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The best time to visit Nepal is described according to the possible outcome and appearance of the natural and artificial panorama of Nepal. Inhale the fresh air of Nepal in the best time. What is the best time to visit Nepal? It is the most asked question by the travel adventurers, who wish to visit Nepal. Nepal is a famous destination for trekking, touring, sightseeing, adventure activities, and many more charms. Nepal encircles four major seasons, which are autumn, monsoon, spring, and winter. All these seasons are famous for their own remarkable appearances and conspiring way of attracting tourists.

Description of seasons in Nepal

Autumn: Autumn is another favored season by a traveler to visit Nepal. Spring season falls in the middle of February to April. In spring, the temperature progressively rises, and Rhododendron blossoms sprout in the slopes of bumpy locales. Spring is a decent season to go high elevation trekking as the atmosphere is dry yet not very hot for a trek and tour. The evenings are somewhat crisp with the moderate blending breezes.

Monsoon: Monsoon aka summer is the most sizzling period of all. The monsoon season begins from May to June. May is the sultriest month in all over Nepal. Late June and July bring storm downpour from the East. The sky is shady in a rainstorm and is continually raining, yet results in green slopes and blossom sprouts. The atmosphere is hot and muggy, and it will in general downpour once consistently. Parasites and bugs are also highly activated during this season. Conveying the umbrella is the most during this season.

Spring: Spring is the most loved vacationer season. It keeps going from September to late November. Spring comes after the stormy monsoon season bringing dry season and clear skies after huge rainfall. The temperature is gentle, and permeability is clear in the mountains and other places in Nepal.

Winter: Winter in Nepal begins in December and finishes toward the beginning of February. The winter air is dry and cold. The skies in winter are clear giving a perfectly clear perspective on crests over 8,000 meters. The snowfall and the concentrated frosts remain the attractions during this season. In winter, you can make yourself home in Nepal in winter.

The average temperature during four major seasons in Nepal is listed below:

SeasonsDay Temperature          Night Temperature
Autumn (March, April, May)

24 – 29 degrees centigrade

75 – 84 degrees Fahrenheit

8 – 15 degrees centigrade

46 – 59 degrees Fahrenheit

Monsoon (June, July, August)

27 – 29 degrees centigrade

81 – 84 degrees Fahrenheit

17 – 18 degree centigrade

63 – 64 degrees Fahrenheit

Spring (September, October, November)

22 – 27 degrees centigrade

72 – 81 degrees Fahrenheit

9 – 17 degree centigrade

48 – 63 degrees Fahrenheit

Winter (December, January, February)

17 – 19 degree centigrade

63 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit

2 – 4 degrees centigrade

36 – 39 degrees Fahrenheit


Best Time to Visit Nepal for Trekking

Spring, autumn, and winter are the best time to visit Nepal for treks whether they are long or short. In the spring season, the trekking trails can be completed enjoying the blossoming national flower of Nepal ‘Rhododendron’, pine, oak and bamboo trees, and the whole greenery with no doubt. The mountainous views are also much more than mesmerizing and eye-catching. In the autumn season, the sky remains clear and the majestic mountains can be seen crystal-clear. But the greenery and blossoming flowers cannot be seen as much as wanted. In the winter season, the rain seldom falls making the environment more pleasing. Nevertheless the frigid nights, the sun hitting days are the perfect days for trekking in Nepal. It makes the environment pleasing and less overpowering. As the traveler ignore the winter season explaining it as the colder and less eligible for trekking, the lodges, hotels and the whole trail too remain less crowded. Selecting the less rain-falling days and visiting for long and short treks in Nepal can be a good idea to have undisturbed views of Nepalese hills and Himalayas.

Trekking destinations in Nepal: Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Mardi Himal, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Helambu / Chisapani, Shivapuri, etc.

Best Time to Visit Nepal for Tours/sightseeing

Spring is the best time to visit Nepal for sightseeing tours for all the criteria like natural vegetation, cultural and historic appearances and so on. In spring the environment remains clear and less dusty, as the monsoon swipes away all the wastages and specks of dust away leaving the fresh and over-whelming temperature surrounding behind. The different species of birds and animals get attracted because of spring blossoming flowers that make the visitors more fascinated towards them. Apart from the spring season, winter and monsoon are also the best seasons for sightseeing the cultural heritage and historic sites. In the autumn season, the wind and sun gazes are comparatively higher, which can hinder the sight because of high permeability. Sightseeing on higher altitudes is supported by spring and autumn seasons.

Sightseeing destinations in Nepal: Chandragiri hill, Nagarkot viewpoint, Ghorepani Poonhill, mountain views from various mountains and their base camps, Basantapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Pashupatinath temple, Swoyambhunath Mahachaitya, Boudhanath Stupa, etc.

Best time to Visit Nepal for Adventure Activities

Adventure activities are the demanding enthrall for those adventure lovers with high adrenaline rush and love to drive beyond their fear. Some adventure activities that Nepal allow to pursue are paragliding, bungee jumping, zip flyer, canyoning, kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, hot air ballooning, caving, honey hunting and many more. For carrying out these kinds of activities, autumn, monsoon, and spring are the best seasons. In autumn and spring, all the adventure activities can be accomplished as there is not mentioned any limit of rules and natural occurrences. But in monsoon season, proper days with gazing sun should be selected as there spray the rainy days and nights. But the mountain biking in the rain shaded regions like Mustang, Manang, and Langtang is the best ‘to-do thing’ during monsoon season in Nepal.

Adventure activities destinations in Nepal: Rafting (Bhotekoshi, Trishuli, Marsyangdi, etc.), Bungee jumping (Bhotekoshi, Pokhara), Paragliding (Pokhara, Nagarkot, etc.), Zip flyer (Pokhara), Canyoning (Sundarijal, Jalbire, Kakani, etc.), honey hunting (Ghalegaun), Caving (Pokhara, Chobhar, Bandipur, Pharping, etc.)

Best Time to Visit Nepal for Jungle Safaris

Nepal is a very beautiful country filled with unique and rare flora and fauna. The best time to visit Nepal for jungle safaris is autumn and spring. Visiting Nepal for jungle safaris maintains the legacy of watching beautiful forests, flowers, and different types of plants, along with exotic faunal beauties. Chitwan and Bardia National Parks are the major hub for jungle safaris and forest watching. During the safari, one can perceive the outlook of Bengal Tigers, Bengal Floricans, elephants, rhinoceros, and many species of birds. If you get lucky and reach the spot at the right time, you can also get the chance of viewing the animals’ breeding events. The clearer view and less humid air of autumn, blossoming flowers and lush green vegetation of spring make it more adorable time to visit Nepal for jungle safari. Winter and monsoon can be not so good choice for jungle safaris in Nepal, as the animals hibernate during that time because of cold and irresistible weather (in winter) and because of heavy rainfall (in monsoon). The environment also remains less attractive in comparison to autumn and spring.

Jungle Safaris Destinations in Nepal: Bardia National Park, Chitwan National Park, etc.

Best time to visit Nepal for cultural activities

Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-linguistic country. Here reside people of varying life styling and appearances. There is no particular time to visit Nepal for taking advantage of festivals and offerings. It is because these kinds of beliefs and holy activities are scattered within all 12 months of four seasons of Nepal. The major festivals and cultural activities of Nepal include Dashain, Tihar, Chhath, Holi, Janai Purnima, Buddha Jayanti, Teej, Jatras, Bhojs, and many more. Here is the list of festivals and with respective months:

Dashain: September, October

Tihar: September, October

Chhath: October

Holi: February

Buddha Jayanti: May

Janai Purnima: August

Teej: August

These are some of the major festivals. There exist more than 100 festivals, Bhojs, and Jatras in Nepal, which is celebrated with full cultural extractions.

Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal is a beautiful country which attracts thousands of tourists yearly. Travelers get attracted to Nepal because there are a lot of places of natural, historic, religious and artistic concerns. All these attractions make Nepal the best place for trekking, tours, hikes, adventure activities, and sightseeing. For the upcoming years, Visit Nepal 2020 scheme has been released in the aim of attracting more tourists than the past years. To support this, we, Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition has raised upon with the discounts and offers for each trek and all kinds of tours in Nepal. Therefore, visit Nepal in 2020 with a lot more surprises and amazing visit offers.

These are the popular accomplishments that can be thru in Nepal along with the best time and place to organize them. You can also contact us “Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition” for any sorts of queries, giving a personal call or mail, or leaving a message on our site regarding the best time to visit Nepal. You can prefer meeting us personally too.

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