No Cost for Trekking Leaders in Nepal

  • Last Updated on Jun 20, 2018

Nepal is a beautiful and historical country where everyone dreams to visit and explore the hidden information by enjoying the scenic beauty of the Country. But the dreams become unfulfilled or the dreams did not come true because of certain circumstances, one of the major circumstances is money and another is time. In order to make you more curious about visiting Nepal and overseeing its natural beauty, we Nepal Trek Adventure and Expedition has prepared a very delightful offer at best price for treks and tours in Nepal, we also offer free Trek in Nepal for the leaders.

Have you ever imagine going to the Everest Base camp trip for free? Answer maybe ‘no’. But here, we offer many treks and tours packages with discounts up to a certain level. Yes, you heard it right. Recently, we are providing our best ever free package to Everest Base Camp, Manaslu Base Camp, and Annapurna Base Camp.

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Discounts and Offers in Trekking

The offer says that you can get up to 60% off on the package for yourself if you manage to go on the trek with more 6 people. And if you make a group of 10 people including you, you can get a chance to explore the different part of Nepal freely without a single official cost. But all the personal equipment should be brought by your own which can simply be found in the outfitters around. It’s upon you to collect the people of interested categories and convince them to go on the trek with you and surely make us known. If you have further more questions related to this offer then you can simply contact us at any time or you can also email us which will be replied in the shortest period of time. 

You can talk to your friends, colleagues, family member or any interested hikers to make a group. You can also link to the local hiking clubs, newspapers to find ten people to join you on this part of a lifetime. It is highly recommended not to include kids and elderly in this trip as they might be quiet incapable of taking risks, it is only for safety concern. This trip will build up your leadership and monitoring capability, as you have already convinced the people around you to join it and have managed to reach the camp free of cost.

Benefits of Trekking

Trek is one of the best factors in making you healthy physically and mentally. Many people from all over the world are thinking for trekking but their wish or dream is incomplete due to their financial background or simply, Money comes in between achieving your goal or completing dream in this case we are here to make your dreams come true. Experience in exploring base camps is a beautiful part of our life we can see the variation of climate beautiful scenes besides that we can see the real image of nature through the component of nature. Numbers of waterfalls, adventurous view of the mountain, lifestyles of different people make mind refreshed and make you energetic which will increase your performance in your daily life.

Anuja Sharma

Anuja Sharma

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

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