Short Hikes Around Pokhara Valley

  • Last Updated on Feb 20, 2020

Short hikes are good for exploring nature in a short time. You can enjoy a wonderful get out of the cities' comfort and roam around the woods. Pokhara (The City of Lakes), is a great destination, for an enjoyable short hiking experience. Hiking around the Pokhara valley will provide you with mesmerizing views of the Annapurna and Machhapuchhre mountain range. An adventure plus, some quiet time to yourself is exactly what short hikes offer. Not only will you find yourself indulged in the local culture and different delicacies along the hike, but also fall in love with the beautiful forests throughout your trip.

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Top 5 hiking tour around Pokhara valley

Many famous hiking trails start from Pokhara. Let us take a look at some of the best Hiking destinations from Pokhara.

1. Sarankot Hike

Sarankot is a famous viewpoint in Pokhara for watching the Sunrise in the valley. It lies on top of a hill, which has a great view of the surrounding western Mountains of Pokhara, Mt Annapurna, and Mt. Machhapuchhre. Not only will you find yourself loving the mesmerizing view of the surrounding mountain ranges, but you will also love the trail to get to the top.

You will find yourself surrounded by beautiful forests all along with the trail up to the Sarankot viewpoint, from the start of the hike. The trail is surrounded by motor roads, which make it ideal for hikers looking for a short morning walk for a few hours. A plus to this hike is definitely that, there will be enough time for you to view the beautiful sunrise.

There are multiple midway viewpoints along the way to look at the spectacular surrounding around you. You should consult your guide, who should know the perfect spots for the view. It would be a great idea as there will always be a crowd on the main Sarankot viewpoint. It is only a short climb for Pokhara.

2.  World Peace Pagoda Hike

The World Peace Pagoda Hike is ideal for anyone looking to travel around the lakes in Pokhara. An ideal half day trek from Pokhara, the Pagoda lies on top of the hill beside the famous “Phewa Lake”. The trail is filled with a great view of the Mountain ranges around Pokhara.

You have an option to either, travel by boat to the entry point for the hike by crossing the Phewa Lake or you can also start your hike passing along the route of the famous “David’s Fall”. Both routes will give you amazing hiking experience. The World Peace Pagoda is ideal for watching the sunset from the Pokhara valley. If you started your sunrise with the amazing view from Sarankot, you will definitely be mesmerized with the evening view from the Peace Pagoda.

The hike is only a short distance after crossing the Phewa lake, so it is great for short walks and casual stroll along with the forests around the stupa hill. It is also at a very close distance to the city so, you will not have any difficulties whatsoever with your hiking experience.

Many locals and tourists travel through this hiking trail every day, so security is always at its best. You also do not have to carry too much heavy luggage, as you can come back to the city rather quickly for any required service.

3.  Dhampus Village

Dhampus village is located at the early stage of many treks around the Annapurna Conservation Area in the Annapurna region. This makes it a perfect spot for a short and great hiking experience along with the Annapurna range.

The trail is filled with beautiful forest and local villages. You will get to see the stunning view of the high mountains surrounding the valley. The mix of ethnicity in the villages will give you a memorable experience in the traditional Nepalese culture and Cuisine. Do give the food a try as well, the local food is Dhampus is considered a delicacy around the mountain valley.

Hiking in the route to Dhampus is relaxing and an easy trail for any age group, so it makes it a great hike for a family trip as well. There are also great hotels and lodges available so if you so desire, you can have a great night stay as well. The hiking to Dhampus village along the quiet forest; following the cool breeze through the mountain valley, will definitely make you feel very peaceful. It is a great hike to calm your thoughts and just enjoy nature. Providing a great mountain view, the Dhampus village hike is a day's hike from Pokhara.

Dhampus Village Hike is definitely one of the best hikes in Nepal. It is greatly recommended for anyone looking to get out of the city and just enjoy nature for a short journey. 

4.  Australian Camp

Listed as one of the best hikes in Pokhara, Australian Camp is the starting point for many Trekking trails around the Annapurna Conservation Area. Many famous trekking destination trials like, “The Mardi Himal Trek”, “The Annapurna Base Camp Trek”, has a shortcut start from this Camp.

Hiking to Australian camp is very easy. The camp lies up a hill from Kande. It usually takes around 2 to 2.5 hours to reach the camp. The fun in the hiking starts, when you start walking along stone furnished staircases surrounded by beautiful forest up the hill.

If you hike in the evening, you might also bump into some flowers which shines around the trail in the night. It is a new experience, for anyone who hikes around this trail. The Australian Camp used to be a camping ground for tourists in the early ’90s. At that time, the trekking and hiking trail was only available from Dhampus village. So, the tourists who were visiting for Annapurna Base Camp trek would often take breaks in this peaceful place. The place at that time was first traveled by people from Austria. Locals later started called it the Australian Camp.

The hiking trail has a mesmerizing view of the Annapurna and Machhapuchhare mountain ranges along with the beauty of a quiet and peaceful forest atmosphere. Hiking is not difficult at all, and you can find many local people and tourists along the trail. The Australian Camp itself is a luxury for all hikers or trekkers visiting the Annapurna circuit.

The Camp is filled with all the accommodation and services required for a great night's stay experience. The local food is delicious and the people are also friendly and supportive. We highly recommend you to try the night stay at the Australian Camp. The reason is that “You will not want to miss the stunning and heartwarming view of the early sunrise, the next morning.

The view of sunlight shining on the snowy peak of the Annapurna Mountain range is a treat to the eyes. The cool breeze and the quiet forest around the camp are perfect for a morning walk down the valley. You can enjoy the hike in both the morning and the evening. 

5.  Naudanda Hike

Naudanda, a short hiking trail through Sarankot is one of the best hiking trails around Pokhara. Naudanda is filled with local villages, which makes it an ideal place to look at the local culture.

The trek usually begins from Pokhara Lake Side. You will have a great view of the surrounding Mountain ranges around Pokhara. Especially, the sight of Mount Annapurna, Mount Machhapuchhre and Mount Dhaulagiri is mesmerizing. The “Phewa Lake” can also be seen as you make your way to Naudanda through Sarankot.

Hiking around the forest route, you can feel the quietness of Nature; and will just fall in love with your surroundings. Naudanda is a popular destination for Paragliding. Travelers who love adventure can book themselves for a great paragliding experience. Naudanda is filled with Farming terrace lands, so you can also look at the traditional farming way of the Nepalese people.

Nepal Trek Adventures is the trekking company that has the best guides that you will need, for this hike. They will show you every local culture and food along the way. Viewing the sunrise from different spots along the trail will not be difficult at all, and you will enjoy a wonderful hiking experience in the Sarankot Hike. Sarankot is definitely one of the most famous and best hikes from Pokhara. 

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