River Rafting

After trekking, whitewater rafting is probably the most popular activity in Nepal. Nepal has various rivers that naturally suits for rafting. Trisuli and Bhote Koshi Rivers are most preferred for rafting in Nepal. Nepal is home to eight out of the fourteen highest peaks in the world, and from these breathtaking heights, rivers crash down through the foothills, fed by monsoon rains and melting snow, on their way to the Great Plains of the Ganges.On these rivers you will find the world's most thrilling whitewater with a wide range of rapids, warm water and bug free beaches for camping. All this make a wealth of unlimited opportunities for great rafting & kayaking.

Safety is most important and NTA makes no compromise in this regard. Due to this reason we deploy the most experienced guides and state of the art equipment, in order to make all trips a memorable, fulfilling, and above all, safe experience. At the rafting spot we also provide Tasty and hygienically prepared western meals, rum punch, tea, coffee and snacks. We always offer a vegetarian option and cater special diets if asked.

What you should bring
River sandals like Teas or Alps are the preferred footwear on the river. It is essential that all rafters have footwear that they can wear in the raft which will not come off in the event of swim, as this is considered standard safety equipment. Old jogging shoes will also do. A sarong for women (a long piece of cloth wrapped around your waist) is another good option, and can be purchased cheaply in Nepal. This is invaluable for visiting villages and respecting local custom of dress code.

A baseball style cap and good sunglasses are absolutely essential. Sunscreen (spf 15 or or greater and waterproof) is essential, as well as lip balm.