Tibet, one of the world's most additional conventional goals where in reality experience hides around each corner. Tibet is commonly known as “Roof of the world”. The valley bottoms of Tibet are higher than the most elevated mountains somewhere else. Lying at the central point of Asia, Tibet has a region of over 2.5 million square kilometers at a normal elevation of 14,000 feet above ocean level. This huge bone-dry level contains the world's most astounding mountains and most prominent stream valleys make up the physical country of 6 million Tibetans. Tibet Sovereign Region is located in the southwest piece of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Tibet is a unique landscape with high mountains, deep valleys, uncovered rocks, and Gobi deserts. All places in the region lie at a normal altitude in excess of 4,000 meters. It edges on Sichuan and Yunnan territories toward the east, Qinghai, and Xinjiang toward the north, and offers outskirts with India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Burma toward the south, and limited by Kashmir toward the west. It is generally divided into four zones: the north Tibet level, the south Tibet valley, east Tibet Mountains and valleys, and Himalaya Mountains. It is sharply cold in winter, with a clear distinction in temperature among daytime and night. It includes rare rain and a sharp difference between the dry and wet seasons.

Tibet is an amazing landform with a spiritual nature, glorious monasteries, prayer halls and many more. Tibetans have a dimension of commitment and confidence that seems to belong to the prior, practically medieval age. Tibet is a heaven for both adventure traveler and pilgrims. The valley is likewise enhanced by certain streams including onto the excellence of this spot. The Tibet visit is a broad voyage through this Kingdom to investigate mesmerizing excellence and rich history. Tibetans are continuously ready with a charming smile on the face regardless of many years of political disorder and hardship. Tibetans will surely make your Tibet tour a profound joy.

Tour in Tibet
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Tour in Tibet