10 days). 

Tips for Restricted Area Trekking

  • Preserve a local culture, tradition, and customs is our responsibility and we must respect it.
  • Minimum group sizes of 2 peoples are required for issuing the special permits. The individual is banned for the legal process but group joining might be an option. Permits can be observed from the Nepal Tourism Board, FIT (Freelance Individual Trekking) and Department of Immigration (Kalikasthan, Kathmandu). For more information about the permits in Nepal, you can check in to travel info section of our site.
  • Clothes, types of equipment and safety gears are a compulsion. Guides, porters, and other helping staffs will be having their personal accident insurance.
  • The suggested routes are only for the trekking purpose that means it cannot be changed. The companies, guides will be responsible if the routes are changed.
  • Travelers must obey the rules and regulations of the restricted areas.
  • Travelers who also do the expeditions must need the permit as well before passing these areas.

The Foreigner (Protected Areas) Act expects an outsider to acquire a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to enter the certain territory in Nepal. So as to acquire a grant, voyagers must need certain prerequisite. Such confinement is forced because of security reasons. To help secure the delicate condition and social legacy, Restricted Area Permits are required and trekkers must go with enrolled control and should be in at any rate two out of a gathering. Horse locale and Kanchenjunga area are conceivable to direct in teahouse mode while Dolpo district requires full outdoors with a few night spending on high fields. Limited territory trekking in Nepal is testing; requires high-wellness and stamina yet the prizes are basically hypnotizing.

The typical programs aka itineraries of Restricted Area Trekking are planned and supported by Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition Team collaborating all the members including guides and porters, kitchen staffs, helpers, drivers, and many more. You can lead towards these restricted areas of Nepal with NTA team and make the journey more beautiful and appealing. Unite with us and enjoy different forbidden spots as restricted area trekking in Nepal.

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