Trekking in Western Nepal

Trekking in Western Nepal is the experiment to stroll around the non-touristy pathway of Nepal. This trekking experience bids own unique landscapes, a mountain panorama, culture, tradition, and close-by touch with the local lifestyle. The western region of Nepal is patent by the craggy landscape of elevated uncluttered valleys, mild forest, alpine pastures, virgin rivers, and extensive rough rides. It is marked as remote and developmentally challenged arena of Nepal, of which the natural and ethnic values are preserved till date. Even it is remote and far from the capital city, Kathmandu, it is no way farther from a variety of attractions. This area lies 458 kilometers away from the capital city, Kathmandu.

Some major structures making western Nepal capable of standing in ‘to-go’ list are Royal Bardia National Park, Khaptad National Park, Shey Phoksundo National Park, and Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve. These parks and reserves serve numerous species of flora and fauna of different features of fascination. People of interesting cultures, traditions, norms, and values are residing here. They use horses for transportation for goods as well as human beings. The visitors are able to absorb the mesmerizing foothill views of Api Himal (7,132 meters), Nampa Himal, and Saipal Himal, and additional height exceeding 7,000 meters, and water sources like Rara Lake and Shey Phoksundo Lake, sculptured temples, stone pillars and carvings, prayer walls, centuries-old monuments, and variety of bygone era’s magnetism. RAUTE is also the enticing portion here. They are the specific clan of people in the locale who are yet moving from one point to another searching for nourishment and actuality. They have a view that they ought not to meddle for their wild kingdom since they are the proprietor of the far-western woodland.

Western Nepal lies in the downpour shadow of Dhaulagiri so the rainstorm is moderately light. Snows fall and stop in winter. Hence, the best time to travel and trek to this region is from late May to late October. Trekking to western Nepal is not prohibited in other months, but for the best views of Himalayas and surrounding, peak time is marked and consumed. Because of many natural and cultural attractions, NTA is profound to provide different treks’ bundles in the territory. Some of them are:

Jumla Rara Lake Trekking

Jumla Rara Lake Trekking in western Nepal is the beautiful off beaten trek in Nepal, enclosed with splendid natural beauties in the trail and within Rara National Park (the smallest national park in Nepal). Amid Jumla Rara Trekking, we cross the pathway thru Jumla, Danphe Langa, Sinja, Jajila Chaur, Nepalgunj, Gorusungha, and Kathmandu. The major fascinations of this trek are fine vegetation and wilderness comprising national flower rhododendron, black juniper, fir, oak, birch, black juniper, and Himalayan spruce, snow leopard, red panda, musk, etc. The local settlement of Tibetan and Hinduism clans with their unique and ancient tradition, culture, norms, and values also remain on point. Enjoy Jumla Rara Lake Trekking of 10 days with Nepal Trek Adventure & Expedition at a cheaper cost and tend-to-no qualms.

Phoksundo Lake Trek

Phoksundo Lake Trek in western Nepal is the ramble to one of the national parks of Nepal, Shey Phoksundo National Park. This lake trek passes by Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, Juphal, Dunai, Chepka, Sanduwa, Phoksundo Lake, Sangta, and prior route back to Kathmandu. Shey Phoksundo itself is the home of hundreds of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, Pisces, and Aves. The supplementary main charms of this trek are Phoksundo Lake, wide forest, feral rivers, snowcapped mountain ranges and peaks, mountain goats, snow leopard, blue sheep, Tibetan styled houses, Tibetan Buddhism culture, tradition, and lifestyle. Rejoice Phoksundo Lake Trek of 11 days with NTA team and make long-lasting memories of natural Nepal, in viable price and schedule.

If you are looking forward to off-beaten and ethnic trekking and tours in Nepal, then travel to the western region of Nepal is perfectly eligible for you. It is the gateway to Tibet as well. The special permits are required for hailing there, as it’s noticeable as the restricted area on Nepal. But, it’s not a problem at all. Nepal Trek Adventure & Expedition delivers trekking packages with all the required sorts of stuff, such as permits, accommodation, food, transportation, and further. Experienced and well-linguistic guides (and porters) are also provided, as per your demand and treks’ requirement. You do not need to worry about anything. Hence, you are in the safest hand for any treks and tours in Nepal.