If travel is in your blood then you must take the trip to Bhutan. Bhutan is both a republic and a constitutional kingdom. Bhutan is a trivial and remote territory nestling in the Himalayas between two powerful neighbors India and China. The boundaries are shared between the Sikkim state of India in the west, the Arunachal Pradesh state of India in the east, Tibet (the autonomous state of China) in the north, and Assam and North Bengal in the south. This Buddhist kingdom is known especially for fortresses, monasteries, and landscapes, and also as the smallest South Asian country. Bhutan expatriated the largest population of Lhotshampa folks who are beached in the UNHCR refugee camps in the eastern part of Nepal.

Aesthetically, Bhutan is a predominantly Buddhist nation with a total population of 750,000. Bhutanese follow both Buddhism and Hinduism equally with veneration and conviction. Bhutan may be small in its geographical structure but is rich in tradition and cultures. The main sources of income of Bhutan are tourism, hydroelectric power, and agriculture. There are not numerous industries in Bhutan due to which agriculture is still practiced in many places of Bhutan, people also do different professions like running shops, driving, providing rooms to tourists. Bhutan is categorized as a third world country.

Bhutan, the Kingdom of the Dragon is considered as the happiest and most struggled country of the world. Bhutanese culture has been based on a deeper understanding of life, and not on purely material development whose only objective is a constant increase in the gross domestic product. Besides Thimphu (the capital city of Bhutan), Paro and Punakha there are a couple of other towns and villages that travelers should visit once in their life. This sacred Buddhist kingdom has preserved its Buddhist traditions and culture since the 17th century. Bhutan is a matriarchal society. Soon after marrying Bhutanese husband must settle into his wife’s family in her house.

Interesting Facts About Bhutan

No Traffic Lights: Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan has not even single traffic lights. Traffic lights were never needed because of the low population.

King has four wives: The fourth King of Bhutan has four wives and the interesting thing is four of them are sisters.

Carbon negative country: Bhutan’s environment absorbs more carbon gases than its release.

Ban on Smoking: Smoking is a ban on Bhutan. If a tourist wants to bring cigarettes they have to pay a huge amount of tax.

Free Education and Healthcare: Healthcare and Education are free in both residents and visitors despite its poverty.

Polyandry: Where women can have more than one husband at the same time.

Gross National Happiness (GNH): Rather than using Gross Domestic Production (GDP) as an economic index, Bhutan measures it overall “health”. 

National Birthday: In Bhutan, all citizens officially become one year older on New Year’s Day.

Highest Mountain: The highest mountain in Bhutan is Gangkhar Puensum. It is in height of 24,840 feet.

Traditional Dress: Traditional dress is compulsory in schools, government offices, and special occasion.

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