Hire a Trekking Guide or Porter in Nepal

  • Last Updated on Feb 7, 2024

Hiring a good guide can be harder sometimes, the best way to hire a guide or porter is through an agency. Hiring a guide through an agency can be safe and trustworthy for you because they are linked directly with agency and indirectly with the government. These licensed guides will be with you throughout the trip. But, if any kind of issues occurs during your journey you have complete authority to claim in an agency and there is the way for compensation. There is a lesser chance of occurring those situations so, you need not worry much about it.

Hiring guides through an agency offers you a changing option if you do not feel comfortable with him/her as you will meet your guide before your trek start. All the guides’ and porters’ fitness level will have been already tested during medical examination although there is less chance of them getting sick in case they get sick, the agency will provide you with another guide as soon as possible. If you hit any kind of accidents during your trip and you need help, rescue operation will easily be held through the connection of guides with the helicopter and other rescue teams. It will boost your confidence level as well. As many people are not used to walking in the Himalayas, being with the guide will aid a lot for estimation of acclimatization and walking hours per day according to your physical condition. Keeping the security in sight, you will be fully secured and you will not be looted in terms of money.

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Guide and porter play a vital role in the context of trekking. A guide is a person who shows you the way, to point out the famous peak, landmarks and of course dangers and Porter plays a decisive role to make your trekking, expedition and peak climbing trip effective. Almost all expedition, trekking, and peak climbing trips in the Everest region are challenging and daring so the skilled and heroic porters are very helpful during your trip who helps you in carrying the required equipment. They are there to keep you safe and trip more efficient, to fascinate you with stories of local wisdom and wild adventures. They are there to make sure you get good food, the hotel having a clean bed.

Trekking Guide

A trekking Guide is a person who shows you path during your journey to direct you towards the right direction. They can be both male and female. They are well-known about the places you are going to visit. Exploring with them makes the journey effective as the burden of searching the route will fade away. All the major issues during the trek like lodging, acknowledging about mountains, places, and flora and fauna, finding directions, rescuing operations (if needed) will be sorted easily by guides in no or lesser time.

Trekking Porter

A trekking porter is a person who carries lots of stuff during trekking as all they can be much important for us in order to make our journey meaningful. The less you carry, the more you will be able to walk and enjoy. Having you with porter makes you carefree about carriage of bags and luggage. They will carry all of your luggage and aid you in taking full pleasure in the Himalayas and another arena. Although we need to carry lots of things during the trek, it is better to carry only the most needed ones. The average weight of luggage is estimated to be 25 kilos, but you can carry as per your weight’s support. It will make your porter easier too.

Trekking Guide cum Porter 

A trekking Guide cum porter is the person who does the work of both guide and porter. He will show you the right path as well as help you carry your bags and luggage. He will be your good companion in your trek as you will need one except them to enjoy your journey in full-fledge. You will also not have any kind of trouble in getting foods, proper accommodation, and services that should be provided.

Guide vs. Porter vs. Guide Cum Porter

Guide and Porter are the major parts of trekking as they both give their best to make your trip successful. The guide shows you direction which will lead you to the right path. In another side, porter carries your heavy luggage and make you free from the heavy load on your shoulder. But guide cum porter plays the role of both guide and porter. They carry your heavy bags as well as show your path too.

Taking either guide or porter will give you the only one-one advantage, and taking both guide and porter separately will cost you higher (much more) than you have expected. Comparatively, hiring guide cum porter will make your both hands full of sweets as you will be able to grab advantage of both guide and porter with the same person. They will work as both guide and porter. It will cost you lesser too. All the guides, porters, guides cum porter provided to you will be well experienced, English speakers, and friendly.

You are able to hire any of these as per your demand and requirement. But, being an operator, we kindly suggest having guide cum porter with you as they are able to play roles of both guide and porter. They will manifest all of the factors needed to make your trek worthy and memorial.

Trekking Guide and Porter Cost in Nepal

TypeNumberCost Per Day from PokharaCost Per Day from Kathmandu & Lukla   
Guide13035 - 100
Porter12530 - 50
Guide and Porter Both1 Guide and 1 Porter5565 - 150
Guide cum Porter13035

Above mentioned costs are for 1 guide and porter. As the number of them increases, the cost will also increase.

FAQS for  Hiring Guide or Porter For Trekking

Are the guides licensed and insured?

  • It is most necessary for every guides and porter to be licensed in governmental organizations and local authorities. They should have proof of their validation and updates so, that no hurdle occurs during the trek. It shows that your guide is not a con and is not wandering for extra cash only.
  • You need to see the license or a copy of it to ensure their existence. It will help a lot in preventing any kind of problem that may arise during the trek. It will encourage your peace of mind and help you know your guide as well.

How experienced is your guide?

  • Experience comes with regular practice and experiments. Many guides start as the porter at first and improve their communication skill, language, and increase their experience. After that, they start leading the group themselves and boost up their connection and confidence.
  • Moving with an inexperienced guide will make your trek less effective as you will not be able to know anything about the destined place. Whereas, an experienced guide will be able to acknowledge you about direction, distance, trail, weather change, safety measures with full confidence. His confidence will boost your confidence about trek as well. Experience will lead him to save your life also if you encounter severe problems like altitude sickness, vertigo, and so on.
  • They are also able to maintain a good connection with others. It will lead to a smooth trek and beautiful trekking experience. Guides knowing hotels, camps, guest houses will make your evening and rest time great. If any difficulty occurs during the trek, their experience will help a lot to speed up the trek and solve any kinds of huddles.

Can we communicate with our guide?

  • Sometimes, it becomes difficult to make another person understand the words and sentences that we want him/her to. It is all because of the communication gap and lack of linguistic knowledge. If communication remains sound, visitors will be able to understand about people, cultures, and the surrounding area. Guides will be able to share their knowledge which will maximize your experience. You can ask your guide about their favorite part in trekking and itinerary so that you could focus on that too.
  • So, it is very necessary to know whether you will be able to have a good conversation with a guide or not. If not, you will have an option of changing them as well. You are also requested to learn some phrases and common words in order to make your guide comfortable with you. It will build up the sense of respect in mind of both sides.

What do guides do in off-seasons?

  • This can be the main question that is asked to guides during the conversation. It will help you know the nature of guides and about their daily lifestyle besides being a guide. It will also mirror their capability of handling conversation and holding on it. It will be much beneficial if you are able to communicate smoothly, as it will make conversation easy. It is a good sign that you become able to know about their lifestyle in off-seasons.

How many people can join trek at a time?

  • Traveling with friends or other people is always a fun. For traveling with friends, you can make your own group. But if you want to travel in the group of others, then you can contact us anytime. The maximum number of people that can join the trek is not specified, but it depends upon the type of trek and condition demanded by the trek. Looking at the price of the trek, if more people are involved, the cost will be lesser. But it is not appropriate for the ones who need personal space and individual time during the trek.
  • If the group is smarter, it will be easier for everyone to handle each other. But if not, it will be the major problem during trekking.
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