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  • Last Updated on Dec 3, 2017

The very first question that still pops up in everybody’s mind "Is Nepal Safe to visit Nepal after an Earthquake?" In the wake of the earthquake, Nepal completed the fast rescue with the assistance of national and worldwide volunteers.  Life in Nepal has returned back to normal. Right now, Nepal is rebuilding and modifying, as old harmed structures are being disposed and new constructions set to replace them. The Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has guaranteed that Nepal is the safe and secure spot to visit; there is no compelling reason to question about the safety to travel in Nepal.

Nepal is rich in its excellence and the earthquake has caused almost no harm. Among 77 districts just 8 districts were influenced; its impact was on the focal and western regions only. Among 10 national parks, just 1 was influenced. Out of 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, just 3 destinations were harmed. All roadways, hospitals, national and international airports, and 95% of all hotels in Nepal have been announced safe to operate. There is essentially no dangers at all for travelers to visit Nepal. Nepal is safe to visit. Practically, all adventurous activities including trekking, climbing, boating, paragliding, city sightseeing, etc. are functioning easily. Just 2 out of 35 noteworthy trekking courses have been influenced by the earthquake, making trekking plans in Nepal is extremely safe and all right.

The serious quakes in Nepal in April and May 2015 without a doubt did a ton of harm to Nepalese people, cultural and historical heritages, and economy with its focal point at Barpak. There were shocking impacts in and around Kathmandu with spots that were verifiable locales and well-known tourist destinations being destroyed. The Kathmandu durbar squares suffered damages and the historical Dharahara crumbled. Nonetheless, the story isn't all grey and that is not what Nepal is about. There are still numerous attractions to appeal explorers in Nepal, many of which were totally undamaged by the earthquake.

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For what reason is it safe to visit Nepal after the Earthquake? Let us show you the reasons why Nepal is safe to visit after the earthquake.

  • Major trekking courses were unaffected and other influenced territories recovered rapidly
  • The warmth of the Nepali individuals and their hospitality has not changed
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the state of ‘watchable’
  • Hospitals and clinics are protected and are functioning well
  • 90% of lodgings are protected we will take you to the best place so you are safe
  • All the TIMS and permits counter is working so we can get permits which are required to make your excursion safe
  • Domestic and international airports are safe 

Tourism is the key source of the Nepalese economy. The huge number of the Nepalese people are associated with the tourism sector (after the agriculture sector) in different ways. The effective method to help Nepal to rebound once again from this disaster is to help tourism and bring economy in the right track. Life has gone back to normal, everything is set up and reconstruction has boosted. Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition organize all of the treks and tours in Nepal as planned and are prepared with the safety assertion. You can perform any kinds of treks, tours and adventure activities in Nepal with us even after such a devastating incident. Hence, Nepal is primarily safe enough to come and stroll around.

Anuja Sharma

Anuja Sharma

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