Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour

Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour”, quite a poetic tone, is a popular catchphrase among many tourists who visit Nepal every year. Being a popular National Cuisine of this country, the dish is a must try; for all the foodies out there, who are looking for a great tasteful experience.

Nepal the name itself is not only famous for the scenic beauties, landscapes, and the mountains but is also renowned for its culture, tradition, and cuisine, too. Regarding the cuisines, the most preferred dish named as Nepalese Dal Bhat set (or thali). So, people must be excited about it. They might have the questions running through their mind as like what is "Dal Bhat"? How Dal and Bhat are cooked or prepared?

How to Cook Dal and Bhat? (Dal Bhat Recipe)

Dal (a lentil soup) and Bhat (steamed rice) is the staple food of this country.  A general plate of this dish consists of eight to nine side dishes which consists of food like curry, pickle (mainly made from Gundruk), salad, spinach, local meat of chicken or mutton (paneer, available for vegetarians), fish, yoghurt (made from locally produced milk), and many more according to the place that you will be eating. “The Thakali Set” is the most popular that gives all of these. The dish is served generally twice a day. One for lunch and the other for dinner.

Bhat simply means rice which is taken out from the paddy. After grinding the paddy, the rice will be ready to get cooked. We just take the amount of rice needed accordingly and wash it out properly for couples of time. And after it, the needed amount of water is kept on it.it should not be either more or less amount, perhaps in the right amount. You can cook it on the pressure cooker, rice cooker, and other related utensils. Steam it, until it gets cooked. Your rice is prepared with this method. Normally if you cook it on pressure cooker it will be an easy job. After bhat is prepared, pressure cooker whistles for time and again. And in two whistles it is done. Rice cooker has an automatic system of turning the device off after it is cooked. And in other utensils, you can get noted by looking after it. When it is steamed and the water gets dried and the rice looks solid, it’s cooked.

Dal is called lentils, which is emerged from pulses, beans, grams, peas, and many more. It is also ground as same as rice and converted into small pieces. You can choose the lentils that you desire to have, which may be of pulses, beans, grams or peas. Dal normally is a soup to have it with rice. To prepare it, firstly as like rice it must be washed properly. Then you can cook it on pressure cooker or other related utensils. After washing it, add water as per your desire and need. It is not like rice that you have to keep fix amount of water, you can put more or less in Dal. Then add turmeric powder, salt and some drops of oil in the correct amount. Steam it for around 30 minutes and you Dal is ready to have. It might take a bit longer time in open utensils. So, the pressure cooker will be the best option. After it gets cooked, to make it delicious and hunger smelling, you can put two spoons of ghee in a frying pan, heat it up, and fry it up until the color changes to brown. You can also add jeera for flavor.  After this mixture is prepared, put it on the lentil soup which has been prepared on your pressure cookers or other utensils. Hence, your Dal will smell and taste delicious.

Your dal bhat is cooked. Not only dal bhat, but you can also prepare the desired curry to have it with great Nepalese flavor.

Dal Bhaat Nepali Food - Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour

Not only is the dish delicious and very famous, but it is also a dish recommended to try while you visit any new place in the country.

Different spices and seasonings like coriander, ginger, garam masala, cumin, turmeric, and garlic are used while making the dish. Some places will even add medicinal herbs and special ingredients to the plate. That will mainly depend on where you are heading.

The rice is usually steamed and is long and fluffy. The different kinds of meat usually have a strong kick of flavors from using different spices as well. If you ever feel like adding a soft and sweet touch to your taste, yogurt is served as a dessert which will give you a mellow flavor. The salads and spinach will give your stomach a fresh start every day. The only word to describe the dish is “Yummy!”

 The dish varies with taste according to the place. So you will never go without a day without trying something new. This is mainly because people usually use locally grown ingredients to make them.

Dal Bhat sets are there to make you have a great taste of the countries locally produced products. The dish gives you all the energy you will need to go through the exciting trek routes to reach your destination point throughout your day. The dish set also gives you an understanding of one of Nepal’s most popular and locally produced cuisines that are loved by all. It is highly recommended for any tourist to try the dish by eating the dish with your right hand (rather than using a fork or any other utensils). You will definitely lick your hands off clean.

We Nepalese often have it a couple of times a day. It generates the strength and energy in the body. So, it clarifies the statement “Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour”.