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Trip Duration 1 Days
Destination Nepal
Trip Grade Moderate
Transportation By Helicopter
Price US $ 1800
Trip Style Tour
Meals Meals Not Included
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Trip Highlights

  • Last minute booking
  • A secure and reliable online booking system
  • Free cancellation service
  • Remarkable cost includes and cost excludes
  • Immediate emergency evacuation and rescue service at any time to need and claim
  • Highly qualified, experienced and obliging companion and helicopter pilots
  • Natural attractions like mountains, glacier, lakes, flora, and fauna
  • The religious and cultural blend

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Lukla to Base Camp is a journey to reach the top of the world. It is the most famous trail that is visited by tourists and travelers to reach the base camp of the highest peak in the world, Everest (8848m).  The trip is flooded with many landmarks and famous destinations, popular around travelers. Lukla to base camp is an adventure around the beautiful snow peak mountains, Tibetan monasteries, Sherpa Villages, and icy glaciers. The trip to the base camp of Sagarmatha is a nature's heaven, and it all starts from the village of Lukla.

Lukla is known for being the starting point for the trekking journey of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay (The first climbers) to reach the top of Mt Everest. Lukla to Base Camp follows the way they took, to reach the summit. The base camp journey starts from the famous Tenzing Hillary Airport (2860m) in Khumbu, located in the Solukhumbu District. Known as one of the most adventurous flight destinations, the Lukla Airport is crowded by travelers and explorers to reach the base camp.

In recent years, the place has developed so much that you can find the one and only Starbucks in Nepal in this popular tourist destination. The gateway to Everest (Lukla) has a number of routes you can travel for a beautiful sightseeing experience around the Himalayas.

It is you, who gets to choose what you want to do. And that is exactly, what is available for you to travel to the base camp.

Monthly Climate and Weather in Lukla and Everest Base Camp

Best season to travel to Everest Base Camp and overall Everest Region is the only way to know when you will have a superlative view of the landscape. Knowing about the monthly climate and weather in Lukla and Everest Base Camp will help a lot in deciding your way of the trip, either it can be trek, flight tour or helicopter tour.

Months Lukla Everest Base Camp
January Cold and Dry Colder and freezing
February Dry Moderate
March Moderate Moderate and occasional snowfall
April Hot and windy Moderate
May Hot Moderate
June Hot and rainy Hot but rainy
July Hot and high amount of rain Hotter but rainy
August Hot and rainy Moderate and wet
September Hot and few amounts of rain Hot and few amounts of rain
October Moderate Moderate
November Cold and Dry Starting of cold
December Cold and Dry Colder and freezing


Why not go for a trekking journey around the base camp?

You have great options if you choose to travel from Lukla to Base Camp. One such is trekking adventures. Trek from Lukla varies according to the popular end destinations. Some of the main trekking journeys end at Gokyo Lake(4750m) and some at Chhukung (4970m) while the most famous option still remains, the trek to the base camp at 5400m.

Wondering how long will it take you to reach the base camp from Lukla?

If you decide to trek to the base camp from Lukla you will trek for around 130km for a round trip. It is 65 kilometers to reach the base camp from Lukla and will take 9 days to reach the destination.  While going uphill you will have to acclimatize and slowly walk your way up to reach the basecamp. Downhill is rather simpler, and you can cover the distance back to Lukla in a short amount of time. The trek back to Lukla can be covered in 3 days. You can cover many famous landmarks in your trekking adventure. We have listed some major attractions that might interest you while you’re on the journey.

Famous Major Attractions while your trekking to the base camp includes:

  • Phakding village (2500m)
  • Namche Bazar (3400m)
  • Shyangboche (3760m)
  • Tengboche and Tengboche Monastery (3867m)
  • Pangboche (3958m)
  • Dingboche (4350m)
  • Pheriche (4240m)
  • Lobuche (4930m)
  • Gorak Shep (5160m)
  • Mt Cholatse (6440m)
  • Kala Patar (5545m)
  • Phortse Drengka (3675m)
  • Dhole (4040m)
  • Machherma (4410m)
  • Gokyo Lake (4750m)
  • Gokyo Peak (5483m)
  • Chukkum (4970m)
  • High Camp (5700m)
  • Island peak (Imja Tse, 6165m)
  • Mt Nuptse (7873m) and Mt Lhotse (8516m)
  • Mt Kangtega (6885m) and Mt Ama Dablam (6856m)
  • Khumbi La (5716m)
  • Lobuche peak (6119m) and Kala Patar (5545m)
  • Pumori (7145m) and Khumbutse (6640m) and finally
  • Mt Everest (8848m)

All of these are the most talked-about destinations around the base camp. There are many trails that you will have to walk if you wish to visit these landmarks. Some trekking trails from Lukla to Base Camp includes:

  • Khumjung (3790m)
  • Phunki Drengka (3250m)
  • Mingbo (4530m)
  • Pareshaya Gyab (4970m)
  • Luza (4370m)
  • Cho La Pass (5420m)
  • Katnassa (4340m)
  • Dughla (4620m)

Must Know Facts About Trekking to Base Camp from Lukla

The trekking journey is long and feels heavy both mentally and physically. The heavy atmosphere is definitely something that makes the trekking part of Lukla to Base Camp difficult but adventurous.  However !! worry not, as that is only one of the ways to get to the base camp.

Food during the base camp journey?

From international cuisines to the Local staple food of Dal Bhat, the Lukla to Base camp covers it all. One such place where you can enjoy the food to its fullest is at The Everest View Hotel. You can enjoy wonderful meals with a hot cup of coffee. Eat delicious food and watch the amazing beautiful views of Everest and the surrounding mountains. The hotel is famous for being the highest altitude hotel, at 3800m. While the place falls in many trekking packages the best way to get to the hotel is definitely from a chopper.

The Base Camp

The Base Camp is at an altitude of 5400m which holds Everest (8848), the top of the world. The base camp holds The Everest (8848m). The place is covered with snow-capped peaks and glaciers and is covered with snow. Flooded by trekkers and climbers it is known as the top travel destination in the World. The base camp is the way that Sir, Tenzing Norgay, and Sir, Edmund Hillary took when they summited the top of the world ( The Everest) for the first time. With stunning views of Khumbutse(6640m),   Pumori(7145m) and Mt Everest(8848m) the base camp is nature’s heaven.  

Must Know Facts about The Base Camp 

The base camp is divided into different zones where it divides itself for trekkers and climbers. The climbers rest in the area to prepare themself to climb the summit of Everest whereas the area for trekkers is a viewpoint that has an up-close view of Everest. The trekking zone has no facilities for Night accommodation. So, it is a general practice to leave the luggage at Gorak Shep and then head for a short hike to base camp for sightseeing. The hiking time to reach the base camp from Gorek Shep is 3 hours. However, due to different circumstances, the base cap point for trekking may differ throughout the year. You have to get back for the Night stay at Gorak Shep after you finish your sightseeing adventure in the base camp. This is where the helicopter tour comes into play. 

The helicopter can reach the base camp easily and knows beforehand the landing zones. It is also easy to travel to Kala Patthar (5545m) from where you can have an up-close and mesmerizing view of Sagarmatha (Everest). With a 25 minutes ride to base camp and back to the designated landing zones either in Namche or Lukla, the chopper ride is your best bet for a safe and easy traveling adventure to the base camp.   

What can you expect from an uphill Trek from Lukla to Base Camp?

The uphill battle from Lukla to Base Camp is definitely one to take into consideration. The altitude difference takes a lot out of the body. So, before you begin your journey to the base camp you have to familiarize yourself with the trails. So let us carefully take a look at them.

  1. Lukla: Lukla is the starting point for every adventure to the base camp. Filled with the varieties of shops and restaurants, the place is perfect for the start of your journey. The altitude of Lukla is at 2800m
  2. Phakding: The start of your journey from Lukla takes you to the next village of Phakding. Known for its guest houses and local people it is filled with tourists and travelers which is a perfect spot for you to familiarize yourself with local people of the region. The altitude increases to 2500m
  3. Namche Bazar: Namche Bazar is the first acclimatization spot on your adventure to the base camp. After Lukla, it is the best spot for shopping and eating in restaurants. The place has a great view of the Everest and surrounding mountains. It is an ideal location to stabilize your body with the high altitude. The altitude in Namche increase to 3400m
  4. Shyangboche (Khumjung): Shyangboche village has great views of the Himalayan ranges and the surrounding mountain forests. Filled with natural habitat for wildlife, the place also holds an airport which can be reached easily via chopper. The altitude here rests at 3760m
  5. Tengboche (Monastery): Tengboche is one of the most famous tourist attractions on the journey to the base camp. It holds the famous Tengboche Monastery which is famous throughout the world for its Tibetan Buddhist values. You can explore the cultural and religious values of Buddhist and Tibetan people here. Visit in October and you're in luck. Every October they hold a Mani Ramdu Festival which can be joined by travelers and enjoyed along with the local people. The altitude here is at 3867m.
  6. Pangboche:  A famous Sherpa village is known for being the base camp for traveling to Ama Dablam. It holds famous monasteries famed for holding a Yeti Scalp. Explore the religious environment in Pangboche at the altitude of 3958m.
  7. Pheriche: Pheriche is a resting zone for trekkers and travelers while you climb your way up to the base camp. It rests at 4240m which is a great place to look at the valleys of the mountain.
  8. Lobuche: The resting spot chosen by every porter and sherpa guide while traveling to the base camp is an ideal place for a supply filling. Definitely so place to stop by. It lies at an altitude of 4930m. 
  9. Gorak Shep: The village that lies in the Sagarmatha National Park and is the only place that has a lakebed covered with sand. It is known as the homeland of the Sherpa people. It is a great place to explore the traditions and cultures of the Sherpa people. Flora and fauna are flourished here so it is a great place to explore nature in Gorak Shep. It lies at an altitude of 5160m. It is a final resting zone before the long way up to the base camp.
  10. Base Camp: The base camp of Everest is the destination of this uphill battle which lies at an altitude of 5400m. The end of your journey and a look at the famous Everest and the surrounding mountains. All of the hard work you put in the uphill climb feels satisfying after you reach the base camp.

The uphill trekking journey to the base camp takes you 10 days with acclimatization and heavy walking. You can cover it with a chopper ride in 25 minutes.

What is waiting on the Downhill journey from Base Camp to Lukla?

After a successful base camp trip, the only thing you will have to worry about is how to get back. Since downhill trekking is simpler than uphill, you can cover the  9-10 days of an uphill battle in just 3 days of downhill. 

The uphill walk will have already exhausted your body so we recommend you have a slow pace as you walk back to Lukla. The 3 days of walk along the rocky trails of the mountain valleys or a comfortable and easy pickup 25 min heli ride back to Lukla. Choose what fits best for you. Enjoy the views of Kala Pathar(5545m), Everest(8848), Cholatse(6440m), Ama Dablam (6856m), Kangtega (6885m), Lobuche Peak (6119m), etc if you choose the helicopter.

The views will be the same as uphill if you choose to travel with a trekking adventure back. However, with a chopper ride, you can enjoy beautiful sky views of snowcapped peaks and mountain valleys. A great service available where you can take your memories of the adventures of Luka to base camp and enjoy it as you rest in the chopper and have an easy ride back. 

Why not take a helicopter tour to the base camp?

Can there be a better way to get around the base camp? Yes, there definitely is. The second option is the chopper ride to the basecamp. It is a great option to visit different landmarks as you make your way to the base camp of Sagarmatha. It is an easily available option that has seen a rise in its use to get around the region. Managing the cost and security, the heli from Lukla to Base Camp is regarded highly as a better traveling experience around Everest than the usual trekking. With beautiful sky views of Mt Everest, Ama Dablam, Cholatse, Lobuche, Khumbutse, etc the chopper ride is your best bet for easy and comfortable access to the landmarks around basecamp.  Some famous chopper tours take you to the beautiful Gokyo Lake, High Camp, Kala Patar and most notably the Sagarmatha base camp.

The chopper tour is a view up-close of the high mountains and an adventure, that is both enjoyable and memorable. Moreover, the tiredness and pressure to both mind and body from the long trekking journey vanish from a comfortable helicopter ride. How can you even enjoy a trip without a clear mind?

The helicopter tour to the highest peak of the world is an amazing option to reach the base camp. It has been successful in keeping itself as the No 1 facility to reach the base camp in a short, easy and comfortable way. The chopper is able to fly at very critical environmental conditions too which means it has a high visibility level. Because of this, the chopper flight can be taken off easily and proficiently.

What can you expect from the chopper ride?

There are many options that attract a traveler to use a chopper. Some of them include:

  • Stunning Views of Mountain peaks, glaciers and Lakes
  • Mountain views: Everest (8848m), Mount Karyolung (6511m), Mount Kusum Kanguru (6367m), Mount Nupla (5885m), Mount Gongla(5813m), Lhotse (8516m), Lhotse Shar (8393m), Nuptse (7861m), Tengi ragi tau (6983m), Ama Dablam, (6814m), Thamserku (6608m), Tobuche (6501m), Shar (6093m), Khumbila (5761m), Kangtewa (6685), Kabsila (5583m), Cholatse (6440), Island Peak (6189), Lobuche Peak (6119m), Pumori (7138m), Khumbutse (5849m), Kangtega (6782), Chumbu (6859), Lingtren (6749),
  • Himalayan Glacier: Khumbu Glacier Lobuche Glacier, Cholaste Glacier in Khumbu region
  • Lakes: Short glimpse of Chola Tsho (4590m) Lake, Gokyo Lake (4750m) 

Kathmandu to Base Camp Chopper tour

Kathmandu to Base Camp Chopper tour is a luxury for travelers to visit the base camp of the top of the world. The base camp ride from Kathmandu is an easy booking service that is provided by the Nepal Trek Adventures. The chopper flight offers beautiful scenic views of the high snow peaks, Mountains valley, and Icy glaciers around the Everest region. The base camp is a destination that is flooded by travelers and trekkers throughout the year. This is the main reason for choosing the Kathmandu to Base Camp Chopper tour. It is easy to access to base camp. The chopper ride can be operated in both ways. So, you have options to go from Kathmandu to base camp and travel from base camp to Kathmandu in the same chopper. For more detailed information about this chopper tour, you can check over the link mentioned as follows: Mount Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tours

Must know Facts about the Kathmandu to Base Camp Tour:

Kathmandu to Base camp Chopper flight is the easiest way to get to the base camp of Everest. The Lukla to Base Camp operates great but it's crowded. So, a simple option that can be operated regularly and on a cost-effective basis is the Kathmandu to Base Camp heli ride.  The heli ride to Everest from Kathmandu takes about 45 minutes to Lukla and 25 minutes heli ride to the base camp. There is also an option of a flight to Lukla via airplane which takes around 50 to 55 minutes and then take a heli ride to base camp and a heli tour back to Kathmandu. With various options, the Kathmandu to base camp helicopter ride is much more effective than the flight to Lukla. 

The heli is generally operated in a group sharing basis where you will take a ride in a group to the base camp. The private heli is available but not recommended as the price is very expensive and it is usually difficult to get a custom booking. Private rides are also canceled regularly and is best  

Nepal Trek Adventures has worked regularly to operate the helicopter rides to the base camp. Whether it may be from Kathmandu or from Lukla the heli ride to the basecamp can be easily booked and operated according to your request. With timely pick up and drop off service to the base camp, a chopper is a great option for all you travelers out there to visit the Everest.

Cost Includes

  • Helicopter flight cost
  • First aid kit and general medication (in case of need)
  • An Experienced pilot in the helicopter
  • Local tax

Cost Excludes

  • Nepal Entry VISA Fee
  • Travel insurance
  • Emergency rescue and severe treatment fee (in case of need)
  • Any kinds of meal and drinks amid the ride
  • Tips and gratitude
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  • Fast and Secure Helicopter Flight Back to Lukla

    Fast and Secure Helicopter Flight Back to Lukla


    When you're trekking to the Everest, I highly recommend you to a return helicopter ride to Lukla from EBC. I am saying it from my experience on Everest. I had a great trek to the Everest Base Camp and it was time for my return. But I had to get back to Lukla and felt I had already accomplished what I was searching for. It felt like my body had worn out from the entire trek. The helicopter ride was my savior during that moment. With a timely pick-up, I had a comfortable ride to Lukla. Watching the trail, I felt accomplished. I loved the sky views of the mountain valley and the sparklingly smiling Mount Everest which will be a lifelong memory. I heartily thank the Nepal Trek Adventures and the whole team for my successful trip to Everest.

  • Best Pickup Option in Emergencies

    Best Pickup Option in Emergencies


    It’s a hard world out there and definitely, with the weather around Everest, it gets harder. While many trekkers are stuck at base camp due to bad weather or roadblocks, the helicopter ride is a savior. I saw many people unable to head back and had to camp out in the base camp when the roads were blocked. Fortunately, I didn’t have any problems regarding these things. My helicopter flight was on time for pickup from the base camp. Watching lines of people seeing me off was sad but comforting that I had secured a helicopter ride. I am very much thankful to the Nepal Trek Adventures team for suggesting me to book this helicopter flight before I went to Everest. Highly recommend the company and the chopper option for the safest and comfortable ride to Everest. I got back to my hotel in Lukla and eat a warm dinner. After an hour I left Lukla with the flight to Kathmandu. Everything was managed by the NTA and they managed it exceptionally well. Kudos!

  • Best Customer Service and Number One Travel Company in Nepal

    Best Customer Service and Number One Travel Company in Nepal


    The Nepal Trek Adventures & Expedition is the best trekking company I have known so far. For all my trekking in Nepal, I have always chosen the Nepal Trek Adventures.  I did the same for my trekking to the Everest. I took the helicopter ride to Lukla with a very easy pick off and landing. The ride was fun and I arrived at Lukla feeling very comfortable. I wasn’t sure if I needed a helicopter flight back to Lukla from the base camp. But with a suggestion for the NTA team, I made a booking, because they always had the guaranteed flights for comforting their clients. I am very blessed that I have got NTA's back for any adventure in Nepal with or without a helicopter. When I was in the base camp, the track was blocked for some moments and we had to wait till it was all cleared. But my Helicopter arrived on time and I comfortably arrived at Lukla for my flight to Kathmandu on time. Thank you so much NTA for such a useful suggestion and making the booking reserved for me. The NTA is definitely your best option when it comes to the Helicopter tour in Nepal.

  • Thrilling but Beautiful Helicopter Ride to EBC

    Thrilling but Beautiful Helicopter Ride to EBC


    The helicopter flight to Everest Back Camp is a great option for people who want to get to Everest and back to Lukla fast. I had already booked my ride both from Lukla to Everest Base Camp and Everest Base Camp to Lukla. Staying a day in the EBC was perfect to watch the view of the Everest. The sky view from my ride was marvelous as well. The surrounding mountains and mountain valleys looked exceptionally marvelous. It is an experience that you will not forget and have to try at least once in a life span. My Heli ride from Lukla to Everest Base Camp was thrilling but the backward ride to Lukla was the easiest one. I highly prescribe this Lukla EBC Helicopter Ride in Everest Nepal, if you want to explore the Nepalese Himalayas in a minimum period of time. Trust me; it is the best choice for reaching the top of the world.

  • Easy Pick-up Drop-off Service from Lukla

    Easy Pick-up Drop-off Service from Lukla


    I am not much of a trekker and want an easy way out of every situation. Lukla to Everest Base Camp chopper ride was just what I needed to reach Everest Base Camp and explore. With a simple call to my travel agency, Nepal Trek Adventures & Expedition, I confirmed my helicopter ride to EBC and a flight back to Lukla. You will not get the satisfaction of the trekking route but definitely the satisfaction from the views from the helicopter and from the base camp was absolutely perfect. The amazing mountain ranges and the scenes of the snowcapped peaks were remarkable. The flight back was as easy as it could get and I didn’t have any problems with my pick-up, landing, and drop-off at all. Thank you Nepal Trek and of course, you guys are highly recommendable!

Payment: It is vital to pay a least 15% payment before the trip so that we can confirm the trip reservation. The remaining expanse can be paid in our office during the meeting. In the case of emergency, payment can be done later too, but its surety should be provided to the company.

Meeting point: We will meet you at either Everest Base Camp or at Lukla.

Currencies: It is proposed to carry some cash with you for some serious and emergency cases.

Drinking water: Mineral water is available everywhere. But also you can bring water bottles which you can fill if you catch any drinking water taps.

Travel insurance: It is obligatory as nothing can be foretold thru the trip.

Group size: There can be at least 1 and at most 5 people in one group. Shuttling can also be done in case of need.

Luggage: Only 10 kilograms of luggage is preferred during the helicopter ride, as more luggage becomes more problematic to carry along.

Tips and gratitude: Tips are happily respected and putative.

Altitude sickness: It can be a key delinquent when you move upward and upward (above 3000m). Necessary precautions should be taken for that.

Do not move inappropriately in the helicopter

Backpacking checklist

  • Medical kit
  • Body covering clothes
  • Woolen clothes
  • Verified phone number of Embassy, trekking agency, and so on
  • Umbrella and raincoats
  • Sunglasses
  • Handkerchiefs and toilet papers

These are some basic bearing for helicopter touring to Everest Base Camp from Lukla or from Lukla to Everest Base Camp. Everest is the cooler region so you need to be anyway prevented from cold. For info about kinds of stuff to be carried, you can check out our backpack checklist in our travel resources section.

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