Nepal is Open for Tourism

  • Last Updated on Dec 24, 2020

Nepal which had closed its trekking and mountaineering expedition since mid-March of 2020 has announced to lift the Nepal travel restrictions for tourism from October 17, 2020. The statement issued by the Department of Immigration said the following, “Issuance of tourist entry visa from the Nepali diplomatic missions abroad have resumed”. The country decided to open its door to foreign travelers coming by international flights, while the border remains closed.

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Nepal is open for Tourist Visa

The country of the Himalayas now back on its feet is welcoming travelers from all around the world. All travelers which belong to the countries under regular visa rules will be allowed to enter Nepal. However, unlike before where you would get a visa on landing at the Tribhuvan International Airport, all travelers need to get visas from the Nepalese embassy in their home country before arriving in Nepal.

You might have many questions regarding how Nepal has palled to open for tourism. We have listed the key inquiries answered by the Nepal tourism board

Regions open for trekking in Nepal

According to Nepal Tourism Board, the Mountain tourism protocol was released by the Government to ensure that expedition teams, trekkers, and travels are safe in the mountain regions. The following regions are open for travelers to explore.

1. Everest

The Everest has been open for trekkers and travels since October. All travelers and teams visiting the region are required to show a PCR negative report for COVID-19 which was obtained within 72 hours before the visit to the region.  The report must be from Government Hospitals. If from private hospitals, HAMS, Star, and B&B are acceptable.

2. Langtang

Langtang region is only allowing camping trekking. Camping gears can be easily rented in the capital or you can contact us at Nepal Trek Adventures where you help you get every gear you might need for your adventure in Langtang. You will also need a negative COVID-19 report taken 72 hours before you visit the region.

3. Mardi Himal

The famous Mardi Himal trek which is close to Pokhara (the city of lakes) is now operating as usual. According to the Pothana Tourism Committee, the region has been accepting travelers once again. You will need a COVID-19 negative PCR report for getting the permits for the region. It’s a great short trek from Pokhara.

4. Ghandruk

Ghandruk which is also a famous tourist destination near Pokhara has opened its door to its travelers. According to the Tourism Management Committee Ghandruk, Ghandruk has opened from 2nd week of Mangsir.              

Moreover, you can contact us at Nepal Trek Adventures where we can tell you all the traveling packages currently running in all regions of Nepal.  According to the spokesperson Meera Acharya from the Department of Tourism, “DoT will also issue Standard Operating Procedures for agencies to run autumn climbing and trekking activities in the autumn season”.

Latest Travel Alerts in Nepal

According to the latest statement from the Department of Immigration in Nepal, “All the passengers from the United Kingdom as the first port of call or transits are restricted to enter Nepal until further notice.

Except for the UK, Nepal is accepting other foreign nationals coming for Trekking and Mountaineering activities. Visa and permit for trekking and mountaineering have to be obtained before travel by all foreigners entering the country.

International Visitors are also required to do the following:

  • Must have a negative COVID-19 PCR report taken 72 hours before arrival to the country
  • Must fill out a passenger locator card and a CCMC form before departure
  • May be required to self-quarantine for 14 days

All foreigners should note that only International Flights have resumed and land borders still remain closed to foreigners. Everyone should take care of themselves by maintaining social distancing, wearing face masks in public places, and adhere to limits on the size of public gatherings.

Official Notice regarding Arrival of foreigners in Nepal

Department of Immigration had released a notice on 11th December 2020 regarding conditions to be followed by foreigners arriving in Nepal.

Nepal is open for mountaineering 

Mountaineering has once again resumed in Nepal. For many people who had aspired to conquer the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest has stopped due to the pandemic. However, after the Nepal tourism board decided to open Nepal Airlines for international travelers, international travelers can now head to conquer the roof of the world (Mount Everest). Trekkers and mountaineers along with helpers, guides, porters, cooks, or anyone else in the group must show a negative PCR COID-19 report. It Is not mandatory but advised that travelers must not go to an area with infections in the last two weeks before the trek for a safe and successful adventure.

Nepal has just gotten back on its feet after a long closure due to the pandemic.  The trekking in Everest is still running in full with fewer travelers than before. November and December have seen a rise in tourists entering the country.  Also, a high increase in tourism had been recorded in Pokhara alone in December. The booking of adventure activities like paragliding, rafting, bungee jumping is steadily increasing. Domestic tourism has increased rapidly in recent months after people started leaving their homes for some refreshment and going on travels to different parts of the country.

In just these two months helicopter tours/trekking to areas around Everest and Pokhara increased in popularity. Nepal is hoping that after the failure of “Visit Nepal 2020”, the country will see a sharp rise in travelers in 2021.

Nepal Trek Adventures and Expedition Pvt Ltd is the perfect travel agency for your visit to Nepal. The company offers an online booking system and virtual meeting feature to maintain social distancing. NTA also provides a safe transportation service and has highly experienced guides.  Nepal Trek Adventures runs its services and travel packages following all the safety measures and guidelines given by the Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board, and Department of Immigration for safe and successful travel all over Nepal. The company has been operating all its services taking the client’s safety as its number one priority. 


Is Nepal safe to Visit during COVID?

Yes, as the cases in Nepal has been under control since September, Nepal is a perfectly safe destination for traveling. However, safety measures should be applied by oneself during their travel.

What about medical insurance?

Due to COVID-19, all travelers and tourists visiting the country are required to have at least USD 5000 as medical insurance.

Is Nepal open for Tourism Now?

Yes, Nepal opened its door to international travelers from October 1, 2020, after 6 months of countrywide lockdown

Will Trekking and Climbing resume?

Trekking and Mountaineering has been resumed in Nepal since 17th October 2020

What is open in Nepal?

Every store and services are open in Nepal after the lockdown was lifted. Hotels, restaurants, cafes, transportation, trekking and Mountaineering, resorts, adventure activities, shopping malls, etc are just to name a few.

Is a Negative PCR test for COVID-19 required?

The answer is yes. All travelers planning to visit Nepal will need a COVID -19 negative PCR test report which has to be conducted no longer than 72 hours before arrival.

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