Kathmandu to Lobuche Helicopter Flight

Trip Fact

Trip Duration 2 Hours
Destination Nepal
Trip Grade Easy
Transportation By Helicopter
Price US $ 1050
Trip Style Tour
Max. Altitude 6,119 Metres
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Trip Highlights

  • Availability of last-minute booking services.
  • Secured and serviceable online booking system.
  • Escape from long check-ins and formalities.
  • Comfortable and relaxing helicopter ride.
  • No hassle of flights getting cancelled.
  • Functioned even in bad weather conditions.
  • Experience aerial view of mountains, valley greenery, and cities extends.

Kathmandu Lobuche helicopter flight is a helicopter transfer service between Kathmandu and Lobuche. The actual distance between Kathmandu and Lobuche is 150 kilometers. It takes around one and a half hours to reach Kathmandu from Lobuche and vice versa with a helicopter flight.

Lobuche to Kathmandu helicopter or Kathmandu to Lobuche Helicopter shuttle service allows you to experience the view of beautiful monasteries, different species of flora and fauna, amazing snow-capped mountains, and many famous places like Namche Bazaar, Lukla, etc., local people and their traditions, values, and culture. For those who want to avoid walking, to save time and energy, or to avoid certain situations, this helicopter can be easily adapted for flight.

Lobuche is one of the famous destinations for hikers and climbers in the Everest region. After completing all your tours and trekking in the Everest region, if you are in Lobuche and you want to reach Kathmandu by easy route, you can take this helicopter service from Lobuche to Kathmandu at the most possible time and cost.

Kathmandu to Lobuche helicopter tour Facts

  • Flight duration from Kathmandu: One and a half hours
  • Flight duration from Lukla: 45 to 50 minutes
  • Maximum Altitude: 6,119 Metres (Lobuche)
  • Minimum Altitude: 1,400 Metres (Kathmandu)
  • Weight Limitation: 400 kg + Luggage
  • Group Size: maximum 5 persons in a group
  • Number of hotels in Lobuche: 6+

Kathmandu Lobuche helicopter pickup and drop off service

With the helicopter pick-up and drop-off service from Kathmandu to Lobuche, you will be transferred directly to Lobuche. Helicopter service from Lobuche to Kathmandu is also available on private or group connecting shuttle flights. In some circumstances, flights can be delayed and unavailable due to weather conditions and turmoil. During the Kathmandu Lobuche helicopter flight journey, you will fly from the domestic terminal of Tribhuvan International Airport to the scheduled Lobuche flight.

Sometimes Kathmandu may not be the starting point or destination of the Lobuche helicopter tour. But Lukla can be one. If the starting point is Lukla, it can take about 45 to 50 minutes to reach Lobuche by air. Helicopters stop at Pheriche for a few minutes for a shuttle depending on the number of passengers and the weather in the area.

The major attractions of Kathmandu Lobuche helicopter flight are monasteries, rivers, streams, snowy mountains, and the natural Himalayan surrounding. With this helicopter service, you can start or end a trip to the Everest region of Lobuche in a limited time frame. Seating and the flight arrangements will be done according to your choice. However, some changes in cost may apply.

Notes: Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition provides Heli pickup and drop-off services from Kathmandu to Lobuche and Lobuche to Kathmandu. In addition, we manage helicopter transfers from Lukla to Lobuche and Lobuche to Lukla as per the client’s requirement. All these services are provided at a minimum and reasonable cost. Everything will be organized within a phone call or text message.

Everest base camp helicopter tour - from Lobuche

Here, we talked about the Everest base camp helicopter tour. Landing at the Kala Patthar viewpoint can be the ideal choice. It takes about 2 to 3 days to reach the base camp of Mount Everest (Kala Patthar) from Lobuche by trekking. However, an EBC helicopter tour may be the option for you to avoid trekking hassles and reduce time. Everest base camp helicopter tour takes only 15 to 20 minutes to reach Everest base camp - with a helicopter tour service from Lobuche.

So, if you are in Lobuche and want to explore Mt. Everest with other famous stopovers like Kala Patthar, HEV, and Pheriche, the excellent travel package offered by us for the Mount Everest base camp helicopter tour from Kathmandu may be the best alternative.

Lukla to Lobuche helicopter tour

Helicopter flights from Lukla to Lobuche may be a great alternative for those who want to skip uphill or downhill trekking and have limited time. The entire hike from Lukla to Lobuche takes about 6 to 7 days while the helicopter flight takes only 45 to 50 minutes which is a time-saving journey for any traveler.

Trip Note: If you are in Lobuche and want to reach any other place in the Everest region (or if you are anywhere in the Everest region and want to reach Lobuche) in a short time, a Lobuche helicopter tour can be the best option. Emergency evacuation and rescue services are also fully available. Call us or leave a message, and we'll arrange a Lobuche helicopter rescue service for you.

Attractions of Kathmandu to Lobuche 

  • Chance to witness base camp Everest and glaciers.
  • View of monasteries like Tengboche monastery, Pangboche monastery, and other gompas.
  • Stunning mountain views of Lhotse (8,516 metres), Lhotse Shar (8,400 metres), Ama Dablam (6,814 metres), Cholatse (6,440 metres), Island Peak (6,189 metres).
  • Famous places like Lukla Airport (the world's one of the most dangerous airports) and Namche Bazaar (the largest Sherpa settlement and trading centre of Everest).
  • Various species of flora and fauna.
  • The sight of cascades, streams, lush green hills, and settlements.

Group joining Kathmandu to Lobuche helicopter tour 

The travelers can have the group joining service to collaborate with others during a helicopter tour. It is a cost-saving offer as all the costs are spread among the travelers. If you are in a group of 3 people (maximum), then uniting with different groups can be the best for you.

  • Cost for group joining Kathmandu Lobuche helicopter flights: $1050 per person

Nepal Trek Adventure provides you with this Lobuche helicopter pick-up and drop-off service at any conditional requirements.

Private Kathmandu to Lobuche helicopter tour

The recorded cost of helicopter pickup and drop-off also depends on helicopter flights (private helicopter flights) and group joining basis. Private helicopter flights are becoming much more modest as you will review fascinating views of the Everest environment with your loved ones. Thus, the cost of private helicopter flights has been linked to more expensive in comparison to group joining helicopter flights.

  • Cost for private Kathmandu Lobuche helicopter flights: $3200 per helicopter
  • Cost for private Lobuche Lukla helicopter flights: $1500 per helicopter

If you book a private helicopter flight, you won't have to stand up to any flight delays and you will partake better and ensure flying information with your own group members.

Things to do in Lobuche

Lobuche is a small settlement close to Mount Everest in the Khumbu region of Nepal. It stands at an altitude of 6,119 meters from sea level. This place is the last stopping point for lodging on the trail to Everest base camp. Lobuche village offers a stunning view of mountains, many monasteries, different species of flora and fauna, many famous places like Namche Bazaar, experiencing local people and their tradition, values, culture, and many hotels and lodges that provide delicious food, drinks, and other facilities.

Cost Includes

  • Pick up and drop off services to and from Kathmandu airport
  • National airport entry fee
  • Permits for entry to the Everest region
  • Basic medical first aid kits
  • Oxygen cylinder in case of emergency
  • One hour break for breakfast in Hotel Everest View (if applied)
  • Helicopter landing at Kala Patthar viewpoint for around 8 to 10 minutes (if applied)
  • Government taxes and Heli fuel charges
  • Life insurance during the Heli ride is provided by the helicopter company

Cost Excludes

  • Personal health insurance
  • Personal expenses 
  • Charges for any hard or soft drinks during the flight tour
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  • Heli ride to Lobuche

    Heli ride to Lobuche


    Due to limited time, I couldn't go trekking so I decided to go for a Heli ride to Lobuche and explore around Everest region. I enjoyed it a lot. The view of mountains, monasteries, flora, and fauna was amazing. This was the most memorable day of my life and all the credit goes to NTA.

  • Lobuche helicopter tour

    Lobuche helicopter tour


    Recently my group did a short and thrilling Lobuche helicopter tour which was mind-blowing. The views of the mountains were exceptional. Even though the booking was done at the last moment, everything was perfectly organized. Thank you, NTA and team for this Heli tour.

  • Helicopter flight from Lobuche to kathmandu
    United States

    Helicopter flight from Lobuche to kathmandu


    The helicopter flight from Lobuche was an amazing experience of my life as I got to enjoy the aerial view of the mountains and its surrounding from the top in a short time period. Thanks to NTA, for this amazing helicopter tour from Lobuche to kathmandu.

Safety Tips for Helicopter Ride

  • Fasten your seat belt carefully and firmly
  • Do not stand or change seats after the helicopter has taken off
  • Don't drink or smoke on the flight
  • Do not rush in and out of the helicopter
  • Listen carefully to the administrator's instructions and follow them carefully
  • Do not take out your head and hands from the window

Documents Required for the Arrival in Kathmandu

  • A valid passport
  • Passport size photos for hiking permits
  • Copy of travel insurance
  • Flight tickets
  • Emergency contact numbers for family, friends, or other close persons

Departure Details

Nepal Trek Adventures offers fixed departure dates for the special quoted price for the Kathmandu Lobuche helicopter flight based on a small group joining trip (maximum of 1 person in a helicopter) throughout the year. The price remains $1050 per person for the main seasons (between 15th March 2022 to 10th June 2022 and 15th September 2022 to 20th December 2022) and $3200 per helicopter during the off-season (besides the dates mentioned above).

If your feasible dates are mentioned in the fixed departure dates section below, click on the book button for booking your trip. Also, you can give us a quick call or message and we will arrange the trip on your behalf. Or, we will sort out any kind of queries regarding the trip.

Start Date End Date Price Availability Booking
26 May, 2022 27 May, 2022 US$ 1050 Guaranteed
27 May, 2022 28 May, 2022 US$ 1050 Guaranteed
29 May, 2022 30 May, 2022 US$ 1050 Guaranteed
30 May, 2022 31 May, 2022 US$ 1050 Guaranteed
31 May, 2022 01 June, 2022 US$ 1050 Guaranteed
Price From $ 1050 USD
Best Price Guaranteed

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