Everest Base Camp Trek in April

  • Last Updated on Oct 2, 2018

Travel to Everest base camp or Trekking to Everest base camp in April typically begins from Lukla like as any other season, the first destination from where trekking starts. This legendary journey aids you to witness the most popular summits like Mount Everest (8848m), Mount Lhotse (8516m), Mount Pumori (7161), Mount Nuptse (7885), and many more. April falls in the spring season. It is the second month that welcomes the green environment clearing out all the bare lands. Green forest, blooming mountain flowers, exotic wild animals, and birds fill the route with unbeatable pleasure.

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Major highlights of this trek are clear and elegant sky view, 360-degree view of the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest and many others, adventurous flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, Namche Bazaar (3450m), exploration and experience of Tibetan/Sherpa culture, and tradition, Tengboche monastery (3867m), and the overall route. It is sunnier during the day and as the days are longer and nights are shorter, you will have much time to trek.

During the daytime, the temperature of the Everest base camp ranges from 17 to 25-degree centigrade and -10 to -15 degrees centigrade during nighttime. The average temperatures of the particular places in the route are shown as a rough sketch below:

Everest Base Camps Temperature in April

PlaceElevationMinimum TemperatureMaximum Temperature

Average Temperature


2829m (9281ft)




Namche Bazaar

3463m (11361ft)





4483m (14708ft)




The above table shows the minimum, maximum, and average temperatures from Lukla to Dingboche. It shows that the average temperature decreases as we move higher and higher.

As the mountain is unpredictable, there are lots of things/aspects that you need to take care of. In the trek, you need to walk for hours which cannot be predicted exactly but the estimated time is a maximum of 7 hours, for this, you need to be physically and mentally prepared. Altitude sickness is also a major problem so you need to take preventive measures for that too. And especially you do not need to rush. Hustle and bustle can make your journey less spicy. Tips to Everest base camp will aid you more to have information about what should be done and what shouldn’t be.

Some of the most recommended kinds of equipment are trekking poles, trekking trousers, trekking hats, trekking socks and boots, water bottles, sanitizers, fleece and down jackets, sun protectors, and many more. You can check the backpacking checklist for more detailed information.

In April month, the most celebrated occasions are Nepali New Year, Bisket Jatra, Chaite Dashain, and Ram Navami. These occasions offer the chance of enclosure to Nepalese culture, traditions, norms, and values. You will be able to add joy to your trip with certain talks and conversations with the local inhabitant too.

Trek in April provides you with a picture-perfect view of mountains with clear skies and a greenery forest route. You need to walk for about 6 to 7 hours a day and hence you are recommended to start your trekking early as fast as possible as it remains a little windy during midday. Nepal Trek Adventure offers you the best packages for an Everest base camp helicopter tour or Everest base camp trek in Nepal. So, feel free to book your trip with us. Please contact us for any kind of information needed without hesitation.

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