Why Nepal Trek Adventure

Reasons to choose NTA:

  • The 10 percent of Nepal Trek Adventure's (NTA) net profit goes to the social organization which ultimately benefits school children. This is why NTA is something more than other profit making organization.
  • To discourage foreign job migration, NTA tries to create job opportunities in the country. At present NTA employs a total of 34 staff and all of them hail from remote villages of the country. NTA encourages its staff towards study. Half of the staff here are at least studying bachelor degree and rest here have completed there higher secondary. Every day more than 1400 young people migrate to the foreign land for the job.
  • Directly or indirectly NTA supports more than 136 people of at least 34 families.
  • NTA focuses on the local guide so that tourist may get actual knowledge of that place. This policy of organization also helps in the upliftment of Sherpa's economic condition. 
  • NTA built 24 Temporary Learning Centers in the different part of the country when an earthquake on 25th April and its aftershock on 12th May destroyed more than 16,000 schools throughout Nepal.
  • We support eco-friendly tourism.
  • NTA believes in retaining customers and due to this reason we try to satisfy customer from all possible aspects.