Summit Expedition

Expedition sounds itself as an organized journey with a particular purpose, especially to explore out about a place which you are fond of the summit in Nepal always has drawn all the world’s veteran mountain climbers trekkers, mountaineers. Mountaineering Expedition means an act of climbing to any peaks of mountain range with the intention of reaching to the summit. The mountain climbing sports became popular all over the world since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay sherpa scaled the Mt. Everest in 29th May 1953. After their successful expedition to Mt. Everest the adventure and challenge brought-forward by mountain climbing sports are still on and to be the hero of this adventure world mountaineers have to face lots of problem holding in the Himalayan region during their expedition. Except for Mount Everest Nepal has other seven eight-thousander peaks and many other extreme expedition mountains which are extreme and challenging.  Before trying to climb up above those giant mountains, climbers can sharpen their technical skills by climbing other peaks. Till this date Nepal has attracts all the world-class climbers to challenge with Mt Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Manaslu, Lhotse, Dhaulagiri, Cho Oyu and Annapurna I. All these extreme peaks are ascent by different country’s Heroes and Heroines in different dates set the world record in climbing history.

Expedition Local Guidance in Nepal

Nepal Trek adventures and Expedition is one of the leading expedition agencies throughout the country. For your comfort zone, we provide you sound environment so that you successfully complete your Expedition. For your better performance, you must have extensive mountaineering experience of climbing expeditions at least of 6000 meters as well as an experience of scaling difficult alpine mountain peaks, preferably, some climbing experience of the 7000 or 8000-meter peaks in the Himalayas. For completion of your dreams perfect guidance is needed which is Provided by NTA so you successfully complete your Expedition. When you are fully experienced in your mountaineering skills and you are ready for starting your Expedition, then for your guidance local sherpas or local guides of that region is provided for your smooth and fascinating trails so that you complete your journey after hoisting your feelings with pride and back with huge smile on face and full of joys.
Some Glimpses of the Famous Expedition chosen by the Mountaineers

Everest Summit

Mount Everest Expedition 2018

The top destination for most of the mountaineers is Everest Expedition. Everyone wants to be a hero of this adventure world and it is the  one of the  world’s greatest physical and mental challenges with such a wonderful feeling of pride and the sense of being the most adventurous person on the planet. For your better performance, you must have extensive mountaineering experience during climbing. The height of Mt. Everest is 8,848 m(29,029 ft). The South Col route on the Nepal side of Mt. Everest is the route taken by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa who were the first to climb Everest successfully on the 29 May 1953 thus became world’s famous heroes of the adventure climbing. Expedition to mt. Everest has been successfully guided and climbed many times since then, but the climbing Everest is the ultimate challenge. Lots of problem is there to be faced during the expedition such as altitude sickness, frostbite, avalanche, crevasses, summit fever, hurricane, ice falls etc. which seems to great challenge for the mountaineers. For your successful summit, we have to trek through Everest Base Camp. It takes 69 days for completion of this Expedition after arrival to kathmandu.   

Kanchenjunga Expedition

Kanchenjunga Expedition

The third highest mountain in the world, Kanchenjunga lies in the eastern Himalaya of Nepal on the border of Nepal and Sikkim. It rises with an elevation of 8,586 m(28,169 ft). The first successful climb was in 1955 by a British Expedition team. The main part of this mountain is a massive mass with many different peaks surrounding it which arise from its narrow icy ridges.  So, there are in fact four summits namely Main Summit, Middle Summit, South Summit & Yalung Kang or West Summit.  The mountain lies in the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area Project which is funded and run jointly by the World Wildlife Fund and the Government of Nepal. Three of Kanchenjungha’s five peaks the main summit, central summit, and south summit lie directly on the border between Nepal and Sikkim, India while the other two peaks lie completely in the Taplejung District of Nepal. The Yalung Kang (8420m) also known as West summit is considered by some mountaineers to be a separate summit. The Kanchenjunga area is a rich home to many rare species of flora and fauna.
The safest route is a climb up the North Face due to the prevailing weather conditions but it is not the easiest so for your expidition successful you have to guide yourself in better way during expedition in every step of your expedition there stands lots of obstacles you have to prepare and have the best level of experience in mountaineering. Base camp is at an altitude of 5,180 m which is the start point for the climb.
For your successful summit, we have to trek through Kanchenjunga Base Camp. It takes 56 days for completion of this Expedition after arrival to kathmandu.

Manaslu Expedition

Manaslu Expedition 2018 / 2019

Out of 8 highest mountain expedition, the Manaslu expedition is a complete climbing adventure of a 8000 meter peak in the fabulous Himalaya. It is the 8th highest mountain in the world and is located in the restricted trekking region of Manaslu in mid west Nepal which unfolds the diverse landscape and challenging climbing experience. Manaslu Peak (8163 m), when viewed from afar it feels like heaven, the wondeerful view is there to be seen  having an awe-inspiring view. for the successful expedition, we have to move through  Burigandaki valley trail up to Samagoan and first acclimatization day is scheduled at 4600 metres before head up to Manaslu Base Camp at 4750 m. On the Manaslu Glacier, we carefully follow the bamboo marker wands and use fixed ropes to cross the serious crevasses and dangerous sections and so on. The Manaslu expedition is much more technical and challenging than Cho Oyu and Sishapangma, so each climber has to have excellent physical and mental preparation as well as a high level of climbing skill and altitude adeptness at the higher elevation.
For your successful summit, we have to trek through Manaslu Base Camp. It takes 50 days for completion of this Expedition after arrival to kathmandu.

AmaDablam Expedition

AmaDablam Expedition 2018-2019

Ama Dablam is one of the world’s most impressive mountain peaks standing at the center of the Khumbu valley in Nepal. It rises with an elevation of 6,812 m. Due to its unique, sharply pointed soaring shape, conquering this sheer peak is the ultimate dream of many climbers worldwide. They dream to conquer it and stand on the incredible summit with its close panoramic views of magnificent Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu and many more Himalayan peaks. 
The expedition to the summit of Amadablam peak is technically demanding and presents every supreme challenge imaginable: ice, rock, scrambling, breathtaking views, great approaches and a wonderfully situated base camp in a perfect land with a beck. All climbers need to have really good skills of rock and ice climbing and be technically competent to join this Amadablam expedition. On most parts of the climbing routes, there will be fixed ropes, however, all climbers should have a good knowledge and practice of the skills of climbing on steep rock and hard compact ice. The standard South West ridge route to the summit is considered as the safest route, free from most dangers such as avalanches, ice falls etc.
For your successful summit, we have to trek through AmaDablam Base Camp. It takes 30 days for completion of this Expedition after arrival to kathmandu.

Baruntse Expedition

Baruntse Peak Expedition at (7129 metres)

The Baruntse expedition is an exciting adventure for climbers wishing to summit a 7000 metre peak in a remote region of Nepal. It offers a tremendously rewarding climb among the world’s highest peaks. Baruntse Peak at (7129 metres) is located just south of the semi-circle of fantastic mountains comprising Everest, Lhotse and Nuptse and Makalu on the other side. The expedition to Baruntse peak approaches base camp through the pristine wilderness environment of the Hinku valley and the renowned Mera La. of Makalu Barun remote valleys of Nepal. Although exciting and challenging, this climbing expedition is considered to be one of the easier climbs of a 7000+ metre peak and thus it boasts of a high success rate of scaling the summit and returning safely. From base camp to the western col with its huge  glacial plateau, everything will make your ascent challenging and inspiring. As its altitude is less than neighboring mountains, it is the very heart of the mighty  himalayas.
For your successful summit, we have to trek through Baruntse Base Camp. It takes 35 days for completion of this Expedition after arrival to kathmandu.

Saribung Expedition

Saribung Expedition - Saribung Peak (6246m)

Saribung Peak  (6246 m) is newly explored peak climbing in Nepal as Nepal government has opened this peak for climbing expeditions only in 2006. It is challenging and very popular trekking trail with a busy area and difficult pass. Saribung peak is located in remote parts of Mustang region of Damodar Himal, close to the border of China (Tibet). The trails are rough, cutting high into cliff sides and pass villages that have changed little over the centuries. Saribung expedition can be done in anti-clockwise for which the trek start from Phu valley and then ascend to Saribung pass and enter in the Mustang "Hidden Valley" and return to Jomsom or clockwise for which the trek start from Jomsom and follow Upper Mustang trail and descend to Nar-Phu valley and end at Besisahar.
For mountaineering, it is easy to do Expedition but there are many passes with ice and creases in between the Damodar Kunda region and Nar-Phu valley. The trek starts from one place to another with great sceneries, cultures, religion, ethnic groups, rare animals and geographical variations. Hence trekkers can enjoy the fantastic and picturesque views of diversity in this region. For your successful summit, we have to trek through Saribung Base Camp. It takes 27 days for completion of this Expedition after arrival to kathmandu.